Thursday, March 4, 2010

Enjoying the Sun...

Hello from Sunny Arizona!

We have been here for almost two weeks now and it is time to be thinking of going home.  We have had such a nice time with my sister Cindy and her husband Rudy. They live north of Phoenix and this is the view I see as I sit on their patio.

Soaking up the sun... Chicago has been gray this winter (as most of the winters are) and I have a hard time without the sun, maybe a lack of vitimin D (which I take) but it still seems to affect my energy level, so to sit here in the sun just makes me happy.

I find the desert to be beautiful and especially this year with all the rain the West has had, it is green and lush.

My mother also came from Minnesota and enjoyed staying here for a couple of weeks. I am so grateful to have these two lovely women in my life... my mother and sister. Each day as the guys head out for the golf course, we say "well what shall we do today"... and the answer is usually the same, we are content to stay here and visit.
We have just sat and talked... caught up on life in gereral. We have solved world problems, we have talked ailments, we have shared what the Lord has been doing in our lives, discussed and quoted scripture, laughed and walked down memory lane. It is what we as women do best, share our lives and hearts with each other. There is nothing in life better than that...

My sister in her new consignment shop, Pleasantries.

Oh ya, and we did a little (very little) three wheelin'

Even the rain is beautiful here with a double rainbow...

My husband will miss the sun and his reading time...

We leave for home tomorrow... it has been a renewing of the soul and I am ready to get busy with life again. The shop is waiting for a good spring cleaning and I am ready for spring!



  1. Looks like you've had a wonderful time! I've never been west of Dallas, and would love to see Phoenix someday....

    And I'm with you, the gray has been really oppressive this year. Though we have sun in the midwest today :)

  2. well deserved ... good for you two ...

    back to the daily gray ...well today is sunny and 43 and more ofn the same for a few days at least.

  3. Sounds like a beautiful vacation, spending time with your family, soaking up the desert sun, what could be better? :0)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time of refreshment...and warm too!

  5. Wish I could have met up with you and said Hi in person. Maybe next time! We are having gorgeous weather here right now!

  6. Lovely sunshine, and it sounds like a wonderful time for all of you!

  7. Rebecca amor you all look like you had a wonderful time! And look at you...Miss 3 wheeler biker chick :) You look hot! Thank you for our emails...they so brightened my sicki days :) I missed your posts while you were gone sweet friend. Take care amor...Rose

  8. I am so glad you are having a lovely time, Rebecca. You aren't missing anything here in Chicago...well, we have been having some sun and warmer temps, but spring did not slip in while you were gone! lol! I love your photos! What a paradise!


  9. What a wonderful blessing to have such a great get away! Looks like you've been having a perfect vacation, but I know you'll be glad to be home.

  10. I, too, live in this area. We have had some pretty nice weather as of late. Glad you had a great visit. We like to make our visitors happy.

    Y'all come back now, hear!!



  11. Rebecca,

    Hope you are having a nice time.... we have had a few sunny days this week. Today is no exception. Enjoy yourself and Spring is in the air over here in Wheaton/Glen Ellyn.

    I will be in Sedona at the end of March, I really can't wait and now looking at your pics I want to go now.....

    Take care,

    Angelica Torrez

  12. Hi Rebecca,

    What a lovely holiday you have had with your beautiful family. Glad that you were able to enjoy the break away and the sunshine.
    Have a safe trip home.

    Happy weekend

  13. Dear Rebecca,
    You must be so well rested and relaxed. How wonderful to have so much quality time with your family and in such a wonderful place. We loved that area when we visited.
    Enjoy the rest of your time there and, we look forward to having you back in blogging land. XXXX

  14. I am glad arizona was good to you and gave ya such wonderful sunshine!!!

  15. Rebecca,
    What a beautiful family, your sister looks just like you- but I see you get your beauty from your Mother. It sounds like such a wonderful time. I have no family close, I really miss those times of just sitting & catching up on life & memories. So happy for your time with them. Lisa
    PS Your really going to RT? Drats, I'm not going until Fall.

  16. Oh, what fun you must've had! You came back to snow still on the ground, but spring IS coming! Warm weather looks so darn good!!!



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