Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Comes to Vintage Living

Spring has arrived to the shop with a little Texas magic...
I couldn't wait to get back from Round Top and bring some of the inspiration from all the wonderful booths I saw to the shop. It is time to tear apart and tear down winter and do a little spring cleaning. Always a good feeling. Here is my little version of Texas in Illinois...

I hung this iron bed from the ceiling... now I wanted to do bed springs but couldn't find any around here.  If any of you have any around here, I'm still looking!
So any of you shop owners can appreciate this. My son was coming to help me hang things from the ceiling but not until the next evening and of course I got this idea...
and it couldn't wait, but I have 20' ceilings in the shop and I am short. So in order for me to hang things from the ceiling, I put the tall ladder on the counter...
 and if I stand on the top I can reach the ceiling to hang chandelier's and etc... but the iron bed was a challenge. 
So it is around 7 pm and I had left my doors open because it was warm in the shop and I am up on this ladder, that is up on the counter... struggling with this bed.   And a little old man comes in from his nightly walk... Hi there, you have a nice shop here... I say thank you.  He looks up at me and the ladder and says "do ya think you should be up there"... and then he procedes to tell me his story of how he watched his father die falling off a ladder when he was 19 years old. After what seemed an eternity,  he then turns to go and over his back says, don't fall off now...

Flowers made from pattern paper...

I like painting rabbits...

Music paper cones...

I bought this darling little heater from Rubarb Reign to display some jewelry. I just love it.

I have been working on a new Blog Shop with Karen at My Desert Cottage. I love the way it turned out, she did a fantastic job on it. I will be posting it this week.  I think you will like it!
Many blessings to you this week and as always I love to hear from you!


  1. Beautiful photos - so inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing. Can´t wait to see your new blog shop.
    ~ Tina

  2. Hey girl....I think I would let someone else do the ladder on a counter thing! The shop looks fantastic....

  3. Your shop is so lovely. I could spend hours in there just oohing and ahhing at everything.
    The iron bed hung from the ceiling is a real show stopper!
    The story about the little old man is funny. I can just see you up there toiling away and this little guy is telling you how he was tramatized in his childhood.....!!
    Can't wait to see your new blog.


  4. what a gorgeous shop, I sure wish I lived closer!!!!

  5. I am loving the little old man story. Glad you didn't fall off while he was watching. He's had enough of that already. And you'd be missed! *wink* I love what you've been doing! ~Mindy

  6. Hello Rebecca......Your shop is so lovely. I wish I lived closer so I could stop in and shop and chat!



  7. Very inspirational. Love those large pattern flowers!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  8. Rebecca, it all looks sooooooooo delicious, I want to eat it ...seriously yummy! You are a very, very talented woman!


  9. I really love all the Texas inspiration, your shop looks wonderful as always, I thought you were going to say how he climbed up there and did it for you, but NO...hmmm? You are one brave woman!
    big hugs,

  10. Your shop is soooo PRETTY...thanks for posting the pics for us!


    I’m having a GIVEAWAY…come by and check it out…I think you will like it!

  11. Love your shop, so many pretty things. The bottles caught my eye, very Magnolia Pearlish, don't you think?

  12. I love everything!!!! You inspire me!!

  13. Just beautiful treasures Rebecca !
    I love Karen's work too ~ she does w wonderful job ~

  14. Your shop looks gorgeous - it is definitely inspired!! But I am not so sure of the ladder on the countertop and lifting heavy things stuff...
    Have a lovely day!

