Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Week in Round Top Texas, part 1

Hi y'all...

Ok... maybe I didn't lose my Minnesota accent that much but I did come home with a vintage cowboy hat and a David Barbosa belt!
I have been wanting to come down to this great show in Texas for years now and when Jo Packham invited me I jumped at the chance. Jo is the chief editor and founder of "Where Woman Create". We met last year when she came to shoot my shop and studio. (which will be in the next issue) Jo is an inspiration, not only is she a marketing genius, she shares her life with other women and supports them. She is not threatened by women but lifts them up and helps them to achieve their dreams. She is my hero. She and Gina were here this week to shop and and sign magazines and books. I will feature Jo's new book in another post.
The week started on the 26th where I met Jo at the Austin airport and we jumped in a little rented Nissan that took us 4 days to figure out we were driving it in second gear most of the time. Not to mention the fact that neither one of us knew how to get to Round Top. It had been 10 years since Jo had been there.  So after a quick stop at the first Best Buy we saw to buy a GPS...we were on our way. Did I mention that I was born without a sense of direction and personally I think I met my twin in Jo. 
We pretty much stayed confused once we hit Round Top and perpetually turned the opposite way of the show we wanted.  Just a thought here...it wouldn't hurt to put signs up pointing to Marburger, Warrenton from Round Top!

The Texas countryside was beautiful and we were just in time for all the wildflowers to put on their show. The Texas Bluebonnets were in full bloom and thanks to Ladybird Johnson I got to see a magnificent display.

I loved the trees here, they are magnificent...big and gnarly with lichen and moss hanging (don't know how good it is for the trees but perfect for affect). I believe these are Live Oak, I loved them, we do not have them in the midwest.

Moving along... we met Gina Galvin of Peacock Park and her posse' Kelly, Carol and the Nugget in RT. Gina was on the cover of "Where Women Create" last issue. She is a powerhouse...
We didn't waste any time hitting the first show. The shows openings are staggered daily so one gets to shop them thoroughly, I think it is a great idea.

I am going to need help here... I did not take notes and since I spent most of my time lost or not knowing where I was... Anne? Theresa? I forgot the name of this show...

The French Antiques here were incredible... I have to say I was overwhelmed for the first couple of days but this old junker got her balance back and did some shopping.

After shopping we headed in town to the steakhouse... I want to tell you that I did not know everything in Texas was deep fried! Now I love it but I don't eat it since it started going to my hips a few years ago.

Have you ever had fried pickles?


Apple pie anyone?

After a very long day we headed to what was going to be our home for the next week. Trails West is about 15 minutes outside of Round Top off a red dirt cemetary road. Dell and Betty have acreage with cabins to rent.  Gina has stayed here several times and got us the "Hangar".

Isn't it cute? The French doors open to our bedroom, with a cute upstairs with 3 beds and a kitchen off the downstairs bedroom. Dell even built us a fire pit and cut logs for us to sit on. We sat out one night under a bright full moon and roasted marshmellows!

I have to tell you that there were lots of parties every night at this show, I couldn't begin to name them, but the first party we attended was at a place in the middle of nowhere called "Leftovers".  I couldn't begin to describe this huge wonderful antique store owned by a couple of fellows that I apologize I forgot their names. This fabulous shop has a full kitchen and wonderful Texas women that do all the downhome cooking. The food, wine and elegance flowed endlessly all evening.

This place was packed all evening!

Gwen from French by Design

Don't you love the phonograph horns hanging from the ceiling.

My favorite, brown transferware and look at the details in the display!

Jo shopping...

The detail on all the displays were amazing... I loved this little touch
 to the table.

Loved these Urns...

A silver trophy filled with sewing strawberries.

So simple but WOW factor! Love the book page...

I have so much more to show you... the blog party, my favorite booths, great stuff we scored, WWC booth, celebs and of course Magnolia Pearl!
Stay tuned we will be back after this short interruption from our sponsors!  In other words I don't want to overwhelm you!


  1. You totally crack me up!
    I didn't know you hadn't been to this event before!
    You wouldn't know by the photos you took! Absolutely amazing!
    I Love Texas!
    I miss living in Austin and Fort Worth. I miss the cowboys...the cookin'... the sweet tea...and the bluebonnets!
    I miss seein' my guys in boots and cowboy hats!
    (deep sigh!)
    It's so...ironic...I have been home (to Texas)
    3 times since November...and couldn't go to Round Top this year!
    (It hasn't worked out for me to be there in a few years for one reason or another)
    I am already making my arrangements to go in October.
    Want to join me?
    Hugs and Blessings my friend...donna

    (Sorry about the book of a post)

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I loved seeing all your wonderful photos of your trip ~ thank you.
    What an amazing time you must have had and all the displays and treasures are gorgeous.

    Happy week

  3. Enjoyed your post and photos. I'll skip the fried pickes, but would love to go to Round Top! Lucky you!

    Be sure to drop by AtticMag this week and register for our Giveaway!


  4. Oh Texas - this California girl transplanted to Wisconsin would love to visit you one day.

    Thanks Rebecca for sharing your wonderful photos; can't wait for more!

  5. Rebecca amor, you have been missed! What wonderful pictures,I am sooo glad that you had such a wonderful time! I can't wait to see the pictures of all the treasures you all found and the get togethers you went to! So glad your back, I missed your beautiful posts and talking on the phone :) You always make me smile :) Besos, Rose

    ps...we had a strong earthquake on Easter...so I figure your turn next :)

  6. I went to Round Top years ago...after your post...I think I want to go back:)


  7. What a great post, I'm just soaking it all in! Can't wait to see the next issue of WWC! The place you stayed sounds just wonderful, what a treat to go.

