Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome White Wednesday

Welcome to White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm. It is good to be back on WW! I have had computer issues so I bit the bullet and bought a new laptop, my pc still isn't working but I will deal with that later... I am happy with my new little friend. Please join Kathleen and the other gals listed for White Wednesday and enjoy whites as you have never seen them.

This Wednesday I am featuring lighting. I happen to love lighting...it doesn't matter what kind, lamps, chandeliers, fixtures I love it all. I also like to futts with it, change it up a little or even make it out of different pieces of found objects. I will put different items together and hang a bulb on it. For this Wednesday I will show you lighting I have in the shop that is for sale, next Wednesday I will show you my home lighting and some of the lights I made out of found objects.

This first lighting is a garden candle chandelier that I hung up for the window display. I dressed it for winter by hanging white lights on it with sparkling snowflakes and paper garland.

This next chandelier I covered in vintage linen and lace

This is a marriage of a small crystal chandelier on the inside and a large old lamp frame that I covered with silk lace taken from a dress.

Even utilitarian lighting is wonderful...these are in my studio and I think they are rather cool.

Here is an old iron chandelier that just needed something extra! I hung just about everything except the kitchen sink on it...

Old hardware, watches and parts, charms I made, keys, old house numbers, crystals, beads, hooks.....

Crystal chandelier I hung tulle and sparkling snowflakes for a wintery theme

French chandelier...you don't mess with perfection!

It is hanging from an old lamp stand

Beaded Chandelier

Old Italian tole chandeliers

This one is made of linen and old fabric to make the world

Old wicker

And if nothing else, just make up your own lighting with wonderful tiny white lights!

Even a window can become a chandelier...

That's it for this White Wednesday! I hope this finds all of you well and staying warm. It is that time of year now when we all just snuggle up in our favorite chair with a hot cup of tea and enjoy our homes. If you are like me I get all comfortable with my cup of tea in one hand and my favorite magazine in the other and... start to look around the room... hmmm, that really needs to be painted... that should be moved over there, oh and if I did that I could....

Many Blessings


  1. Oh Rebecca, all your lighting is just dreamy. I couldn't get into my computer this evening and had to do my post on my kids' laptop. Computers are so frustrating to me.

    I want to personally thank you for my gift. It is very special to me partly because it was made by you and it is such a sweet print.

    Thanks again and Happy Wednesday.


  2. Thanks for all the lovely inspiration!!

  3. Rebecca,
    I love all you lighting..I am a chandelier junkie! It really is quite the joke about me and my chandeliers at the barn...just can't help myself. They're like a magnet to me. Thanks for sharing yours. I really am intrigued by the hanging one with all the lace and fabric..We do a Gypsy show and that looks mighty Gypsy...
    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. Oh WOW Rebecca ... each and everyone of those chandeliers gets my blood pumping a little faster! Stunning! Such great inspiration ... I've just gotta cover something in lace today .... hmmmm maybe a light fixture ; )


  5. Which one did you say you were going to send me?



  6. Hi Rebecca ~ I just found you through Dream in Cream ~ Your lighting is just beautiful ! I love all of your beautiful ideas !!

  7. I would love to see what you could create for my house for special lighting. When can you stop by. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am so in love with your blog. Everything is so beautiful and dreamy! I love all the inspiration you are giving me. Makes me want to sit down and create...thanks!

  9. Love 'em all! Especially, the one covered in lace...definitely my fave! Can't wait to see the ones in your home! Happy WW!

  10. Buongiorno Rebecca,
    I LOVE the gift to Kathleen, in every little detail. Your chandeliers are amazing and my favorite is....your "junk" chandelier! I could use every single piece for a project lol Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  11. Rebecca, what can I say, you are an amazing talent. Each one is just an extravaganza of loveliness! (LOL, did that convey my feelings?)
    So much inspiration. I would pay admission just to come inside your store!
    Have a wonderful day, dear friend!

