Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Welcome to Vintage Christmas Monday hosted by Joan at Anything Goes Here, Please view all the amazing blogs she has listed for this spectacular Christmas event!

It has been a long week in the shop... but it is finally looking a lot like Christmas! The shop has been torn up, cleaned and now sparkling with Christmas Magic... here is a glimpse but we are not finished yet! We have our big event A Vintage Christmas Open House this Thursday evening and Friday and Saturday. If you are in the Chicago area please come join us, we would love to share our Christmas joy and inspiration.

I Believe...

I Believe... in the miracle of Christmas

I Believe... in the love that was brought down from Heaven that Christmas night that was meant for the whole human race.

I Believe... that whether you believe or not that God pours out His love especially at Christmas and by His grace everyone experiences that love in some measure, depending on how much we allow ourselves to believe.

I believe... it will take my lifetime and after to fully understand what Christ the Son of God did for us... when he humbled himself and became a baby laying in a manger that first Christmas... to become our sacrifice so that we might know the glory of God our Father and become Sons of the Living God.

Here is my mess...

Just like walking through mud...

I just hate foam packing and foam peanuts!

Finally starting to look pretty...

I had a struggle with lights this year, anyone else buy lights and only half of them light...grrrr

My favorite whites... Christmas White!

Here is one Dee Gann Santa that we will be featuring at our Open House...she is such a brilliant Santa maker! Please visit her web you will not be disappointed! We have featured her Santa's every year for the past 10 years, they always sell out quickly... they are one of a kind with vintage clothing and trim. Dee Gann...spectacular!

Dee Gann Santa

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend...mine is just coming to an end with the children. They are packing up as I write this, so I will be sad today but I will see them in a few weeks for Christmas! All those little ones running around has kept me busy and has blessed my heart. I am Thankful for I am Blessed.
Blessings to You,


  1. You have been busy! Your shop looks like it is ready for the season now though. Where are you located? Looks like a fun place to shop. Thank you for introducing me to Dee Gann's work. ~ Sarah

  2. Oh I hated packing material. 20 or 30 boxes of stuff in a 600 square foot store. I wanted to tear my hair out sometimes so I feel for you girl!

    I love that you showed us the before and during and after. It is looking great! I know the big push is on and thanks for taking the time to post to Vintage Christmas Monday! xo Joan

  3. I love the vintage Christmas White. Thank you for sharing. I also wanted to comment on an earlier post of yours.......I say Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. Thank you for saying Merry Christmas as well.

  4. You may not like unpacking it,but it looks stunning!!! Glad you got to enjoy your family,talk soon!!

  5. your store is just stunning... and so very inspirational to me! thanks so much

  6. Oooh how I wish I lived close enough to visit your shop... I am in love with everything! Bisous... Julie Marie

  7. Great! I just drooled all over the keyboard! LOL Absolutely to die for! I love the whites too, looks so nice with the white lights and YES, I have had only half a string light on brand new sets!! Thanks for sharing ~ Judi

  8. It may be a shop, but I think I could live there! Gorgeous, simply gorgeous, especially that white tree!
    Happy Vintage Christmas!

  9. Well my stars Rebecca, You say your mess...I say my dream :) I blew up each and every picture and zoomed in as much as I could and I just oohed and aahed and yes lets face it..drooled. How absolutley wonderful your store is, hmmm who do I know in Chicago that I can crash with and come meet you and visit your wonderful store and studio...then again, you might never get rid of me :) Stunning, you just continue to leave me speechless :) Besos, Rose

  10. many, many thanks for sharing all of this in photos...the white is just gorgeous, as always:)


  11. Beautiful!!! Love it all.

  12. Hi, Rebecca!
    Wishing BellaRosa would send me an email about who she found to stay with in Chicago so I could crash the party! Everything looks lovely!
    If I was closer you know I'd be there to wrestle with the lights and fix you a cup of spiced cider, girlfriend!
    Hugs and have a wonderful week --
    Betty :)
    ps .. two comments on believing ... #1) I don't understand why God provided salvation or how airplanes fly, but so glad for both ... #2 a song on our radio station (forgot artist) who sings about us sometimes being a "beautiful mess" .... think that sums up much of our lives and my connection was that although you think the shop is a "mess" ... it is truly beautiful ... and you are too!
    B :)