  8. Amazing and thank you for all the pics, it feels like I am there. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  9. Isn't it a wonderful place to spend a few days...???
    We are fortunate that we live within driving distance of Round Top...and go back a couple of times in the week or so that the shows are there. And enjoy the blue bonnets and flowers that bloom along the highways.
    Those who were not able to be in Texas for it...come over to my blog and see more images from there if you wish. You will have to scroll down a bit...as I posted mine last week.
    An Antiquers Dream come true.


  10. Hey girlfriend!
    So glad you enjoyed your trip down here to my part of the world---but, sorry we didn't get a chance to "hook up" (note pun on word..LOL)

    Call me when you get a chance so we can play "catch up"! xo...deb

  11. this can't be real, do places like this exist?
    I have to take advantage of my dad living in Texas and plan a trip around one of these events to see him.

  12. I am drooling over your wonderful pictures! My favorite is brown transferware, such beautiful displays! Hopefully next spring I can make it to Round Top.

  13. Rebecca,

    You lucky cowgirl you! Cannot wait to see more pics- hurry hurry.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my Easter post, it is so appreciated. :-)


  14. Hey Girl!
    Great, great photos!
    I so wish I could have gone to Leftovers, but as I was hitching a ride home with someone else, I wasn't able to attend. Darn!

    Have I ever tried fried pickles? You've just discovered one of my secret passions, I LOVE them!!!

    It was so wonderful to meet you, you are every bit as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside, and that's saying something. :-)

    Love and hugs,

    Tell Jo she needs to hire me. Really. ;-)

  15. I am enjoying your pictures. I think I might have been overwhelmed too. Can't wait to see what you brought back!

  16. wow, wow, wow! Oh, I wish I could go to Round Top!!! Can't wait to see more pics!!

  17. I saw your beautiful face over at fiona and twig ... looks too fun for words ...
    p.s. save a little $ for the nada farm sale ... hehe

  18. Rebecca it was great to meet you! I had the best time with you guys! Jo is such a sweetheart!

    The field in question is Blue Hills!


  19. Rebecca,
    WoW, what a post! That musta taken 4 hours to load those pictures. I cannot imagine the fun you had. I've heard nothing but great things about Jo. What an amazing & inspiring woman. Love her already & have never met her. I can just imagine ya'll in that Nisson in 2nd gear, lost! LOL I love the pics you shared. Oh what beauty. Glad your home safe. Can't wait for May 1st so I can see for myself where the magic is made. Did you get the swatches & my email? I sent it via the shop's email. I'll try to call when the kids are in school Thursday. Lisa

  20. Hey Becca,
    We miss you girl!! It was great to bunk with you in Texas ! Hopefully we can see you b4 the connection in the fall. But then for sure.

  21. Hi Rebecca, It was the best meeting you at the blog party!! I only wished we had more time to spend together...but I'll take what we had! Your pictures are great...Blue Hill was for sure a favorite!! I must say, I am with you on the signs...or rather lack of ha ha...every time I pulled out farom Bar W field I went the wrong direction..but I had no GPS..wink wink! Can't wait to see the next issue of WWC...take care

  22. I'm about to totally pass out from excitement!!! First, you're there with Jo (my idol)! Then, you stay in a totally fabulous place! Then you get an overload of eye candy at all those gorgeous booths! Then you got to meet Magnolia Pearl!!!
    One word....JEALOUS!!!!! hee,hee,hee.
    Oh man does this ever sound like the best time!Fun! Fun! Fun!
    hugs and friends,

  23. Hi Rebecca. It all looks amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us. My husband and I go to the shows in the Fall but every Spring during the week of the Texas shows my heart cries a little, wanting to be there. It's so hard to sit home when all our friends and all that junk are in Texas! Glad you had a good time. Hope we can meet there in the Fall. Blessings... Polly (French Cupboard)

  24. Rebecca, meeting you was one of the highlights of being at the show. Not only are you beautiful outside, but inside as well. Leftover's is always so amazing at the details they put into their displays. By far one of my fav shops to visit when in the area. I hope you will make plans to come back to the shows, don't wait another 10 years to do so. Maybe the next time you come back I'll have my place and y'all can just stay with me :)

  25. Oh My... My heart is aching in a great way!!! I enjoyed this post & pictures more then you know... you re so funny Rebecca...I have always wanted to go hopefully one day..you must have been so overwhelmed like you landed on another planet..Thank you for sharing such a great time in this special place.xo Laura

  26. Oh my, Rebecca,
    I would have been on cloud nine. I love everything and would had to have taken a lorry to bring everything home !!
    I love the picture frames. the French chairs, the china...everything. I have just bought one of those urns, white and rusty, but without the plynth.
    Our son and daughter -in-law have been in Austin, Texas and will be heading home on monday. I can't wait for them to tell me all about it. It looks beautiful.
    Thanks for the lovely post. XXXX

  27. I am soooooo jealous.......period!!!!

  28. AMAZING! The pictures, the lovely details of all of your adventures....I was hanging on every word and enthralled with every single picture! So glad that you had a wonderful time!

    Blessings to You!


  29. Wow, Rebecca! What a post. It would have taken me a week to put that together! What an amazing week you had. It really is sensory overload, so many amazing things to see. Thanks for sharing it all with us. I also enjoyed talking today. It's fun to speak to someone after reading them for so long! Lisa

  30. Amazing and wonders abound. I am glad you made it home safely.


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