Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome baby Madeline...

I think I am finally getting the hang of least since I moved my blog here. I have been journaling on my website but it really isn't set up for a journal page so I would lose half of what I wrote and it starts from the beginning so you have to trudge through all the past posts and pictures to get to the latest entry. I bought a site on typepad a year ago but just couldn't find the time to sit down and figure that one out...maybe I will yet but right now this one is easy and I feel at home here.

So is June considered spring or summer??? I always thought it to be spring but it sure feels like summer. It has been a funny year we have gone from winter straight past spring and into summer without passing go. I have been in Minnesota for the past 2 weeks and it was a nice spring there. I was there for the birth of my eighth grandbaby. Madeline Noel...she came in at
9 pounds 1 ounce and 21" long. Welcome baby Maddy! She is coming to visit over the 4th for a whole week, I am so excited. I have been so lucky to have friends and family help out with the shop when I was gone...thank you! And I got to spend time with all my much fun.

Big sister Sophie...Nicole (sorry, Nik) and grandma...

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