Saturday, January 23, 2010

Calling All Artists

Calling all artists to donate your artwork to help the people of Haiti..

Rebecca Sower wonderful fabric artist, just got back from Haiti 2 days before the quake. Her visit there is documented on her website and it is a heart warming journey.

She now is trying to help the lovely people she met there during this heartbreaking time, and has set up an etsy shop for them. All proceeds go directly to them. She is calling for art donations to sell on this etsy shop called Haiti By Hand. Please visit her blog and find out how you can help. If we each contribute no matter how small we can and will make a difference. She has posted different ways you can donate, if you feel you can't make something you can contribute just by digging in your craft stash.

Read about this woman's struggles on Rebecca's blog

I am working on "A Woman's Strength" series of pillows to donate to the Haiti By Hand etsy shop. These pillows depict women of the turn of the century who shaped our world by their strength and tenacity.

Thank you so much, we are so blessed in this beautiful Country of ours and I thank the Lord every day for His mercies on us as a Nation under God. Help us bless others.
Thank you so much for your generocity




  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for such wonderful information. I am going to check into it, but probably not util after my show this week...things are so crazy for me, now that I am also watching gd Brooklyn during the week...Your pillow, BTW is just beautiful...Have a blessed Sunday, my friend.

  2. Hi Rebecca
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm glad you like it. Actually it isn't my kitchen though. It's one end of my studio which is off the kitchen so we eat out there because we like to see the view.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  3. Thanks sooo much for coming by to say's always great to hear from you. This sounds like a great idea to help out in Haiti...I will go ovr and check it out:) I'm helping out with a project thru my church this week for Haiti...they need soooo much!


  4. This is a great idea....I wondered if someone was going to do something like this. Someone like Rebecca Sower is the kind of gal that'll get it done!
    Your pillow is gorgeous! Maybe I could make something like I just made for a friend of mine?
    bless you heart,

  5. Rebecca,
    Love your blog. Your post on lighting was just amazing. Anyway, thanks for letting me know about RS call for art. I have posted a % of all my etsy sales to the Red Cross but I will defiantly get in touch with Rebecca and donate for the cause. Lisa

  6. Hi Rebecca~ What a wonderful thing you are being a part of! I will have to check it out. In regard to your comment- Lemont is not too far from you and my winter pics were from a few weeks ago when we had snow. I HATE the weather no- so warmish and dreary- and everything looks so drab and dirty and the snow is all gone. Have a wonderful week

  7. Rebecca thank you for posting about this and letting us know about this. The pillow you have created is wonderful.

  8. Wonderful idea! Your pillow is beautiful.


    barbara jean

  9. Hi Rebecca,

    Love the pillow you have made, so beautiful.
    Also many thanks for sharing this post and what a great idea.
    Your new look to your blog is beautiful.

    I hope that you are having a great week

  10. I love the pillow and what a great use for it!


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