Sunday, March 7, 2010

Leaving Arizona...with a pocket full of gems

Leaving Arizona... with a pocket full of gems and good times to remember. The evening sky put on such a spectacular show that it seemed to beckon us to return again soon.
We go every Feburary to escape the gray Chicago winter for just a short time but it helps rejuvinate that last leg of winter. Now, since my sister and her husband moved there it makes it quite easy and a lot more fun.
It also gives me a chance to shop for beautiful stones for my jewelry. I happen to love turquoise and bought some wonderful Kingman and Bisbee turquoise this trip, not to mention all the other beautiful precious gems I found.

My sister wanted to learn to make jewelry this trip, so I brought my tools and we shopped for stones and findings. She is a natural, as she makes stained glass ornaments and solders beautifully.  She will be selling her beautiful jewelry in her new shop in Black Canyon City called Pleasantries.

Bisbee turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine and other treasures

Beautiful stones to warm my heart

I love Pyrite or fools gold and I use it a lot in my jewelry, it has a nice weight to it and comes in so many different forms.

Here is some of my handy work while in Arizona

A nice pile of jewelry to put in the shop and a lot more to make. Looks like I will be busy for awhile now that I am well rested and ready to go to work...
Our next Vintage Living Workshop on Junk Jewelry will be
March 19 at 6 pm

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  1. Rebecca, I love the rosary you made,that is so beautiful. I remember as a kid holding a piece of fools gold and I haven't seen a piece since then. But looking forward to getting a little piece for memories. Audrey

  2. You are so good my friend,everything you do is just lovely!! Hope you are well,Chrissy

  3. I'd love one of everything ...

  4. Everything is so beautiful, Rebecca. I especially love the rosary. How talented you are.

    Welcome home!


  5. Looks like a treasure trove! And I love those photos of the sky!

  6. WOW! This jewelry just knocked my little cotton socks off!!! Fabulous stuff. Just beautiful. The last picture of the pile o'jewelry- that's my favorite. Have a wonderful day. Kathy

  7. Beautiful sky photos & your jewelry pieces, as always, are fabulous! I adore the rosary ♥

  8. Rebecca - Thanks for the lovely comment on my are a treasure! I've missed my blog friends soooo much.

    Awesome pictures and WOW on the stones and jewelry!

    Thank you again and many blessings to you my friend.


  9. Oh My word your stones & jewelry are the prettiest pieces I have seen.. I mean that! Hang in there Spring is in the air...God Bless you.. xoox Laura

  10. Sounds like you had great vacation. Such a difference in climate, but I'm sure it's just what you need in February. We're getting ready to head out to Disneyland and I hope it is dry and warm because it would feel so good right now.

    Also, love all your wonderful jewlery.


  11. Rebecca - Nice handiwork, also beautiful mountain shots! I love the west.

  12. oh my, those vistas must have been very hard to leave. gem stone galore- LOVE the rosary!!


  13. What great pieces! You came home with a gold mine of gorgeous new beads to play with. Lucky you!!!

  14. Rebecca amor...these pictures are just stunning! That is one of the things that I miss the MOST about living in AZ...the sunsets and sunrises :) They were stunning! Imagine coming out of CostCo seeing that as you walk out and almost letting go of the cart because I was in shock by how beautiful a sunset I was witnessing! I think your sister had a great idea to learn how to create jewelry :) I love all the pieced you created, especially the bracelet with the key and that blinged humming bird loved it!:) Welcome home :) Besos, Rose

  15. A "working vacation" in the best sense! All the pieces are just gorgeous! I so love the rosaries and crucifix. The stones are just so varied and beautiful. what a joy to create with!

  16. That is just great jewelry! Sounds like you got to go to the big sales!
    Really enjoying your site. I am here thanks to Lynn from Blue Skies.


  17. I love the turquoise mixed in with the vintage...and the sunrises...wonderful


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