Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goodbye to Texas

Well, this will be my last post on Texas... for awhile anyway. The whole experience has been a blast, right down to the blogging about it. But all good things must come to an end and I need to get into shop mode here pretty soon.
As promised I have my Magnolia Pearl experience to talk about and I have to tell you she was the bombdiggety. I loved her... and of course her booth wasn't all bad either.

Robin Brown and I... it was very kind of her to take time for us as she was so busy setting up her booth. She is very warm and friendly and I enjoyed her very much.

Her booth was over the top fabulous from the sign to the huge tree made from old papers in the middle of her booth that had burlap wrapped wire for vines reaching out all over the booth.

Jo in the vines

This huge bird made of lace with a light inside was at the top flying amongst the fabric wrapped letters spelling Magnolia Pearl

Setting up

Loved this couch, actually two of them covered in lace

Robin and John

Sandra Evertson, Robin Brown, Jo Packham and I... wait a minute did I dream this... nope that is me!

So, I have to tell you a cool thing that happened while I was standing in the WWC booth. I looked up and saw a familiar face standing next to me, I said, Melissa? And yes it was my old friend Melissa who had moved to Texas 8 years ago.  She had her shop down a block from mine for years and we had some good times together but she moved and got married and I heard through mutual friends about her occasionally.  Melissa now has 2 huge shops in Bandera called Gunslinger and Cowboy Caliente and is Robin's neighbor, so of course she and Robin are friends. We all got a kick out of that and said what a small world. Anyway it was so good to see you Melissa~

Melissa and I

I also promised to show you the booty I scored but most of it still is on route. But I did take a few pics of what I took on the plane with me. I have yards of heavy French linen coming and vintage French fabric, a fantastic wedding cake and a French mirror and...

I bought lots of MOP for jewelry

I love the clock face on this one

Lots of lace

Doll parts... don't ask


And so ends my dream trip to Round Top Texas and running with the Vips...but I still have my little reminders :)

Many blessings to all of you and thanks for coming along with me down Texas roads and leaving such kind comments along the way. I love hearing from you!


  1. I think Magnolia Pearl clothes look so dreamy....

  2. Thanks Rebecca for sharing your pictures and taking us on your journey through RT. Not one of my pictures turned out!! But at least I can re-live some of our good times through all you gals who are better photgrapher than moi!

  3. Rebecca amor, WOW what an amazing experience! I Love, love all your gorgeous treasures you got! I can't wait to see the rest ;) I love how you re-connected with a good friend! See this trip was just meant to be! Besos, Rose

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    Love all your beautiful photos and thanks for sharing them.
    That is wonderful that you were able to meet up with so many lovely people.
    I adore all the lace and pretty things there and what you went home with.

    Enjoy the rest of the week

  5. Hi Rebecca, Wow I spent the past hour reading over all your great posts that I have missed. It was so fun to see all the booths and the people that you met on your trip to Texas. So many great ladies that I have come to know through blogging. It was awesome to see you having such a great time with everyone. Thank you for taking such great pictures so I could feel like I was right there with you. My dream is to go there myself someday, but for now I am happy to get to tag along with you.

  6. Hi Rebecca
    What a dream trip, someday I'll be there , too :)
    I met your daughter , Jodie , years ago at the Portland Expo show. I was downsizing my barkcloth collection and she purchased a bunch! I keep hoping to run into her at Monticello where I have a booth.
    Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos

  7. Round Top is always soooo much FUN...thanks for the pics!


    I’m having a GIVEAWAY…come by and check it out…I think you will like it!

  8. just wow...
    I can't imagine packing up and bringing a "tree" ...it's amazing along with everything else you shared here.
    Your new/old treasures are much of what I would have hoped to find, too. What great stuff!

