Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Mother's Heart

Thinking on this mother's day my mind of course goes to my mother and how much I appreciate her. The older one gets the more we appreciate those around us. My mother will be 85 this year, she is a young 85 and if it wasn't for her arthritis she could run circles around me. She has always been a rock, steady and dependable. Growing up, she wasn't the perfect mom... she made her share of mistakes, as we all do. She was taught by her mother according to the times and logistics of small town farm life. Growing up with two brothers in the depression era without a father, who died when she was 2, she learned to work hard and be practical about life.
 Being of Swedish decent she grew up in the Lutheran church and there were certain things you didn't talk about and if you didn't have anything good to say... well then, you just didn't say it. 
She had a loving and kind heart and we, my two brothers, sister and I always knew we were loved.  She was deep in faith and loved the Lord, if there was a problem she prayed about it. That was the answer to any problem... fact, no doubts. 
For years I felt that I wasn't prepared well enough for life, mother never sat down and talked to me about anything... I sort of just had to figure things out and some things I didn't do so well on. 
Children were to be seen and not heard.
 My teen years were tuff and hard on everyone in my family as I was the rebel child. I caused a raucous and stood up to my authoritative father when my mother would not even do so.  
I don't know of to many perfect families, in fact I couldn't even tell you what a perfect family is. But what I do know, is that I have learned throughout the years by example... 
I learned faith by watching my mother trust her whole world to her Heavenly Father, 
I learned truth through the word that my mother spoke and read,
I learned strength when I watched my mother bury her oldest son when he was only 18, 
I learned faithfulness when I watched my mother stand by her husband after he broke her trust, 
I learned preserverence when I watched her say goodbye to her life long soul mate,
I learned love from my mother who always loved me no matter what, unconditionally,  and
I learned that mothering never stops... 
And now my babies have grown and they are working through the mistakes I made and hopefully learning by example...
 and knowing  love because I have been so loved... thanks mom!

My Six Loves...

Jody and Sarah

Jennifer and Kerri



Happy Mother's Day to all of you, I hope you have a day of love.
Many Blessings


  1. You have beautiful children. I hope you have contact with them tomorrow...enjoy your day!

  2. Hi Rebecca:
    What a loving, wonderful Mother's Day tribute to your mom. She's really lovely. You have a beautiful family, too. Wow!

    Thanks for visiting Brynwood, and always, thank you for leaving a comment. I really appreciate the messages you leave when you stop by.

    Happy Mother's Day from one who also comes from an imperfect family. Isn't it wonderful that we have second chances with our own?

    Blessings to you and yours.

  3. This so touched my heart...blessings to you as you celebrate motherhood!

  4. Rebecca,

    I struggled for many hours yesterday trying to write a post about my Mom. We had many difficult years compounded by her chronic illness for 42 of them. I just could not figure out a way to explain that I loved her in spite know? Then I read your post and you did a great job explaining how if you're lucky and work hard, love can endure through all the bad stuff.

    An honest and heartfelt post. My Mom will be gone 7 years on the 20th. Maybe I can figure out something to say by then?

    Happy Mothers Day! What beautiful children you have, those smiles!


  5. Hi dear, yes we certainly all brings, both good,and not so good, with us,giwing it on,to ouer children,for them to decide, to live with it,or not.Thats life, ìn good and bad.
    Wishing you a wonderfull sunday,
    Hugs, Dorthe

  6. Rebecca amor, what a beautiful tribute to your lovely mama....I was going to try doing a post for my own mama...but I like so many others and just starting to find my way in a relationship that has changed so much just this last year since we lost my dad...I thank you for sharing your heart and your love for beautiful mama so eloquently...I wish you a day filled with so much love of family and friends and may you get to spend some quiet time too, just relaxing and enjoying your day :) Much love my dear friend...I am so blessed the day my life's path crossed with yours. Huge hugs & besos, Rose

  7. You have such a lovely family and your Mother is certainly a strong woman. What a sweet tribute to her.

    Enjoy your special day with those you love so much.


