Monday, November 9, 2009

White Wednesday & Working On Christmas...

Welcome to White Wednesday...

Love this picture of my daughter sleeping with precious grandson who is now 12...

Random pictures from my studio

White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm has been such a faithful host week after week...I wonder if she is sorry she started this??? It has been so much fun for all of us, I have really enjoyed participating even though I haven't much the past few weeks with my computer problems... and today I am cheating a little and combining my last post with WW. I promise next week I will wow you with White :) Be sure and check out all the wonderful whites at Faded Charm, you will love it!

I am honored to accept the Kreativ Blogger award from Linda at
Coastal Charm It is so nice to be recognized by such talented and creative woman whom I have met through this wonderful experience of blogging. Linda has such a great blog be sure to go over if you haven't and check out her fantastic blog.

Now the rules of the award is I am to bore you with seven things about myself and then award seven other blogs. So here goes:

1. I was born and raised in Minnesota, we lived on a lake in the Twin Cities and I spent my summers on the beach and winters on the ice.

2. I am the oldest of 4 children

3. I lost my dad last November 18, he was 83 and I miss him very much.

4. I have 5 girls and 1 son and all the girls say I favor my you really think that is true????

5. I love the sunshine and the winter's are hard on me because they are so gray here in IL.

6. I have to have my coffee in the morning... it is one of my absolute favorite moments of the day - sitting quietly and taking that first sip of coffee.

7. I will be having Thanksgiving at my house and all my children come home... it is heaven.

Now I know this is a busy time of year so I am going to pass this award on but if you can't accept it I truly understand. But if you haven't been at these blogs be sure and check them out they are wonderful.

Anne at Fiona and Twig
Betty at SammyGirl
Tracey at French Larkspur
Chrissy at The Apothocary Shop
Rose at Bella Rosa
Donna at Dreynes
Rene' at Miss Gracies House
Thank you again Linda, it was very sweet of you to think of me.

Christmas Projects Continued...

As I mentioned in my previous post I will be in my studio working on Christmas projects for the Vintage Living Open House.

This week I am working on stars, Santa stockings and angels. I will post angels later on this week when I have some done
These are my Santa stockings... they are made from all vintage fabrics, trims, small charms and miniatures. The face is taken from an old face I found and I mold it from wax and paint it. It takes me at least 4 days to assemble one Santa, excluding the preparation of the face and sewing the stocking and Santa's clothing. These are very putsy. I have been doing these for quite a few years but don't get too many done a year

We have had such nice weather the last couple of days so it has been nice working in my studio and listening to Christmas music with 70 degree weather. For some of you this is normal but not in the Midwest.

White Santa

A work in progress

Red Velvet Santa

Tinsel...this is pure gold-well not really it tarnishes but then that's what makes it soooo wonderful!

Shelves are getting full of Christmas

More stars I finished this week...

More finished stars!

Thanks so much for stopping by...

I always look forward to hearing from you, I hope you have a lovely week.


  1. Rebecca~Your work is just awesome...the stockings are soooo neat looking! Hope you have good weather this week too!


  2. Soooo lovely and so much work - look at all those details! I wish I could jump across the Atlantic and visit your lovely shop!

  3. Rebecca, the Santas are just amazing, the amount of work that you put into them! I just love them. Really wonderful how you incorporated them into a stocking, it's so unique! The stars are just gorgeous, wow, I could go on and on. You are so talented. Everything you do is beautiful and elegant and one of a kind. I so wish I was close, I'd love to visit your store!

  4. Rebecca~~

    I adore your work! The Santa's are incredibly detailed and I can see how they would take so long to complete. I think the stars are my favorite. So simple and pure.

    Yes, we are having strange weather, but for once I was able to plant bulbs without my hands freezing!!


  5. oh!! the Santa's are so so reals!! love all of them.. and your stars.. all always.. each one is a Poeme..Congrats for this award and thanks for sharing a little more about you! hugs!!

  6. Your work and talent is extraordinary. YOu have such vision. The santas are amazing and I can't decide which you have dislayed I like best so I will have to choose all of them. Sea Witch

  7. oh my goodness...such lovelieness! I love love love all your creations! Its very nice to meet you :)

  8. You have made such beautiful things, Rebecca. I love them all.
    Many congratulations on your so deserve it.
    I love the 7 things about you....they are so good.
    You are one ceative woman. XXXX

  9. Hi Rebecca,
    Absolutetly gorgeous Christmas designs! I know how busy you must be this time of year and I'm sure that sometimes it is pure craziness, but I also know that you must bring a lot of joy into the homes of others with these beautiful items.
    I am also excited to have all my children home for Thanksgiving, such a blessed time. Loved reading more about you!

