Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome to White Wednesday

Welcome to White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm. Check out her blog to see all the wonderful white posts for this week.

Last week for white Wednesday I featured some of my wedding collection mostly wedding cake toppers and this week I will continue with my collection. I am featuring wedding memory boxes. These are my favorites and I will start out with my best of the best. I have two French Wedding boxes shown here. They are in glass with a small throne with the wedding head dress sitting on it. There are small mirrors with hand painted flowers on them. I love the detail the French always give to their treasures.
These sit on my mantle in my living room under my other prized possession (which is not white, but I won't tell if you won't) an oval mirror with cherubs that represent all the art forms. Each cherub has either an instrument, paint pallet, book or dancing etc.

Love the ormolu

Funny how the camera picks up certain colors...that red is not that bright and the head piece is white - so in the house it looks much more subtle

This is another French piece. It is a French wedding basket with a letter written to the bride from her groom, it is in the back ground. The basket is made of moss with silk ribbon and velvet flowers.

These next boxes are memory shadow boxes with the brides head piece made of wax flowers inside. Some have the veil also.

This is a bridal head piece made of wax flowers and I made a wreath out of it and hung it on my window...

Hope you enjoyed my white offerings this Wednesday. I always love hearing from you and I will be around to see your wonderful white treasures.


  1. I looking the beautiful Kathleen white posts. Her blog so very interestin, such as yours blog too.
    I enjoyed, thanks for the sharing.
    You have the Fabulous French treasures.

    Take care

  2. Another beautiful set of wedding treasures! I stand by what I said last week--can magazine calls be far behind? If I were an editor, I'd be calling you! Thanks for sharing your collection.

  3. Wow, what amazing photos and such beautiful pieces, I enjoyed looking at them all, thanks so much for sharing them!

  4. Gorgeous wedding treasures. Thanks for sharing with us.


  5. So many wonderful white treasures. love what you did with some of bridal things, great way to show things one usually keep in closets.
    Have a nice wednesday,

  6. These are just amazing, I have never seen anything like these, and you have them displayed so beautifully...love the mirror!

  7. Those are stunning... thank you for sharing...

  8. What an amazing collection you have! And that cherub mirror is stunning too!

    Love your blog & your vintage living motto!

  9. Wow, what neat things you have!

  10. What a wonderful collection of wedding moments. Loved reading your story on perspective...heart-warming thoughts to ponder and reflect on often. You do have a house full of smiling grand kids...Grandma ;-)
    I also love KC multimedia artwork.
    Thanks for stopping by today. Come back soon.

  11. Pretty, and so you! Happy White Wednesday! Thanks for visiting me earlier today!

  12. Hi Rebecca
    Those are very prety and unusual pieces. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I really appreciate it!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  13. What exquisite collections you have. TY for sharing, I've truly enjoyed these. TTFN ~ Marydon

  14. That's an amazing collection...I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like that! Thanks so much for sharing.


  15. Beautiful pieces from days gone by. I am glad you are their caretaker.

  16. Wow, love your french displays.


  17. Oh my Gosh, Rebecca! The most beautiful collection ever! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful treasures!

  18. I could stand and look at each one for a long time.Every detail thats on them is eye catching.I love details that do that.Very good eye you have for beautiful things.Have a bright day and always Fun Fihds 2 U...Chickie

  19. Very interesting things you have here Rebecca, and the mirror with the cherubs is my favorite. Everything is so nicely displayed above your gorgeous fireplace mantel.

    Happy Whites-

  20. The headpiece is oh so lovely! And your banner is pretty yummy too =)

    Blessings... Polly

  21. Such exquisite treasures...I'm not sure I've seen any like them. Simply beautiful and so romantic!

  22. Rebecca, these are stunning pieces! What a treat it would be to view these day in and day out. I can hardly take them all in. I am going to go back and see them again and again, I'm sure. What a great collection of art.

  23. Rebecca, what a gorgeous place you have! I love the boxes and that bridal headpiece with the wax flowers!!!! *sigh* Just beautiful!
    Happy day to you,

  24. What a lovely post...every photo is just stunning!! Love the silver candle holders too! All the best,Chrissy


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