  12. Hi, Rebecca! Love the lights (and welcome back to White Wednesday!) I SO understand about dead and/or dying computers. I am currently on my new little laptop -- best thing? IT WORKS!
    I simply adore the gothic style window. YUM!
    Hugs and have a super day -
    Betty :)

  13. Hi Rebecca! What a wonderful collection. The one you covered in lace is just stunning!!! What a great job!

  14. Hi Rebecca!!!

    Renate thought I might enjoy visiting your blog, she knows me well!! Your little corner of Bloglandia is beautiful!!! I just had to list your blog link on mine so I can come visit again and again!! :)

    Stop by my little Bloglandian casa if you have time. I just posted about the trials of refurbishing a lamp. Oh and I soooooo agree with you about all things lighting and my slight addiction. :) So much so that when we moved all our worldly possessions in a 5'/8' truck to Mexico there where 3 (small) chandeliers! ;)

    Thanks again for a wonderful tour see you soon.
    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  15. Wow...you just lit up my day! Thanks for all the "light bulb moments". Sheer inspiration, one and all.

  16. What a bushel load of "eye candy" with today's post. loved all the lighting - the variety, the ingenious ways of changing it up, the creative ways you embellished. Not one alike.
    It was so fun looking. and inspiring! Thanks so much for posting today. I enjoyed my time here. :-)

  17. Rebecca,
    I imagine you don't get much chance to sit and read a magazine. It's a dream of mine too. haha! I LOVE this post. Your chandeliers are exquisite...did I spell that right? Love the way they make a room special.
    happy to hear your enjoying your new computer. I wonder why I waited so long!

  18. beautiful post,,,light..a good thing..so creative!

  19. Thanks for showing us all the wonderful things that can be done with lighting. I absolutely love the one with the vintage lace. It looks like something from a beautiful victorian mansion.
    Thanks for such a lovely, inspirational post.

  20. I am trying to get my jaw off the ground. Everything is so BEAUTIFUL. you are a very talented lady. Love it Love it Love it!!!!!!

  21. Oh Rebecca, these are ALL gorgeous! I am a bit of a chandelier nut, so I'm in Heaven looking at your pictures! Thank you so much for the sweet words abot my Mom, they mean the world to me!

    Warm Hugs,

  22. OH MY GOSH!!! They are all stunning,but the 2nd one..........WOW!!! Hope you are well,Chrissy

  23. All your lighting here is lovely Rebecca. I adore the light that you have covered in all that vintage lace. Just beautiful. I have a thing for vintage lighting and will be anxious to see the lighting in your home.

  24. Thank you for helping me make my name change decision. I did it. I am now A conversation at Goodwill. I like the sound of this one. The new name already shows up so clicking on it brings you right back to my site. (If someone was doing the actual address, that still shows up the old way). Low tech, but it worked for me. Thank you again.

  25. What a wonderful, beautiful blog! I popped in from Garden Antiques and LOVE your blog.
    I've added myself as a follower. Also noticed your previous post about Paris...ohh la la...that would be a blast. I'm going to look into that!

  26. Oh how I do love those Italian Tole chandeliers! So intricate and beautiful, yet easy to clean!

  27. I'm pretty sure that I audibly gasped at the sheer beauty at least three times...

    Happy Friday!

  28. Oooh, I love them all...it's soooo hard to pick my fav! Thanks for all the awesome ideas.


  29. Super cute ideas to dress up your chandeiers, Rebecca! At this point, I am just focused on getting all mine hung up. Maybe next year I can fancy them up.

  30. ooooo, I am in HEAVEN!!!! I can't decide which one is my favorite, they are all toooooo gorgeous!

  31. OH MY GOSH Rebecca! I can't even begin to choose which one of you chandeliers is my favorite...just pack 'em all up for me! te he I think I would have to say that the first one made out of plaster and horse hair, really got my heart! And I thougt I was a lighting nut...nothing like you girl! They are all such beauties...thanks for letting me drool!
    Hope you are doing well

  32. Rebecca, you are amazing!!! I'm just drooling over each and every photo ~ I wish I could wiggle my nose and be in your shop!!! You are so right about coffee dying the tags...I used to do it when I had my little antiques store and decided that I'd go ahead and do it again this morning!! Wishing you a beautiful day....hugs and love, Dawn


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