Saturday, April 10, 2010

Texas part III

Where Women Create, had a booth at Marburger to sign copies of Jo Packham's latest book "Inspiration" and Gina Galvin of Peacock Park was signing the latest magazine as she was the cover girl. Gina and her posse' put together this booth by beg, borrow and buying all these wonderful things. Kelly worked hard on the displays and it shows, the booth looked amazing. I got to hang out all day and visit with some fantastic people that stopped by.


Jo enjoying the great weather we had during the show.

The lovely Sandra Evertson joined us for a couple of days and I enjoyed her so much. We had fun shopping Marburger and Clutter.
I had already gotten to know Sandra some as we had spoken on the phone and she had interviewed me for the feature article in WWC.

Sandra and I

Jo and Gina working hard...

One of my favorite artist stopped by the booth, the infamous Cody Foster... a real cutie!

After signing all day at Marburger, Rick the owner treated us to a party... We had the outside tent at Royers, we sat on hay bales and enjoyed the evening air. It was sooo nice. The food was wonderful and plentiful. It just kept coming, pork, quail, salmon, shrimp and a pasta dish that was to die for. For desert there was Royers famous pie, I don't know how many different kinds of pie were passed. I was so impressed with Rick, what a great guy!

Rick owner of Marburger

I can't begin to explain all the booth's and tents, it goes on and on. I didn't take pictures like I should have... I just enjoyed and soaked it all in. Here are some amazing booth displays. I don't know who they all belonged to, so I apologize ahead of time.
This booth however is Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest. They are a fabulous team and are extremely talented as you can see.

This fabulous vintage wedding cake display... now belongs to me :)

Fabulous chandeliers chiming in the breeze... if you listen closely you can hear them.

And of course, I brought some of this fabulous ribbon home

Don't you love this vintage paper wreath!

A collection of artist pallets... loved this!

Visiting with Carolyn Westbrook, I bought a fabulous French mirror from her.

Here we are in front of the silver camper Junk Gypsies designed for Miranda Lambert. Very cool. Jo and I did go to Prom, it is a party hosted by the Junk Gypsies and people are all dressed up.

Dressed for Prom...

More fabulousness...

Shelley's booth from Sweet Pea Home... she is so talented.

's b

I imagine you are getting tired of all my pictures but I do have one more Texas post left in me... I have to show you some of my goodies I brought home... most is being shipped so I don't have pictures of all of it. And last but not least Magnolia Pearl.
Thanks so much for your comments, I do love hearing from you.
Many Blessings


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Not getting tired at all, dear friend and want to say thank you for sharing all your lovely photos.
    I love all the pretty creams, mirrors and the old ribbon, glass domes and furniture.
    How lucky to take home the fabulous vintage wedding cake.

    Happy weekend

  2. Your blog site is a big WOW!! in my book!

    Love evey bit of it I will be abck to drool :)


  3. I'm just gonna say wow,"WOW"!!!

  4. Hi Rebecca ,
    Love visiting Marburger with you, as I can only dream of ,how wonderfull it must be to be a part of such a fantastic event.

  5. Rebecca amor, everything is absolutely gorgeous! I never, ever tire of seeing these pictures, I can't even pick my favorites for the simple reason that I love everything! I can't believe all the wonderful things that you got to see and do :) I am so happy for you that you had such and amazing time there amor, You deserve it! :) I can't wait to see more pictures, especially of your wonderful treasures :) Hope your having a wonderful weekend! Besos, Rose

  6. Oh my goodness Rebecca I'm so inspired!!!
    This has to be the best post about Marburger I have seen so far and I love all your pictures.
    Nice to see the lovely Sandra in the pictures!
    It's amazing how all these talented people can magically create the most beautiful rooms and vignettes on a cow pasture!
    I'm so sad that we have nothing like this here in Germany. Even if I would ever make it over to Texas I could only buy small things *sigh*
    But hey I feel already lucky and excited to see your photos and get inspired, so thank you for sharing them here!
    Can't wait to see your purchases!
    xoxo~ Carola

  7. Oh Rebecca,
    I want to go !!!! I would have spent a fortune. Just looking at the things in your photographs I would have bought ALL of it, let alone some of the things you didn't show us. I shall just have to get on a plane next year !! haha.
    Can't wait to see all of the things that you bought. XXXX

  8. Oh my, what a beautiful post of all the yumminess at the Round Top shows. Your pics are fantastic...there could never be too many! Love everything you've shown.

  9. Rebecca, what a treat! Did you bring a wagon to haul all your goodies home?!

    I recognized Sandra by her eyes! Her famous, behind-the-camera eyes! ;-)

    Thanks for the pictures because all I can do is dream of attending. It looks just like a dream experience.


  10. Great pics.
    look forward to more.


    barbara jean

  11. Rebecca,

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful eye candy with thouse awesome pictures.

    Blessings to you.


  12. everything is gorgeous!!! oh, my, makes me want to redo my whole house to look like those booths...the second picture, are those painted french rugs? gorgeous...and I am in love with those white clothes I see in the pictures...I am definitly not tired of looking!!!

  13. Loved all your pics! So missed going! The spring show is the week of my kids spring break, but I did work it in one year (2008) since my husbands family lives in Dallas. I want to come visit your shop to see what you got in person!

  14. I saw Shelley of Sweet Pea and Judy Hill's booth at Marburger and I also saw Gina's booth at Zapp. I loved the WWC booth there, as you can tell from my header. Such great times and it all passed by so fast. Loved meeting Sandra too!

  15. Oh my gosh ,I think I am going to faint ! Just beauty, the ribbons, the displays.Oh I am packing my bags to move to Texas ,maybe someday I hope!

  16. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful and inspiring photos! I live in TN and haven't had the chance to visit Marburger but I hope to make it there someday. I've enjoyed my visit here ~ your blog is wonderful!

  17. So good to visit with you this weekend. Those stacks of ribbon are fabulous. Oh my. And also I am loving all the white ruffled things this season...I may have to make me some slipcovers for the dining room :)

  18. Hi Rebecca,
    i am a new follower.I found out about you through Theresa, whom i met one evening in marburger.
    Unfortunately, i was unaware of the location of all the blog ladies' booths. (the main reason i went, )But, i did meet Janet who was set up inside a metal building and then Theresa later walked up and said hello.
    I too, got some great shots of booths, but none were the same as yours, except for Jo Packhams.
    I was thrilled to see all the photos you have taken. i really wished i hadn't missed the spot, but i'm hoping to return in the fall, with my trusty old map and camera ablazin'
    your blog is just the dose of inspiration i need each day.
    I haven't posted my Marburger pics yet, but i will as soon as i can.
    come by and visit me, at
    i have a pict of janet and me in the bunch.
    sincerely, marilyn

  19. Thank you for sharing all of your's fun to see it all through your eyes.




  21. Good Evening... your cake is on the way... great talking to you today... keep in touch.. I so agree with all the other comments your blog is lovely, as are YOU! thanks for the photos of our space.. and hope to see you again in the fall... Love Linda

  22. Tired of hearing about all this fabulousness...Nope...even more jealous and wish I was there....yep! hee,hee,hee.
    This is so great! Thanks a million for taking us along on the adventure. I'm having so much fun!

  23. What a treat to soak in all of your pictures and memories. I can just FEEL the joy. Thank you for inspiring me again to bring more of the beautiful and creative into my life. Can't wait to visit your shop again.

  24. A Little bit of Vintage Heaven ~ Love It.....

  25. I still say TX is the best to antique at. Great Photos!!!

  26. You are so sweet to post pics of my booth. I loved meeting you, you are a doll. You bought some fabulous things.



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