  8. Rebecca, I am new to your blog and glad I visited today. My mother is also 85. I identified with so many things in your post. Thanks for making it. Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Oh Rebecca how blessed you are in abundance! Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    What a lovely post. I don't think that any of us are perfect. That wouldn't be right. We have to make mmistakes and learn from them.
    We had Mothering Sunday in March here in the U.K. so Happy Mother's Day to everyone celebrating on Sunday. XXXX

  11. What an absolutely beautiful story and your Mother is just as beautiful. Your children, my goodness, what a great looking group, you did very good here my friend. It's funny how how our growing years are so similar, I too was the rebel girl, always standing up to my father too and my MOther was and still is strong in faith! Have a wonderful Mother's Day and may you continue to be truely blessed.

  12. A truly beautiful Mothers Day post. x

  13. This was wonderful, Rebecca. Have a delightful day! The sun is finally shining through!!!

  14. Rebecca, such a sweet post! Wishing you and your beautiful family a happy Mother's Day! ~ Angela

  15. Rebecca,
    I wrote this comment yesterday to wish you Happy Mother's Day. I guess I got word verification wrong, cuz here there it sat...unpublished.
    Very thoughtful, honest & loving tribute to your Mother. My Mom was no perfect angel. She had her own issues being a preachers kid. I think she rebelled later in life after divorcing my father when I was little. One thing for sure tho, that woman loved me unconditionally. Only like a Mother can. I lost her on Mothers Day 2 years ago, the holiday is bitter sweet to me. I have 3 miracles, but everyday I wish I had my Mother to see them grow & advise me. I love that you see past the imperfections of you Mother (& others) & realize their just doing the best they can. She must have done pretty good, look how you turned out!! And the genes in your family, Good Grief girl. Your family is beautiful. I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful my friend. Lisa

  16. What a beautiful family. Be blessed. Cindy

  17. What a lovely tribute to your mother......and what a BEAUTIFUL family you have.


  18. Gee Becky that was very very nice. What a lovely tribute.

  19. Beautiful! You are blessed!
    Hugs, Lisa

  20. Hi Rebecca.....I hope you had a wonderful day on Sunday~ such a lovely post about your mom....

    see you soon I hope!
    Anne Marie

  21. Dearest Rebecca,
    Wow, you have the most gorgeous family, from your mom all the way down to your kiddos!
    Such a beautiful tribute, my friend. :-)


  22. Dear Rebecca, Such a beautiful post. You are so fortunate to have your Mom with you still and to have found the words to say what's in your heart. Lovely, like you. Love, Penny

  23. Hi Rebecca,

    You've made me cry. What a touching and thought filled post, and such a tribute to your faith-filled, beautiful mother. The photos, both recent and vintage are wonderful!

    Your love for your family and their love for you shines through in your words as does your Christian spirit through your page. So glad I've found your lovely blog, it's just a joy to visit and read....thank you!

  24. Hey girlfriend!
    What a beautiful post, and your 'loves' are adorable! It was great getting to catch up with you the other day...until next time, take care my sweet loving friend! xo...deb

  25. Hi Rebecca,

    What a beautiful post and loved the special tribute to your lovely Mother.
    All the photos of your family are wonderful, that is such a sweet photo of you and your sister in bed, with your Mother reading the bible to you.
    Your children are all beautiful.

    Enjoy the rest of the week

  26. Thanks for sharing your lovely family with us....wonderful pictures and your mother is a gem.

    Many blessings my friend. Have a great week!


  27. You have so many blogs I did not know where to comment but this looked like a safe place.
    What a tribute to your Momma... a REAL tribute, not a gag me Hallmark card. I love and appreciate your honesty.
    Thank you for your comment on "Sanity Keepers."
    Your children are GORGEOUS!!!!!

  28. A beautiful tribute my friend and you truly have a beautiful family. I know they must be very proud to have you as a mom.


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