Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Comes to the Shop

Halloween Comes to Vintage Living

Well, I have been working on Halloween for a week now and I am almost done. We still have an order coming in but all in all it is done... I still am making some Halloween collage boards and maybe a witch or two and then I need to work on finishing my painted pumpkins.
We are having a Halloween Starry Starry Night on October 15, it will be fun for all with ghoulish goodies, prizes for costumes and a we will be decorating witch hats with vintage trims that night too.
I have to say Halloween is my least favorite holiday, I usually don't do much black but this year I decided on a apothecary/laboratory theme and it was quite fun. I collected old bottles and old apothecary jars and anything else I could find that fit in and here is the results.
You may click the picture to enlarge it.

There are quite a few pictures - I hope it doesn't slow down your computer.

The witch hats we will be making.

See that jar with peanut m&m's... I should know better than put them in my reach, it was half full!

"When witches go riding and black cats are seen
the moon whispers and laughs,
'Tis near Halloween!"
Author unknown
I hope you have a great weekend


  1. oh, my, those decorations are the best i seen...gorgeous

  2. Pretty spook-tacular displays at the store! Looks like you had alot of fun though! Glad you stopped by recently...It seems we have alot in common! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Everything looks soooooooo wonderful! I wish I could visit you store!
    bunny hugs,

  4. Wow, the store looks amazing! So cool...I may have to schlep down from Milwaukee for a visit. :-)

  5. Wow!!!That was amazing. I can't wait to see what youe Christmas Decorations are like. I Love your Blog

  6. Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for always coming by. I am so grateful for people who pray, and I will surely keep your husband in mine. I truly hope they can take care of this. Heart problems are so difficult!
    On a lighter note, your shop is absolutely amazing! I just love it all! You've done a great job putting it all together, I just wish I lived close by, I'd be a regular!

  7. Just discovered your blog through a friend (wimsey). This is the fun part about blogging, you meet so many neat folks. Love you shop. I miss the antiqing in Illinois and your displays are lovely and fun. Sea Witch

  8. Are you sure you don't like Halloween???....cuz it sure looks fantastic to me. The apathocary idea was brilliant and works super with your neutral look. Love the huge Spider hanging off the ceiling!

  9. Wow what a great shop! I wish I loved closer, my friends and I would love to come to your Oct. 15 event! Good luck! Thanks for stopping by and visiting, I just bacame one of your stalkers, oh I mean followers, lol. Have a great week! Sue

  10. Hi Rebecca... I'm so sorry, I seem to have neglected you. That was because I forgot to put you on my sidebar and follow you!!! It's my age !! That has all been rectified now.
    What a great job you have all looks must have worked so hard. I hope you all have a great fun time on the 15th. We don't celebrate Halloween as much as you as we have Guy Fawkes night instesd, although, Halloween is begining to get much more popular here now. Have fun and don't scare too many people !! XXXX

  11. OMG, loving it!! I have been away for a while. We had a terrible week at work last week, we all survived!! Have a great week, let me know when your package arrives, Had to re wrap it again, my wonderful post office did not like the packaging the forst go round! Tootles, janna

  12. Rebecca
    I'm just in are amazing girl!! Everything has such great presence and personality! That dress form is a "hoot" (is that a belly button I see on it?) FUNNY. I can't believe that you say you don't usually like Haloween that much, cause you sure wouldn't know it!! It's not my favorite holiday by any means, but I find myself stretching a little more each year.
    My Best

  13. Hi Rebecca! I'm not big on Halloween either, but you did an incredible job with the shop!!! BTW, to answer the question you left me - I knew it was you when I saw the Simply Posh Designs on your sidebar (I had just loved your old shop in Geneva!). Of course, your new shop is amazing too :) Hope you had a great weekend!

    :) T

  14. Absolutely fabulous. Wish I could visit in person! My kind of place. Thanks for finding my blog and I will add you to my favorites list, too! Martha

  15. Wishing I could be there to see it in person!!!! It looks so spooky yet inviting! Your comment about the m&m's made me laugh....that would be me too....mmmmmmm...chocolate! Hoping you are well and thank you for sharing the was a true bright spot in my day! Blessings and well wishes!

  16. OMG!!.......I could shop for hours in there!! so much to look at!!!...and drool over!!!!

    Heart Hugs,

  17. I would love to be able to stop by your looks great!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  18. Hi Rebecca! I owe you an apology!!! You gave me that lovely award and I meant to send you an email and thank you, but I've been having computer problems at home and can't email from work. So... THANK YOU!!!! I'm sorry it took me so long.
    I have really enjoyed looking at these wonderful Halloween pics. They have really helped get me in the spirit! I wish I was close enough to shop over there.

    My Desert Cottage

  19. Some of it is a bit spooky but the overall look is FAB

  20. hello! i think i was meant to live in your shop- when can i move in??! :-) you have got some serious style, lady! i'm so glad i just found your blog!

  21. Hello Rebecca, I'am new to your blog. I just about out fell out of my chair when I saw your gorgeous shop! It looks divine! I need to go back and take a double look. Traci

  22. Hi Rebecca,
    I've always loved Halloween and so enjoy decorating, but I didn't know Halloween could be this gorgeous! My computer kept up just fine with the images and I'm coming back later tonight to have another dreamy look... have to share with my daughter, she will love it too.
    Happy day to you.

  23. SO COOL!!!...I wish your shop was closer!!...Although...I think it would be quite dangerous for my pocketbook!!!


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