Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Creative Connection

The Creative Connection Event
 in Minneapolis, MN

 This is an amazing 3 day workshop filled with art, inspiration, and wise business advice for the entrepreneur.

 Some of the featured artists on hand to teach workshops are Betz White, Jennifer Murphy, Kaari Meng, Pat Murphy, and Wendy Addison. 
A  conference, crafting extravaganza and emporium for creative women and women entrepreneurs. Created by Nancy Soriano, former editor in chief of Country Living and Jo Packham, the founder and editor in chief of WHERE WOMEN CREATE , THE CREATIVE CONNECTION will bring together women who are passionate about being creative in their lives as artists, business owners, bloggers, and more. Come learn, network, market, and create!

I am happy to be a part of this Creative Community and I will be selling at the Handmade Market there.  I am so looking forward to this wonderful event. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer or get the answer. This is going to be so much fun!


See you in Minneapolis, my hometown!
Many Blessings
PS I just want to add I have been traveling... so I have been off the map and under the radar of blogland. I will be back soon!
 Thank you for your comments they are always a joy!


  1. oh I wish I wish that I could go...just don't think that I can afford it this year...
    Your peonies are just gorgeous...mine are drowning in all our Portland rain...hope that eventually they will bloom- your blog is lovely as usual!

  2. Sounds like loads of fun and inspiration! I know your booth will be over the top beautiful, Rebecca.

  3. Hello dear one!
    I checked into this event a couple weeks ago and If everything goes well...I might try to attend. I might have to skip Marburger...but I think this would be beneficial for me!
    Are ya working on your space? I am posting about my visit to your incredible store Friday!
    I didn't get any photos...what a dork!
    talk to you soon!
    Blessings and big hugs,

  4. I so wish that it was closer to where I live:( I'm sure it will be loads of FUN!


  5. Hmmmmmmmmm...........this could be a fun road trip. - Kathy

  6. After just reading about you in Where Women Create.. I wish, I wish I could make it out there.. I know your booth will be simply to die for!!!

  7. you will fit right in ... in fact you should be the ring leader ...

    we can all learn from the best ... you

  8. Dear Rebecca, I wish you the best of luck, and wonderfull dayes.Hope you will have a lovely Creative Connection sale, with great time with friends and custumers.

    Hugs, Dorthe

  9. Girl, you are going to have so much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  10. I wish I lived closer! I would love to be there for 3 days absorbing it all. Good luck selling your treasures and have fun. This is my first time to your blog!
    X, Candylei

  11. Hello Rebecca,

    your blog is very nice.
    I love old thinks very match.

    greatings send your Conny

  12. I really wish I could go to this, I am from MN. I just saw your spread in WWC. Of all the WWC I have ever looked at your pages drew me the most, your shop. I mean I haven't even read it yet! I had to find your blog.


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