Tuesday, September 15, 2009

White Wednesday and A Road Trip

Welcome to White Wednesday

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This Wednesday I am stuck on mop buttons and lace. My daughter Jody took these pictures of buttons and lace we feature in the shop. She is a better photographer then I am, so I hope you enjoy these offerings of white today.

The last few days I have been in Minnesota enjoying my family but I did manage to stop at a few places on my road trip from Chicago to Minneapolis.
On my way back home I stopped at about 6 antique stores and found some goodies, so I thought I would share them with you.
The day was absolutely beautiful so I opened up the sunroof - turned up the radio and stopped at anything that looked interesting and had an antique sign.

One of the antique shops in WI

Here are some of the goodies I found inside, and now they are in my shop!

Pictures and frames and a bridal headpiece

This box is also full of old sheetmusic

I found lots of old papers

And a box full of old ledgers

Nice old mirrors

A pretty yardlong (some damage)

That's it for this Wednesday... I hope you enjoy this day that the Lord has given us. And thank you Kathleen for another wonderful white Wednesday!




  1. Beautimous stuff y'all have in your shop, wow! And you're right, your daughter is a fantastic photog.
    Happy White Wednesday!
    ~ Anne

  2. Oh my gosh, you hit pay dirt!!! Love all the religious items... the old ledgers are about to make me swoon! Road trips are just so much fun... when antiques are involved, anyway!

  3. Wonderful pictures and treasures.

    barbara jean

  4. Beautiful pictures...your daughter did good! Looks like you had quite a successful shopping spree on your return home. Isn't this just so much fun! Have a blessed day.

  5. Looks like a great road trip. Love the lace and buttons.


  6. What a great day you had tiking! Love the religious prints & crucifixes.

    Your whites are beautiful....all that lace & buttons. *sigh*

  7. Great finds on your road trip, Rebecca. Your shop is full of beautiful laces and buttons. My favorite kinds of treasures. I can't seem to get enough.

  8. Wow where do I start??? The pics your daughter took are fabulous and the second one with the whitewashed look is my favorite and I may try that effect sometime if you don't mind.
    Your treasures all in a group look much like the things I bought from Brimfield and still have on the floor in the breakfast room waiting to be photographed. Yicks!!! can't believe I admitted that!
    I'm drooling over your bridal headpiece. I looked for some but found not a one! I guess I'll have to be happy looking at yours!!!lol

  9. It is all so wonderful...I adore it all. I feel certain we were separated at birth as we seem to love all the same things.....gorgeous...xojana

  10. Rebecca, I love coming to your blog, I save it for the moments that I can just sit uninterrupted and just look at all the beauty that you show, I clik on the pictures and enlarge them over and over and each time I seem to find new gorgeous details :)Now for all your treasures that you found..they are in my daughters words "simply Faboosh!!! I am in So Cal and I have yet to find things like that, I can't even find pretty vintage ledger papers w/pretty writing, heck I can't even find pretty blank ones :)I actually came on here to let you know that I received my package!! I was so excited...You were overly generous though Rebecca, I loved my tag...trying to decide what side to display and the best part is that 1 of the keys worked!!! My Mr wonderful took apart the lock & played with it till it worked! I am soo happy. Thank you Rebecca you are truly a heart! Rose

  11. Love all those photos,the old ledgers are so pretty,and the old silver and the bottles...great post!! Must tell you I was lying awake last nite and thought of how to do my shelf...so I did it today before I left for work!! Yes,I should be committed!! Talk soon,Chrissy

  12. This is what I think...the next time you take a road trip I need, I mean really need to be in you suitcase! What great finds. Hope you had a wonderful time with your family in Minn
    My Best

  13. wow....you are quite the shopper!!.....love that bridal headpiece and the old bottles and theframes...and...and...and.....!!!!!!!

    Heart Hugs,


  15. Lovely, charming whites!

  16. Wow, what wonderful finds. Where in WI is that shop, and is there anything left? I'm near Milwaukee, so I'm thinking a road trip my be in order. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Wow, I just love your treasures! Don’t you just love old ledgers, the penmanship is just beautiful!

  18. Oh my GOSH! What a wonderful bunch of treasures! I almost passed out at the picture of a BOX of journals!!! You're kidding!? I would have died!

    Great scores, sister!


  19. OK! I GIVE UP!!! you totally got me!! LOVED the post and you're so lucky!! Can't wait to see more of those shops!! PLEASE!!!... do show more!
    Take care and enjoy the time lovely Rebecca,

  20. Your daughter takes great photos. I love the little buttons. And your trip!!! I want to go too. Ciao Rita

  21. Hei Rebecca!
    Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog.

    Wonderful photos and treasures. Great find on your road trip. Thanks for sharing.

    I whis you a lovely weekend!
    Take care

  22. Such pretty white *treasures*! But your day of shopping sounded just heavenly..nice weather and to be able to stop wherever you'd like! *Legal* shopping is what I call it. Ahhh...and then to find such great stuff, too.
    I've enjoyed your posts on your grandsons...sweet.
    Have a great Sunday!

  23. What a lovely picturesque trip. Your pics are lovely. The white vintage items are beautiful. Love your presentation ...

    Have a wonderful week. TTFN ~Marydon

  24. Hi Rebecca
    The photos your daughter took are beautiful. You also go tsome wondeufl treasures on your trip too. I am having a welcome fall party on Tuedsay and would love it if you join in. You can read about it on my blog.
    hugs, Rhondi

  25. Good picks and your daughter's photographs showcase the items well. I am charmed by the test tubes of buttons.

    Beautiful finds in that antique store, please let us know which it is, even though it is thousands of miles away.

    I think the box of papers and bottles are such good finds. If you ever come across a beautiful love letter, please send it along, love those :)

  26. WOW. Are you going to list the ledgers at one of your sites? Your blog is lovely...I am a Minnesota transplant living in IL!


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