  9. This must have been like participating in a fairytale, oh my goodness, I just love all your photoes, and beautifull things you bought.
    I have the book about Robyn and Magnolia Pearl, and love it.
    Thanks so much for showing.
    xo Dorthe

  10. Merci beaucoup for sharing the fabulous photos.

    Leeann x

  11. Rebecca, your pics are fabulous. I so wished this show could have just continued until the next one. Had such a blast as I know you did as well. I too did a post on Robin today. Will you share your friends shop names, I'd love to try and visit her. Isn't it great meeting up with friends. Hope you have a very blessed Wednesday and week!

  12. What an eye you have for pretty! Your treasures are just that...treasures. Love them all...even my little orchid looks fantastic tucked in with all the wonderful things you found. I gotta get out more!
    P.S. Those statues are 2die4!

  13. You've had such great posts and photos, Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to post it all. It makes those of us that can't get there feel a tiny bit better. The MP booth looks like a little slice of heaven! Such imagination and detail.

  14. Rebecca I was finally able to catch up on your whole Round Top experience!!!! AMAZING! The booths looked fabulous and I know it was cool meeting all those amazing women!!! You have me thinking about Round Top in the Fall!!! It's so far away but I know I'm gonna have such a good time! I think I need to go back and take a second look at all your terrific pics!

    My Desert Cottage
    Valentine Design

  15. Thanks for all the great pictures... almost as good as being there...almost... Love the treasures you brought back. Wonderful things. It was wonderful seeing you this weekend at the market. After so many years of not seeing you it has been great seeing you several times already this year.

    You know you have always been one of my favorite people! So warm and supportive. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  16. What a great time you had. Someday I hope to go there. Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous pictures.

  17. Looks like you had an awsome time and took some GREAT pictures to boot!

  18. Oh what a marvelous trip. Thanks for sharing all of your photos. How luck are you to find vintage lace and french linen cloth.
    Glad to hear you had a great time. Plus, meeting up with an old friend and some new ones.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful week.

  19. Ok...now I know I totally won't sleep tonight! What an incredible and fabulous adventure!!!! I loved every single post and can't thank you enough for taking me along through the fun of blogland. Of course, one year...I hope to be there too in real life.
    Hugs to you my friend. So glad you had such a great time.

  20. You gals all look like you had such a good time...thanks so much for sharing with us! I'm not sure I would know where to start!

  21. Thank you for sharing your photos Rebecca - what a fabulous time you had!!

  22. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your note on our blog re: Grayslake. We had the vintage space heater you bought to hang jewelry; that's why some of the collage pictures looked familiar -- they were next to each other in the booth. Was just writing you a note re: your article in WWC. Congratulations. Lovely photos, btw, there and here. Have a great weekend -- note to follow in the mail. xo and come see us again -- on-line and in person.

  23. wow wow wow ... that big tree is made of paper???? what an imagination... Jo looks so cute. your treasures you brought back are amazing too! Love MOP everything..Wished I lived closer so I could help you & create together! Please let me know when you make something with the crosses I would love one or two. O.K. time to get back to the world of retail aaahhhh xo Laura

  24. Rebecca,
    WOW. Just wow. What a wonderful experience and the things you brought home...well. Wow again!!!

  25. Be still my heart! WOW!!! What an incredible experience for you Rebecca...it all looks like sooooooooooo much fun! And you look fabulous my friend!! Now I need to go back an catch up on the other posts!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  26. Magnolia Magic ...woweee....what a time you must have had! I am doing a catch up here at your wonderful blog,,always a true escape!

  27. Don't ya just LOVE Robin and John!!! I have a whole closet full of her clothes and they always make me feel "so pretty"...xo...deb

  28. Rebecca - Magnolia Pearl....oh to die for! I LOVE everything that she does. Your pictures are fabulous! And the doll parts...something I would have been drawn to (yes...I agree...don't ask) Have a lovely week!!!!

  29. Absolutely fabulous post...adore anything mother of pearl, and your finds are unbelievable! Speaking of pearl, you have captured beautiful images of Magnolia Pearl's Round Top soiree! Love it all! ~ Angela


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