Tuesday, January 12, 2010

April In Paris

April in Paris... want to go? Paris Flea Market... big daddy of them all!

Calling all you flea market junking gypsies let's go to Paris! The Iowa Junk Gypsies have a deal for you! If you are interested in going on a Paris trip with a bunch of junk girls and hitting all the flea markets and shopping you can fit into a week then you have to check out the Junk Gypsies. Anita is fluent in French and has a tour set up April 13 thru the 20th to make you swoon. Check out the itinerary she has planned for a really reasonable price. It sounds like a trip I can't pass up, how about it, anyone want to go with me?

Just to wet your appetite a little, here are some pictures my daughter Jody and I took a couple of years ago on our Paris trip we took together.

We spent 8 days in Paris and had the time of our lives, we hit about every tour from Monet's garden to Saturday night at the Moulin Rouge!

Jody filling her water bottle at one of many fountains throughout Paris

The Paris flea markets on Rosary St. This little gal was so nice. I do not speak any French but that really didn't seem to matter at all. We always found a way to communicate and the French were all so lovely and gracious.

Jody and I at one of the many gardens...

Flea Market...and just a note, I found shipping to be quite reasonable.

My favorite little boutique...

Monet's Gardens

Monet's House

Beautiful formal gardens at the palace

Our favorite restaurant in Paris. We ate there every night after we found this place...the wine and deserts were pure heaven.

Another famous restaurant for lunch

Shopping for art on the Siene

Sweet little bird lady... she sat there and fed the pigeons on the church steps.

Roof tops of Paris

My favorite the Momarte District. This is the park where all the artists gather and paint. Soooo fun!

Our favorite wine shop in the Momarte dist. Isn't it the cutest little shop?

The paintings on the outside of this restaurant were incredible...Victorian ladies.

Fabulous bakery...


I am happy because in that little package is the most delightful desert you have ever tasted...

And there it is... me walking the streets of Paris... something I have longed to do again ever since I left Paris...


  1. Oh, I'd love to go and how. I can't, BUT, I'd love to live vicariously through all of you girls. Please take lots of pictures and bring us back stories to hear!!! :o)


  2. Dear Rebecca,
    Your photographs give a lovely insight to the delights of Paris. I am so lucky, living in England, as we can go to Paris for the day, on Eurostar. I hope that you get to go again. XXXX

  3. That will make everyone want to go!!! Beautiful pictures! Did you enter the French Giveaway at Iowa Junk Gypsies? I did!!!

  4. Oh wow! I sooooooooo wish I could go. I will one day I just know it! How beautiful! I know you must have had the best time ever!

  5. I would love to go but unfortunately it's at our busiest time. I'm drooling over these pictures and after seeing them there's sure to be alot that'll sign up.

  6. Beautiful! What a trip of a lifetime and with your daughter, too...how fun!

  7. What a dream come true this must have been Rebecca. I hope the dream comes true again for you. It would be such a blast to go with these junkin girls.

  8. Oh how I would love to do something like this. It's a dream of mine, but where to ind the time right now. I loved looking through your photos. It looks like you had a wonderful time and that you got to share it with your daughter is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.


  9. Thanks for the post about the trip- your pictures are awesome. I am excited to go!

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    I am so glad you're back on the computer!! April in Paris wow would this be the best ever!! My daughter's father-in-law actually is from Paris and lives there most of the year when he is not in Brazil. I have an open invitation, but it's more about timing and maybe $ for loads of shopping. Good to know that shipping is within reason...I think I am going to have to look into a Paris sooner than later!! Your trip and pictures are fantastic...what a wonderful trip and with your daughter to boot...I hope it works for you to go...I'll be there in heart!

  11. Looks amazing and I can tell you're having the time of your lives for sure from the photos. Haven't made it to Giverny yet to see Monet's home but it's on the list. This was a beautiful post.

  12. hmmmmmmmm....Paris IS the absolute best and the people are so wonderful....I think they are curious about blonds and that helps our cause of not speaking the language when there....lol....how I wish I could go....but i might not come back!!! Good to hear from you again....I was afraid something was wrong...xojana

  13. Wow, it looks absolutely fab! Definitely on my list.

  14. Thank you so so much for visiting my blog and letting me know about yours! You were right...I LOVE this post!!! One day I will make this dream of mine come true!

    Have a great weekend!


  15. What a whirlwind trip full of fun...the pictures say it all! I haven't been to Paris since I was a teenager! Oh how I would love to go. Will be enjoying this one vicariously through you all....lucky ladies!

  16. thanks for taking me along on the trip..via pictures! sigh!!! what a dream .......

    Heart Hugs,

  17. Thanks for the little trip back to Paris. My mom and I were there April of 2008 and it was perfect. I would love to go back someday. We too found a favorite restaurant and ate there a few times for dinner.


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