  15. Loved the story! Love the pictures. I can just picture you up on that ladder, you silly girl.


  16. Hey Rebecca,
    The shop looks so amazing!! I love the bed from the ceiling & love that you dressed it up with some nature!I saw that the first time in a wonderful shop in McKinney. I cannot imagine how long it took to do all of that. The cones alone would have taken me a week. You have a very special touch Rebecca, I really hope to see your shop in person one day. Karen did my shop too, but I can't figure out how to list stuff in it?? What's up with that? LOL I refuse to call her for more help, so hopefully I'll figure it out. I can't wait to see yours! Have a great day! Lisa

  17. Beautiful!
    I love all the different textures!
    The ladder on the counter...Been there!
    Be Careful doesn't sound like you had much help if you had little button to push "help, I've fallen"
    The little old man story is too funny!
    I get junk like that too at the hardware store...they don't offer to help me either.
    Have a wonderful day...I will be thinking about you as I am on my way to swag burlap across the entry to the greenhouses...on a ladder...with probably little help!
    Blessings my friend,

  18. Oh Rebecca,
    I love the iron bed hanging from the ceiling. It looks wonderful BUT, I'm with the man who walked in the shop. Please don't put a ladder on the counter and stand on it. It is SO dangerous...sorry, I don't mean to sound like your mother !!
    You shop looks amazing. You have such a talent.
    Enjoy the lovely weather. XXXX

  19. OMG!!!What a fabulously gorgeous post. Wow!

  20. Dear Rebecca,

    Yes, do please be careful up the ladder. My neighbour fell and broke some ribs the other day, cutting some trees.
    I love your shop, everything about it is gorgeous.
    Love your eye for detail, the bed frame, paper cones and the big flowers are all wonderful.

    Have a happy week

  21. Hi Rebecca,

    Your shop looks wonderful! Wish I could see it in person. I've really been enjoying your post from Texas. Maybe some year we can meet up down there. I'm really trying to figure out how I'm going to make it one of these years.

    Hope you are having a nice week so far.


  22. The way you design your shop is truly amazing Rebecca. I can't get over your artistry in everything you do. I am however, scared to death of the fact that you get up on a ladder on your You are one brave girl!
    I love the beauty I always find here.

  23. so, so pretty! I don't know where you get your energy, though! Thanks for taking so much time to show us *Texas*'s almost like being there:)

  24. Rebecca! The shop looks so gorgeous!!! I always loved hanging things from the ceiling when I had mine, I even hung a screen door horizontally from the ceiling and had bundles of flowers hanging like a drying rack...I hope you are doing great sweetie, be careful on that ladder! hugs and love, Dawn

  25. Things are looking so wonderful...where are you getting all this energy right after the Texas show? I am looking forward to seeing you in Where Women Create...especially after this grouping of pictures!

  26. That looks so lovely, Rebecca!
    I hereby make you an honorary Texas gal!


  27. Rebecca!!!
    There are not enough words that can express the fabulous blog site you have, it is a Wow!! experience over here.


  28. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for mentioning the little heater and for linking to us. It looks adorable!! xo

  29. Oooooooooo! Everything is soooooooooo pretty!!! Of course you know I'm totally going gaga over your rabbit painting!!!
    Ok...the little old man thing would have freaked me out! Glad you didn't fall!

  30. I could get lost for HOURS in your shop!!! So, so beautiful and magical. Loved the free advice about ladders...

  31. Everything looks fantastic and I hope you have shopping carts in that store! ;-)

    I just noticed your wrinkled paperbag background, lace and safety pins - how clever! Is it new or did I totally not see it before!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  32. Rebecca amor I think your store looks GORGEOUS!!! and you know I can't wait to come and see it for myself! I love blowing up all the pictures and seeing all the bits and pieces that make your shop so special! You didn't mention that lil ladder adventure when we talked...oy....don't make me go up there and hurt you myself :) Do be careful amor, after our conversation you know, neither of us want anymore sad phone calls :) ok..enough of the talking to...did it work? good :) Now I can't wait to see you featured in Where Woman Create! I am sooo excited for you and Karen, but now I will be able to see your gorgeous studio and have it as my inspirational guide for working on my own ;) Have a beautiful weekend amor and STAY OFF TALL THINGS! I know being little is hard...but better to be safe lil bits a nothin right : Besos, Rose

  33. Lucky me...I just found you via your shop..Your Roundtop post was the bomb...I'm a follower...Thanks..Cynthia Wolff

  34. Hi....It's me again. I just had to stop back by and tell you that I received my copy of Where Women Create for this quarter. You and your article are so very well represented. Your story is an inspiration to all of us.

    Loved every word of it!!!



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