Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Hello and welcome to Vintage Christmas Monday hosted by Joan at Anything Goes Here...
Please visit her blog to see more Vintage Christmas at all the wonderful blogs she has posted on her sidebar. Thanks Joan!

This week I am still in the shop but I am posting some traditional colors and a little more color. Next week I will be in my home but since I spend most of my time at the shop it is where most of my pictures are taken. I hope you aren't getting tired of the shop pictures -
I will try to change it up a little this next week.

I love bottle brush trees, whether they are new or old. -They are so pretty and add so much to a display.

The wire tree here is a great display for jewelry-you will have to look close to see it!

Old silver just goes so well with greens...

A little garden Christmas...

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season... I have to tell you how blessed I am to have all of you joining me this Christmas. It has added so much to my Christmas this year and I so enjoy all of your blogs with your inspirational pictures and getting to know you through your posts. I haven't been able to comment as much as I would like to but I am enjoying all of your Christmas blogs... thank you so much for adding so much to my life this blessed Christmas season.


  1. Gorgeous photos and wonderful arrangements, as always, Rebecca! Those bottle brush trees are lovely, don't see them much here!

  2. Oh, I'm not getting tired of the shop pictures at all. They're beautiful. I'd love to have you come and decorate my house. Those bottle brush trees are wonderful, along with everything else!

  3. Hey, kiddo. Wouldn't it be great if we could see each other in real, live person! I could never get tired of your shop pictures. You know I love your style. Thanks for being a part of Vintage Christmas Monday! xo Joan, you hostess

  4. Oh, the shop looks wonderful, Rebecca! I was hoping to get by there to see everything but it just hasn't happened yet. I love all of the pictures. simply gorgeous. - Kathy

  5. Always so enjoy looking at vintage/antique goodies whenever any one posts them...keep em coming.


  6. What wonderful photographs of Christmas, Rebecca. I think that you have been very busy so it must be difficult to comment on everyones blogs.
    Have a lovely week and enjoy the run up to Christmas. XXXX

  7. Oh Rebecca your shop is so gorgeous, so many pretty displays I would love to hop in the next plane and come shopping with you.
    If only it would be that easy lol
    Happy Christmas Monday wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany sends you



  9. I love all your Christmas pretties. Happy Holiday Season and Merry Christmas to you.

  10. Ooooooo! Wonderful post brimming with a Christmas wonderland! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! :)
    Happy VCM,

  11. Such beautiful pretties you have here...I always LOVE looking around in your shop...thanks sooo much for letting me look!


  12. Every time I come over here I want to go and change something!!!! Sooooooo pretty!! Talk soon,Chrissy

  13. Good Morning!
    What is it about bottle brush trees? I LOVE THEM, too! Think there must be some secret alien chemicals that interact with our DNA! I'm hoping to find a few at thrift stores after Christmas ... when the rest of the "normal" world has forgotten about wanting them!
    Hugs and have a super Vintage Christmas Monday!
    Betty :)

  14. those pictures are inspirational...your shop is stunning and if i lived closer to you...i'd be broke! happy vcm!

  15. Your Christmas decorations are so wonderful!

  16. I loved seeing your delightful shop Rebecca and what a lot of lovely goods you have there.
    I just wished I could come by there.

    I wish you many blessings for you during the holiday season.


  17. Rebecca, you could show pictures of your shop day in and day out and I would never tire of looking because I bet I would always find some new gorgeous thing to see :) Love that wire tree and the milagro? gold heart with bling :) Besos, Rose

  18. I love your shop and you could post pictures of it every day and I would love it! Everything is so incredible! I wish I could be there in person to enjoy every nook and cranny!
    Christmas blessings to you my friend!
    bunny hugs,

  19. Hi Rebecca, just wanted to stop and wish you a Merry Christmas. I love your bottel brushes, I don't have any. I so enjoy visiting you and you blog.


  20. I could never tire of pictures of your beautiful shop Rebecca. It is just too pretty. And I love pretty.


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