Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What To Do...when I grow up!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mother of 5 girls, 1 son and 6 grandchildren soon to be 7 it is finally my time to nurture the artistic soul that lives within me. Not that I haven't through the years - goodness I couldn't have been more creative with 6 wonderful creatures to play, teach and mold into the wonderful people they are today. I loved it...but as any mother knows little time is left at the end of the day for any serious pursuit of her own. Not that mothering ever stops and now with grandchildren I am busier than ever. My life is rich and full and I am thankful for it but there is that ever nagging-tugging draw to the studio to create that next great idea...
I have always loved all things old...the more tired and faded the better, especially textiles and paper. Fifteen years ago I started creating vintage pillows out of a need to use some of the vintage stash I had piled high in my studio...I made a nice business doing so and through that my oldest daughter, Jody became interested, she has such a great eye and we started Simply Posh together. Since then Jody has taken over the vintage fabric end and surpassed my collection while creating beautiful pillows. She has been selling on ebay for years now and created her own following.
Simply Posh the store grew too fast and became too big filling my time with everything I didn't like to do. Jody living in another state was involved but not with the everyday meeting with reps and paperwork that a 2500 sq.ft. shop demanded. I had no time for the studio and quit the creating that inspired me to open the shop. It was a wonderful time and I loved the people that came in and I miss them now but it had turned into something that I had not intended. So almost 3 years ago I closed the doors and started working in my studio again. Of course, I still needed some contact with my friends from the shop and a creative outlet so we had 2 shows out of my home a year. A garden show in May and a vintage Christmas show the first weekend in December. Last year I was honored to be a featured artist in Macy's on State Street in Chicago. They bought my entire vintage Christmas line so I was quite busy.
Two years ago I discovered jewelry making. Always in love with the small detailed Victorian works of art, such as buttons, jewelry and paper I combined them into my jewelry. I took silver smithing classes and learned how to combine the new and old together using old sparkles and natural gems to create a romantic look. Last year Jody and I spent a month in England and Paris. Inspired by all things French and the serenity of the English countryside I had time to slow down and clear my thoughts so that I could hear that small voice within me, that inner peace where creativity dwells. I don't know about you but I can not create when I am stressed...and I always have something in me pushing me to be productive, it always feels like I should be doing something or going somewhere... maybe that is just part of my German heritage. Anyway, since coming back from Europe having been refreshed and working out all my new ideas in the studio I found a need to share and create an outlet for all this inventory. With no shop as yet Jody and I have created this new shop on line--we hope you like it. http://www.simplyposhdesigns.com/ We are looking forward to meeting new friends and hooking up with old ones. We would love hearing from you. I will try to keep up with entries in the journal and keep you informed on different projects we are doing.
Blessings, Rebecca

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