Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Twenty Things at Once

November 2007 Happy Thanksgiving

Time passes quickly when you are doing twenty things at once. Opening a shop just in time for all the Christmas festivities--including an Open House--planning and decorating a wedding for my daughter out of state, and did I mention I also agreed months ago to open my house for a Historic House Walk. That just might put me over the edge...everyone says I love the pressure and I know I do get more done under it but don't know if I exactly like just seems to find me.
Savannah and I...grandchildren the crown of our years.

Nicole and daughter Sophie

Nicole and my husband Keith her stepdad The whole crew

I have gained a wonderful son in law and the wedding was beautiful. I am so grateful to my father...he has married all of them now and this one was difficult for him because of his failing health. Thanks Dad-I love you. Here are some pictures of my precious family. We do know how to have fun...

My kids, Jody, Jennifer,Nicole, Kerri, Sarah and the "Boy" James.


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