  10. Your talent is so boundless....every time you post one of your creations it just amazes me! I LOVE the santa stockings! Talented, kind and inspiring..just a few things I notice about you! Blessings and joy sent your way!

  11. Your Santas are so fabulous, Rebecca!!


  12. Oh my gosh!!!! You have more talent than anyone I know....they are stunning!!Thank you so much for the award,coming from you its a huge honor!!!Talk soon!!

  13. Amazing! I love the faces you create on those stockings. What a talented, wonderful friend you are! These are simply gorgeous!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this little award! I will try very hard to do my part...
    I will be calling in a day or so...I need directions! I will get the rough stuff from mapquest!
    Have a wonderful evening...donna

  14. Oh Rebecca you are such a sweetheart to list me among all of those creative women! I truly thank you for this wonderful award and am sending a big hug of thanks your way :)

    I am so very sorry to hear that you lost your father last husband lost his dad in August and this will be a very hard Thanksgiving for us as well...

    All of your creations are looking amazing! I am just astonished at your endless flow of talent!!

    :) T

  15. Rebecca amor, thank you so much for my award :) Dawn, told me to come visit your blog this morning, she is alot like you , amazingly talented with a never ending loving heart. It is truly humbling to be given it...especially from such a beautiful talented woman...I have been so lucky to have come into contact with such wonderful, talented woman here in Blogland, I have made some lovely friends, I hope I can count you among them...One day...we shall have to share a cup of mexican cinnamon cafe con leche ;)

    I am amazed at all the lovely detail in your work, it is all truly beautiful! Each piece is a work of art in its self... How people must smile when they see your work in thier home! Besos, Rose

  16. Those Santas are simply marvelous. Say! Wouldn't that be a great idea for a class? I wonder who might teach such a class....hmmmm.. ;o)

    Truly, the stockings are absolutely gorgeous.


  17. Love those white pictures...very inspiring!!

  18. It was a blessed day when I discovered your blog! You are so deserving of this award. Your studio is beautiful with all your creations. I am with you on that first cup of coffee in the morning:) Have a wonderful day! Twyla

  19. I am in total awe of your creations. This was an amazing post. Mine was pretty silly! just had no time but I wanted to come by....but please don't feel obligated to come by. I'm sitting here pricing merchandise that I got back in March! Urrrr!

    Big Hugs!!!!Carole

  20. Such a gorgeous White Wednesday post Rebecca! Your Stocking creations are absoulutely amazing ~ the most beautiful I've ever seen. They have a lovely old world/vintage feel to them.

  21. Hi Rebecca,

    Congratulations on your Award and I loved all the beautiful things that make up you.
    Your Christmas creations are wonderful and love the vintage looking Santa stockings.

    Enjoy the rest of the week

  22. Thank you for sharing all of the gorgeous pictures! And the one of your daughter and your Grandson is so sweet. Your vintage Santa stockings are a true work of art. It is very interesting to see the stages and how they are created...they looks so detailed and time consuming. I've never seen anything like them. Sure wish I could visit your shop this holiday season!

  23. I am honored! It was so kind of you to think of me...I will be sure to post next week...for now I'm trying to get ready for our open house...I'm having quite a struggle with *creating on demand*...I admire all that you are getting accomplished!

  24. I frankly don't see how you can bear to part with those Santa stockings, they are just incredible!
    And thank you so much for thinking of me with the award, you are so sweet! I am award free, but I am so grateful that super talented people like you think well of me!
    I'm so sorry about your dad...will surely keep you in prayer.

  25. Loved your post and to know a bit more about you!
    Your really talented dear Rebecca! Love the things you do and the way you decorate them!
    Take care,

  26. You are so talented, what inspiration! I may be getting into the Christmas mood now.
    Blessings in your day!

  27. Girlfriend you are truly amazing! Those Santa stockings are to die for!!! I still can't get over how gorgeous they are! I know they must take hours and hours to make. Beautiful!!
    bunny hugs,

  28. Thanks for playing along even though I know it seems like there just isn't enough time. You are very talented and have made some wonderful things. I wish i could come to your store sometime.

    Take care,


  29. Rebecca, you always WOW us, no matter what you show, I think you need to start charging admission to view your blog! You'd be a millionaire!!! Always love visiting you!

  30. Beautiful White Wednesday as always! It's sure is beginning to look alot like Christmas! Hugs, Janna

  31. Just stopping by to say hello. Looooove the stars! Your blog is great! Thanks for sharing your creativity.


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