Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bottle Art

A couple of weeks ago I posted some treasures I found at an antique show my son and I went to and among those treasures were some old bottles.  I had promised that I would post them and show you how I decorated the bottles. So here are a few that I have finished. I have used soldering and encaustic wax method and added old buttons and charms.
On this first bottle the stopper is an old drawer pull and on the front of the bottle I incorporated my fathers picture. The bottom of the bottle is wrapped with fine screening and lace is on the top. 

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I soldered book chain around the bottle. And inside a rolled up paper with Psalms 91 is hanging form a chain.

This bottle is soldered only, no wax was used.

This was an old show buckle

The top of this bottle is an old lamp finial

The bottles are great to work with and are a lot of fun... I will be making more and putting them up on my etsy.
 If you have any questions and would like to make some for yourself please feel free to email me - there is a wonderful artist Johanna Pierotti, her tutorial at Moss Hill Studios on bottle art, dolls and collage is fabulous.
I am traveling for a couple of weeks but have my trusty new laptop with me so I should be good to go.
Sunny Arizona here I come!
Blessings to all of you...


  1. These bottles are just gorgeous. Who would ever think an old bottle could turn into a piece of exquisite art like these have?

    And, you are so right, with Christ, all things are possible.

  2. Rebecca amor, all your bottles are just beautiful...but my favorite is the one with your dads picture...it made my heart smile as I blew the picture up to see all the beautiful detail...esquisite! I hope your ready for your trip, that you have a wonderful time visiting your sister and that you and Karen have an amazing visit :) Besos to you sweet friend :) Rose

  3. One word...GORGEOUS! They are soooo PRETTY Rebecca...you always make such beautiful pieces!


  4. Have fun in sunny Arizona! These bottles look like a labor of love!

  5. Rebecca, Your bottles are beautifull, love the one with your father`s photo.

    Have a beautifull tour.

  6. Rebecca, these bottles are beautiful. I am looking forward to purchasing one of them.
    As always, take care

  7. Your bottles are stunning, I haven't tryed the wax or soldering yet, kind of new to that,but would love to try. Have a great day, Carol Mae

  8. Dear Rebecca,
    You are just too clever. You seem to be able to turn your hand to anything. I love your bottles. You have somehow made them look as if they have come from the 17th Century !! Thanks for showing them to us. XXXX

  9. Rebecca ~ Those are amazing !!! I LOVE them !

  10. ...oh my goodness Rebecca! These bottles are textural eye candy! I adore the vintage lace and the way you have used all those lovely bits and bobs. xo

  11. Rebecca, your bottles are so beautiful. I love the lace and the little bits of vintage you have added to them. They look like a lot of fun to make... have a great time in AZ. sandi

  12. Wow, what beautiful works of aret you've created!

  13. Beautiful! The round with with the old show buckle is my favorite!
    hugs and friends,

  14. Hi Rebecca, amazing wax technique. These are so beautiful. I always love coming over here. You are a constant inspiration! Have a good trip!

  15. those are very unique! and so posh!!

  16. Those embellished bottles are some of the best I have seen...the one with your Father's portrait is amazing.

    I have wanted to try soldering..it s on my list. I love the use of wax too :)

    Have a safe and fun trip :)

  17. Oh wow Rebecca...your bottles are gorgeous! LOVING the waxed one!

    I'm taking a soldering class soon...can't wait to make some of these bottles myself.

  18. These are amazing! I rushed over to your Etsy shop, but they're not there yet. :-(
    I will definitely be buying one from you, so beautiful!


  19. I'm in awe of your beautiful work....What a heartfelt gift you gave to June,,,Just amazing,,,, hugs, Kimberly

  20. Rebecca,
    I don't know how you find the time to create like you do. Everything you do is always done to perfection!
    Have fun in Arizona!!!

  21. Rebecca your artwork just wows me. I cannot believe the beauty you must see in everything you look at. What a gift you have my dear. I have had so many wonderful e-mails and comments about your gorgeous star. It makes me cry everytime I look at it. Surely God told you how much I needed and wanted it.

  22. How beautiful the bottles are. Great work Rebecca. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  23. Rebecca,
    Wow!! The bottles are gorgeous. Who knew one could transform a bottle so much and in such a creative way!

  24. Oh Rebecca, these turned out awesome. I love all the detail. Very cool.

    Take care,


  25. Rebecca - Such interesting pieces. It has been such an eye opening experience since I began blogging. I'm glad that I found your site and get to see your creativity.

  26. Your bottles are beautiful. I too took JoAnna's workshop and wasn't that an awesome trip. Learned so much. Love your blog

  27. Your bottles are so beautiful! I love all of the details and the picture of your father is fabulous! Great work!!!
    Blog: Caeprs of the vintage vixens

  28. Hello! I just found your blog and it is beautiful! I loved seeing all that creamy white goodness and altered pieces. Quite an inspiration!

  29. Beautiful! Don't ya just LOVE doing these!!! I have been doing these for years as wind chimes and they have always been a huge seller in the store...wish I had more time to do them. :(

    Have a safe trip sweetie...and look forward to seeing you soon here in Texas! xo...deb

  30. Beautiful bottles! I am in Arizona..and it is calling for rain this weekend..lol..but it will be sunny soon!

  31. Hi Rebecca,

    I love the beautiful bottles you have made, especially that you have added the photo of your Father. The attention to detail is gorgeous.
    Have a lovely time away.


  32. wow- never would have thought of adorning bottles with lovely bits! how clever, love them.
    and love your blog,

    God bless..

  33. These are all absolutely wonderful!
    Have a warm and relaxing time...

  34. ~♥~ Your bottles are gorgeous! They truly are a work of art! LOVE! them!
    JoAnnA is a great teacher! I have taken her online classes... love her art works,too! I have yet to try soldering...love how it looks & the waxing! in fact the bottle class is named after me, i sent JoAnnA some laces, etc & she did that ... too cool ... & now i meet you ~ another one of Gods' earth angels! pretty groovy, huh? keep up the great art works.. truly lovely! a wonderful keepsake with your dad's pic!
    hugs & blessings, vikki ~♥~

  35. Absolutely gorgeous! Love your bottles! :)


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