Tuesday, September 8, 2009

White Wednesday

Welcome to White Wednesday
Hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm be sure to go over there and enjoy all the wonderful white posts she has listed today.

I hope all of you had a great Labor Day weekend and if you are like me trying to get back into the swing of things.
This week has been a very busy one for me so I am not prepared for White Wednesday as planned.
Luke, my grandson had his surgery this week and everything went well. His feet and legs were turning inward from such tight muscles and tendons, that he was having a lot of cramping during the night. The surgeon cut his tendons in the ankle area, calf and thigh to lengthen them. He has had this procedure done 8 years ago, Luke is 11 years old. It is often done with those that have Cerebral Palsy. He is doing great with not much discomfort. He never complains or cries, he always has a smile and he is so good natured. The hard part is trying to do every day tasks in a body brace and both legs in casts. He is in a special wheelchair that slants because he cannot bend at the hips. But getting him to school and handling him is difficult. My daughter does a tremendous job and I am very proud of her. She ran a half marathon on Sunday so I had the kids early Sunday morning and I had my daughter and her family from MN over the holiday also. What fun and a joy to be grandma...

So this White Wednesday I took some pictures from my house. I love shell art and really any shells, here is a small sampling of carved shell.

Some souvenir shells

Here are some of my favorite white boxes

Isn't this the sweetest picture of a baby someone made and put the initials of the baby inside. It is all silk, satin and lace with paper cutout face.

That's it for this Wednesday, I hope you have a lovely white Wednesday and thank you Kathleen for another White Wednesday.




  1. I adore the white boxes....they are my absolute favorite and just beautiful....my thoughts and prayers with you and your family....your daughter sounds remarkable....xojana

  2. Your shells are so beautiful. I have never seen (carved?) ones like you have on your plateau mirror. And your boxes, gorgeous, Rebecca you truly have a wonderful collection of pretties. I love seeing it all. Glad your grandson is doing well. I'll keep him in my prayers.

  3. Okay, can I just come and live at your house! Rebecca you have some of the most beautiful collections ever. And once more you art of display is next to none! I am so glad that your grandson is doing well.
    My Best

  4. God Bless all parents who raise mental or physically handicapped children. It takes a lot of courage and strength to do so. love and understanding and above all, patience.

    Love your whites.

  5. Those white boxes are really wonderful! I can't quit looking at them, in fact. Very inspiring!
    I'll surely keep sweet Luke in my prayers.
    Happy White Wednesday!
    ~ Anne

  6. I hope your grandson does well with his recovery. Your carved shell dishes are incredible, as well as your other white items. Have a lovely week.

  7. Rebecca,

    You have some very pretty shells...so delicate and sweet. I love them displayed in larger shells or in the gold containers. The cloche is also a great place to display your collection. I like the precious white 'girly' lamps...that is so 'me' also!!

    Luke looks like such a sweet and happy boy. I hope he does well with this surgery. For some reason, I have always had problems with cramping in my feet when I am lying down and though it is not nearly as bad as what Luke has, I can relate a bit. Kudos to you & your daughter for all of your hard work. You both are special ladies!

    Have a perfect week, my friend!


  8. Hi Rebecca,
    You have certainly had a busy time. I am so happy to here that Luke seems to be doing well after the surgery. Landon had this surgery about 10 years ago. It is such a worry whenever they have to have surgery. Luke is such a darling boy! Give him a hug for me please.
    I love the beautiful boxes you collect and I can't help but notice all the lovely lampshades you have. Beautiful!

  9. Oh Mrs Rebecca... what beauties you have :) I could just sit and look at these pictures all day. Luke and Zach are such beautiful boys...I am so glad that Lukes recovery is going so well. As always your email was wonderful and made me smile...Take care amor :) Rose

  10. Hi Rebecca...

    Rebecca here! Just had to stop in and tell you your little GSon is precious. I'm so glad he is doing better. I'm amazed at your daughter's strength, but convinced she reflects YOUR HEART. What a special Momma she is to such special, beautiful children...all of them. And what a lovely Gramma you are as well.

    Your family is full of such amazing grace...I love to stop in to see what you are up too. God has soooo blessed you all.

    Love, Rebecca @AGP

  11. So glad that Luke's surgery went well...I will continue to pray for him!

    Love all the pretty vignettes in your home...gorgeous!

  12. Blessings to your sweet grandson ~ so glad all went well! What a lovely family you have Rebecca ♥ Beautiful white Wednesday post ~ love your shell collection.

  13. All the best to Luke...having you is a blessing in itself!! Your post is stunning,every photo tells such a story! Talk soon,Chrissy

  14. Your shells are beautiful. But more beautiful is the picture of your daughter and grandson. That is beauty of the heart! Thanks for the post. Take care!

  15. What a handsome young grandson you have, and a very brave one too! And I must say, you look way too young to be a Grandma!!! xx Mandy x

  16. Love the pearly white shells.All your whites are beautiful

  17. I hope the operation will help your cute son.

    Beautiful shells and I love that box. What is it?

    come visit

  18. I am loving all your white boxes. Just beautiful! So glad you could spend time with your family.

    Take care,


  19. I was so touched by this post...I came to your blog via Dream In Cream...I have a 13 yr old son with Cerebral Palsy. My son has had similar surgeries as your grandson. Your grandson is adorable. My son is like your grandson...never complains, always smiles and inspires us every moment of every day...I always say he is everything good in this world...he is my hero! I hope your Grandson has a speedy recovery. I LOVE your blog and I will be back often! Many blessings to you and your family!

  20. Hi Rebecca! Your white Wednesday photos are always so lovely and I'm so happy to hear that your grandson is doing well. Thank you for coming by and leaving me words of encouragement. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend!



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