  13. Hi Rebecca,
    Gosh I wish I could see your store during the holidays! Hey, I have a tip for you. If have a Lowe's or Home Depot near you go over there and buy a light zapper. I can't remember exactly what its called, but its red and kind of looks like a glue gun. In fact I've even seen it advertised on TV recently. Believe me when I say it's the BEST TOOL EVER! I have gotten so much use out of it. It fixes light sets like magic. Give it a try! Have a great week.

    My Desert Cottage

  14. Hi amazing!!! I m with Rose from BellaRosa...'who do I know in Chicago?' hehehee..simply stunning..once again.

  15. Beautiful! Truly beautiful!
    Love song playing! Too cute!
    Love your stars!
    Hate those peanuts and foam stuff too!
    bunny hugs,

  16. Hi Rebecca! I can only imagine how busy you've been with Thanksgiving and getting your beautiful shop all decked out for Christmas!! Everything is looking so spectacular! I would truly love to come to your event this weekend and will try to make it :)

    Blessings ~

    :) T

  17. I hope your open house is wonderful! The shop is full of amazing things!
    I loved your 'I Believe' and I am thankful to have these blessings as well. I cannot thank my Savior enough for coming to Earth and bringing His love.
    My children too have left, and the house feels empty. I've been going aroud cleaning up the messes and already excited to see them come home for Christmas eve.

  18. Hi Rebecca,

    What a beautiful post and I loved seeing your delightful shop. Everything looks amazing, especially the white feather Christmas tree.
    Would be so lovely to visit your shop.

    Happy week and I hope the Open House is wonderful.


  19. BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks so calming and peaceful....thanks for droppin' by the Yaya, and I wish you a beautiful and successful holiday season! love ya...xo...deb

  20. Precious post. And the shop is just beautiful!

  21. Absolutely over the moon beautiful!! WOW!

  22. OH,,Rebecca,,how blessed you are. I am so glad you love Jesus and know what Christmas really means. The shop is beyond wonderful...Beyond Wonderful. The Star is amazing!
    May God Bless you bigtime this season.

  23. Hey Girl!
    It looks like things are coming together in quite a beautiful way!
    I know the work that this involves and I am praying for a successful event!
    I can't wait to see person!
    I am still hoping to be their on Saturday...I will let you know by Wednesday and then get an address. I will call, donna

  24. Your shop looks so lovely. I love the white and vintage cream theme, Rebecca. I hope your shop does really well and that all of your hard work pays off. XXXX

  25. I Believe....this is so sweet...I even got a little teary eyed reading it....I appreciate your sincerity...AND your shop looks FAB! Have a wonderful Open House!

  26. So beautiful!! I love it all!!!

  27. what a beautiful blog! Just love it! You are so clever and love all your posts!

    If you get a chance come check me out too! I have a new and amazing giveaway every Monday and have a great one going on now! I also just made a fun e-magazine thats full of fun discounts to amazing shops! :) So check it out!

  28. I got such a kick out of this post. My two worst enemies...packing material and Christmas lights.

    Your store is wonderful and omg so must take you forever to set it up. I remember Dee Gann now....not sure where I've seen her before maybe at the NY gift show...wonderful Santa.
    Magical feel to your store.

  29. Crazzzzzzzzzzy about your shop....wish I could visit.

    Warm blessings,

  30. Everything is Gorgeous! Love it all!


  31. Your shop looks very pretty! I wish I could come by to do some shopping!

  32. Pretty! Pretty! Just checking in on you to see how it is going - it looks like you are doing well and you store looks fabulous! Just wanted to say "hi" and that I am very proud of you!

    Have a good retail $eason!! :-)

  33. Hi! Your shop looks beautiful all decked out in its Christmas finery! I hope the weekend was a huge success! Have a wonderful week~


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