Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome White Wednesday

Welcome White Wednesday!
Congratulations to Kathleen on 50 White Wednesdays!

It seems like ages since I participated in Kathleen's White Wednesday! I just haven't been able to get it together and post on a Wednesday here lately. In fact I have barely been able to post on any given day. Hopefully things have settled down some and I can be a little more consistant. But today I am enjoying Kathleen at Faded Charm and all the wonderful whites she has listed. Here are a few of mine.

Since I have been living in my studio here lately, I have some random shots of whites in my little part of the world.

Wishing you a Wonderful White Wednesday and please hop on over to Faded Charm and view all the fabulous white posts... thank you Kathleen!

I also wanted to announce the winner of the give away... I didn't put it in my last post and I meant to. The winner of the collage was
Please visit Patsy and her creative blog, she is amazing.
I wish all of you a great week and you know I love hearing from you! 
Many Blessings


  1. Happy WW! Such a beautiful array of whites...pure inspiration!!!

  2. Rebecca, I adore your White Wednesday post! So much beauty. Congrats to your giveaway winner! ~ Angela

  3. You made my heart smile & you have been on my mind lately. So nice to hear from you. Sending all good thoughts & hugs your way.. Love my rose so so much.. right now it is pinned on my lampshade next to my bed gives me sweet dreams..Take care of your self. xoxo laura

  4. How nice!! Love all the pictures and 'White Wednesday'. May have to start a tradition myself-hmmm, maybe 'Tuscan Tuesday' or 'Make-it yourself Monday'----it could happen!! Love your blog,
    Pat, A Remade Life

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    Love those silver lidded dresser jars - they always have such wonderful Victorian designs on their lids.


  6. Rebecca, your shop is like Disneyland for me, each and every piece is amazing. Love that shadowbox. Hope you're feeling better, get over that cough. And I need to learn to be more careful while digging in my own garage. te he.

  7. So glad you had time to join in today and I know what you mean about finding the time. It's going to be hard for me the next couple weeks with being so busy with all the end of school activities.

    You are so lucky to be surrounded by beauty. I know it's probably very busy at times, but I think you have the best job.

    Take care and don't work too hard.


  8. Love your photos. The old sewing notions and the vintage spools in your cabinet looks SO pretty. Everything is so beautiful and inspiring.
    ~ Tina

  9. Hi Rebecca, you surely are surrounded of beauty,in your studio, love this white tour ,
    xo Dorthe

  10. Hi Rebecca...such beauty in your studio. such inspiration for you to make something beautiful! Smiles...Lovey

  11. I always love pics of your studio. It seems to me that May is almost if not busier than December these days! So much to do. Hopefully, the lazy days of summer will give you time to breathe. I always enjoy starting out my morning with a cup of coffee and your pictures. Cheers! - Kathy

  12. The shadowbox is wonderful! Thanks for sharing such great photos!

  13. Your studio is full of beautiful things, and it must be pretty easy to get inspired in there! It's my first White Wednesday, so it's very nice to meet you!
    Happy WW!

  14. How lucky for you to be living in your studio. I can never seem to find /make the time to be in mine. Shame on me.



  15. Absolutely gorgeous, Rebecca!

    I haven't done a White Wednesday in forever, either. I'm overdue!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  16. Beautiful photos of a lovely place to work! My favorite is pin cushion doll!

  17. Lovely pictures.
    Love the doll head.
    So sweet.


    barbara jean

  18. Thanks for coming by.
    To answer your question, yes i did make the nest. and some eggs are clay I made, and some plastic. think these are plastic. =)
    have fun if you make one.


    barbara jean

  19. Hi Rebecca,

    I love all your old white treasures and how lovely to see some of the things in your studio.
    the old buttons and ecru cotton is lovely.
    congratulations to Patsy ~ she will be thrilled.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  20. especially that last little doll head. So Sweet!

  21. I love all your pictures, but especially the jars with the silver lids,and the doll head !!! It's all so gorgeous. I loved my visit here. Blessings~~~Daphne

  22. Hi Rebecca... :-)

    Loved this post....tons of yumminess...


  23. I love your post. My favorite are the shelves of crocheted buttons and threads. That would be an inspiration vignette to get creating. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Rebecca I love all your beautiful vintage whites thanks for sharing.


  25. Your studio spaces are always so enticing!
    I wanted to reach right into my laptop and pick that little doll head with the bonnet---what is my fetish with doll heads????
    Thank you for ALL your encouragement--you are dear to me!
    p.s. some year I'll be able to post my own studio space again, but it won't be soon...

  26. Wonderful and inspiring photos Rebecca I enjoyed very much looking at them!

  27. Hi, I just found your lovely blog glad I did!

  28. Rebecca,
    Oh girl, foaming at the mouth over here. I saw about 20 things I would buy if I was in your store! Those may have been NFS, in your studio. Oh well, The doll head on the column with the bonnet, so sweet & lovely. Is that column big? It looked like the perfect chippiness ever! Your taste is so on target with everything I love, & you display it so beautifully. Lisa


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