Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mail Time!

Mail Time!
Here's the mail it never fails, it makes me want to wag my tail, when it comes I want to wail... Maaail!
(Ok, maybe I've been watching too much Blues Clues...)

Loving the mail these days! First I must show you what I bought from Lisa's new blog shop... 
It came last week but I haven't had a chance to post much lately as I have been under the weather.  I just love her work and I couldn't resist her collage wall hanging.

And this sweet little childs cup and I also got some shredded music paper.

But sweet girl that Lisa is, she also included this wonderful old brush with my initial on it as a gift. Thank you Lisa... I love it!

I love her eye for detail, look at the card she made and sent it as a wonderful gesture.


I love the little bird in the dome with buttons and lace... it doesn't get much better than this!
 You will want to check out her blog shop and blog if you haven't been there, she is amazing~

Since it was just Mother's Day, I have to tell you I had such a nice day with half of my brood. I am so blessed with beautiful children inside and out. They are good to their mama. My oldest daughter lives in WA.  She of course helps with the shop and has a great eye. She sent me a wonderful mother's day gift that I want to share, because I know you all will appreciate this.

Wrapped in an old wallpaper box with great creamy lace and millinery!

A beautiful handmade box with everything I love...

And also a handmade card... 

Inside is just as yummy... love these creamy old spools and...

a gorgeous Art Deco necklace... but that isn't all!

Look at this creamware... just the right color and so quaint.

 Does she know her mother or what... thank you Sweetie!
But I am not finished, I will not go through all of my gifts but I do have to show you one other.
It is from "the Boy" as he calls himself. 
It is too great not to post...

This handmade flower was on top of the box with pink paper, yes he made it... sweet boy!

Look at this! An antique miniature printing press!
Is that great or what...

He put a stamp in it to try it out and we printed these cards. It has a roller that goes over the disc and then inks the stamp just like a big press. I will have fun with this little gem. And I have to tell you he also went to Border's and bought out all the WWC magazines that I am in and gave them to me, so I could do a collage or something he said. I have to say I feel a little spoiled this mother's day. 

Wishing you a great week and many blessings. 


  1. Awesome gifts from your sweet babes! And Lisa's work is wonderful. I'm looking forward to her vendor setup at Paper Cowgirl! Hope you feel better soon and have a wonderful weekend. ~ Angela

  2. OK..that girls knows you. Great stuff and teh knew you'd love! The boy takes the cake with that printer! And thoughtful? Wowsers! All the WWC mags he could get? He's a keeper! Hope you are feeling better. ~Mindy

  3. Fabulous loot, Rebecca!
    What wonderful kiddos you've got there, speaks very well of YOU, ya know. :-)


  4. I'm sure you deserved all these wonderful gifts Rebecca. You are so sweet. How thoughtful of "the boy". That would be a great gift in my eyes and especially if it still works. Have fun!


  5. Wonderful gifts, Rebecca! I think you'd have a grand time drinking tea as your press puts out new prints! So much fun!!!

  6. Wow- you raised your kids right- they totally "get it"- great presents- and lucky you to have a piece of Lisa's artwork- I love her style.

  7. Rebecca, all your girls are darling and so is "the boy"! Love all your gifts and goodies, and that printing press has me amazed. just love it. Hope you're feeling better soon!
    hugs and love,

  8. Beautiful gifts. I love everything you got and that piece from Lisa is wonderful - she´s so talented.
    ~ Tina

  9. Hi Rebecca,
    They love you, thats for sure, such fantastic gifts, I love all of them, the creamvare is fantastic beautifull.
    And the art from dear Lisa, is so amacingly beautifull, she is an angel.
    I wish you happy houers with all your wonderfull gifts.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  10. Rebecca,
    I wrote this long ol 'Rose' comment & my dang laptop went dead. That's what I get for being so long winded. Oh well, draft 2. You son is DARLING, that flower is the cutest. Look at him making a paper flower like Mom, & the printing press, well everyone else said it all , but...I would have done a happy dance. & it works too!! Very awesome. Your sweet girl, well just know that she must also be a lover of vintage & cream. No one else could have put together such a perfect box of treasures.
    I hope your feeling better friend. I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. Lisa
    PS Thanks for the plug! LOl That brush had your name all over it, okay only your initial!

