Tuesday, July 28, 2009

White Wednesday

Welcome to White Wednesday hosted by Faded Charm.

This has been quite a week for me, it has been very hectic and one of those weeks that needs to be over.
I am so excited I received this wonderful award from Mandy at Maygreen Fairies
Thank you so much...it was very kind.

I am looking forward to my mother, sister, daughter and granddaughter coming today from Minnesota. They will be here until Sunday. My mom hasn't been here for quite awhile because my dad was ill for several years. So I am excited to have a nice long visit. I also cannot wait to see Savannah my granddaughter, who is three...she's a cutie.

An old Baptismal

This is one of my favorite pieces, it is an old needle point in metal thread. I love the words, it is how I live my life.

Some shop pictures...

I have a winner to my Studio Tresures give away! It is Deb from Posted From Home. Thank you all for your heart warming comments. I so appreciated them this week.

My husband went into the hospital this week with congestive heart failure and if that wasn't enough, I became very sick for 3 days in bed. He is doing very well I am so thankful for that. But reading the comments from a sick bed feeling I should be at the hospital was such an up lift. Thank you again.

Blessings to you



  1. Oh my goodness, can I just move in to your store?
    Everything is just gorgeous. I love the religious (needlepoint?)! Your grandaughter is just a doll. Have a great visit with your family!

  2. Gorgeous White Wednesday post & your little granddaughter Savannah is precious (she looks alot like my daughter did when she was that age):-) So glad your husband is feeling better & hope you are too!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning letting me know I was the lucky winner of your Studio Treasures giveaway! I will send you an email!
    Thanks Again!

  3. Rebecca~

    So glad you joined in and your pictures are beautiful. Also, your studio is 2die4! I've wanted something like this for some time now. I'll keep dreaming and maybe someday I'll get lucky. Thanks.


  4. So sorry to hear about your husband and then to not be able to visit him everyday....my heart goes out to you. No wonder you want this week over with. I'm glad the comments of your studio helped you cheer up some. Though we often never meet our virtual friends we are always there for moral support. You deserve every compliment you received and some.
    Hope you enjoy your family reunion,
    Take care,
    ps. Oh yeah forgot....LOVE your post!!!!

  5. Hi Rebecca!!

    What a shame you have had all of this going on the week that you are expecting (and anticipating) your family. I hope your husband is on the mend and that you are feeling better. And if I can add a comment/compliment to your studio...it is awesome!! How fabulous to walk out, along that path, into a space of your own!! And creative materials to work with everywhere!! Love it.

    But I am here to visit you for White Wednesday. It's my first time joining and how nice it was to find out we are practically neighbors!! I love Glen Ellyn, used to work there many, many years ago. Love that quaint downtown area where we used to lunch at Tiffany's or May Ling...

    The pictures of your shop are fabulous. Love that arched window frame and too much more to mention...let me know where your shop is located. I would love to stop in and carry out a truckload! lol!!

    Have a wonderful week with your family (and that precious Savannah!!)


  6. Beautiful post.
    Glad you and your husband are better.
    Barbara jean

  7. I hope you and your hubby are both doing better. Love your white treasures.
    Jean in Virginia

  8. Hello Rebecca, I'm so sorry that you had this kind of week. I really hope all is well with your husband. I feel so bad that you had to be sick as well. Man, I sure hope things get better for you. Lovely that you are going to be able to spend time with your mother and the rest of the family. That little Savannah is a doll. Have fun with her.
    Your shop is just so lovely! Love your whites!

  9. Im so sad and sorry that your week was hetic.That isn't a ez one at all.I hope your health and as well for your husband do get better.You will be in my thoughts of good prayer.I too have 2 grandsons.The age of 4.They are so enjoyng.I hope you have a bright weekend with your family.B in touch...Chickie

  10. Rebecca,
    I didn't read this when I came by to see your creative space. I'm sorry about your husband. He will be in my prayers, as will you. I hope the week ahead will be much less hectic. xo.

  11. Hi Rebecca,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your husband being in the hospital and you being sick in bed. Hope you're doing better now and that he'll be home soon. (said a little prayer for both of you)
    It'll be great for you to have all the ladies of your family with you. There's something special about having loving women around when you need it most.
    Patricia :o)

    PS: I love the needlepoint too! It's fantastic!!

  12. Hi Rebecca!
    I´m sorry your husband.
    Have a great visit with your family. Little Savannah is cute.
    Warm greetings!

  13. What a darling granddaughter, and what a delicious tub. I hope you had superfantastic visit.


  14. Your picture and studio are gorgeous. I'm so glad your husband is OK. Get better soon.


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