  11. What wonderful truly thouhtful gifts your children gave you. You are blessed. Lisa's artwork WOW!

  12. Oh Rebecca everything is soooooo wonderful!!! Your gifts are so special and were clearly chosen/made with love! And, I too love Lisa's style and eye for detail, she is so very talented {like you!}. I'm glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  13. What amazing gifts from your kids! Wow - a paper flower from a it! That will never happen in my world. AND the press; oh yum! I get things like "as seen on TV" scissors & measuring cups from my guys - love 'em to bits anyway.

  14. Oh...such beauty...both the gifts and the givers! and the things from Lisa...just too wonderful...she *really* is good...I want to create like that when I grow up:)
    hope you are feeling better

  15. Rebecca, I saw you in WWC magazine & had to come visit. What to my surprise do I see but, the wonderful artwork of my dear friend Lisa. IN FACT, I think Pat & I was with her the day she bought the little bird she used for your piece. SHE IS AN AMAZING ARTIST & a WONDERFUL FRIEND. She is really funny too. If you have time,read about our trip to the Antique Show in Round Top last fall.

    She is tooooooooooooo funny. Enjoy your goodies (you got so many great things). Just wanted to say I LOVED YOUR SPREAD IN THE MAGAZINE! You deserve to be "Famous" your shop & lifestyle is yummy. A FAN! Charlene

  16. Oh indeed blessed Rebecca! Wow. You have beautiful children and Lisa is awesome! You deserve greatness and more!!!

  17. Rebecca, I will be visiting your shop this Saturday. I hope you are there as I would love to meet you. Your shop is so inviting and has all the things I love. I can't wait to step inside and browse. You will know me for I will be the one hyperventilating into a brown paper bag.

  18. Rebecca, I am so very glad that you bought Lisa's gorgeous artwork!!!!! It truly is breathtaking to me...and all of your Mother's Day gifts are wonderful ~ but omygoodness, girl, that little printing press is AMAZING!!!! I hope you're doing wonderful sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

  19. Your family seems to be a special one. It is wonderful that they all know you so well and it looks like your creative talent has passed down to your children. I too was blessed by each of my chilren this Mother's Day. Thanks for sharing your blessings.

  20. I don't even know where to start my comment. I'm just much too busy drooling over all your fabulous treasures!!!

  21. You are one lucky mamma!!! How sweet your kids are. They know you inside and out, don't they? I had to laugh at the Blue's Clue song, my girls used to belt that one out all the time, it is one of my favorite memories!!!

  22. Ahh! I love everything, your daughter lives in wa? Becasue I live in wa! Tell me where! Happy Mama's Day to you!

  23. Dear Rebecca,
    First of all, I'm so sorry that you are a little under the weather. I hope that you are feeling better every day.
    Well, what beautiful things that have come to your house in the mail. ... and, your Mother's Day gifts are just perfect. They are you to a 'T'.
    I'm sure all of those things have made you feel a little better !
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Rebecca. XXXX

  24. What a blessing your children must be. I'm pretty sure I know at whose knee they learned all their thoughtfulness. Beautiful!

  25. REBECCA!!!! NO KIDDING??? I'm so not surprised sweet friend, I've known I loved your taste from the first time I came across your websites!!!! How wonderful is THAT! I hope you're having a great weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn (now I REALLY, REALLY want to come visit you girl!!!)

  26. just became a follower- love your blog, your style is lovely- and those the linens the faded color
    Look forward to more-

  27. Hope you are feeling better and you are right... Lisa a great Altered Artiste'!

  28. What a wonderful day! Did you cry? I would have.
    May God continue to bless you Rebecca

  29. I am so, so, so, so, so, so jealous of that printing press!



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