Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friends and Horton's Secret

As promised this is my second post on the French Flea Market in Tipton Indiana that I had the pleasure of participating in. 
I met so many lovely people and made new friends, which made it all worth while... even fighting the flying tent! 
I would like you to meet my new friends and see the other creative vendors.

You all know Donna from DReynes  but this is her buddy Pattie. She is a sweetheart, she worked Donna's tent, while Donna ran around keeping everyone happy.

Donna not only headed up this whole shindig but also put up a wonderful display and had her handmade creations for all to enjoy. She sews beautifully (I snagged one of her beautiful linen ruffled purses) and she made these great and funky chandeliers. 

I loved these!

Her book page wreathes

Another chandelier made from a French bottle rack...

 Her wonderful purses...

She also brought in flowers from her beautiful garden, to sell at the fresh flower market

This is my new friend Alee she has a great blog called Damask Designs, you probably already know about it but if you don't hop on over and visit her.  You will enjoy it...
She and her sisters "the shop girls" have a wonderful shop also called Damask Designs.
Here are some pictures of their treasures...

Are they not the most beautiful faces you've seen! 
(Amber, I told you this wouldn't look staged)
this turned out cute!

Here are some other vendors for you to enjoy.

Karen and Shannon's booth, they make fabulous banners and love stamping.  They have a place at Logan Street Village Shoppes.

Now as promised I am going to let you in on a little secret... Horton's  Secret... 

No, Horton's is not just any old Who
Hardware store... it has a secret and yes, it is all about the Secret Garden but the true secret behind Horton's is Donna. She puts all this together, her big girl job is Design Coordinator for this huge store. Let me show you a little of Donna's magic.

This is out of a chicken coop

And yes, Donna made the umbrella out of lace pieces...

Are you amazed yet? And if this isn't enough... when Donna is not doing French Flea Markets and Secret Gardens
She is renovating a two story house with her crazy husband and I mean they are doing it all. She is doing the drywall right now and hubby is making all the cabinets for the kitchen! 
Plus she keeps a gorgeous garden and they are building a cute garden house out of old doors ... I love this gal but she is kill'in me!  Ha! just kidding... well kinda :)
I hope you enjoyed my weekend and all the fun... please go over and visit my new friends and say hi from me!
Many Blessings


  1. Deliciousness overload...thanks for sharing all those great photos!


  2. I want a hardware store like this in my town. Thanks for taking and sharing so many pics. I only live three hours from Tipton, I will not miss the next French Flea Market.

  3. Hey Rebecca,

    Sounds and looks like a wonderful show with some great vendors. Your space looked amazing and youcouldn't even tell your tent had almost blown away. It seems like every outdoor show I do the wind decides to blow.

    So glad you had a great time.

    Take care,


  4. Oh my Gosh Rebecca your friend Donna is so amazingly talented and inspiring!!! I love all her displays so much! You are an angel for sharing her with us! That lace parasol is fantastic!!! Oh how I wish this gorgeous Secret Garden shop would be anywhere near where I live I see so many things I would want *sigh* I so love how she combines the outdoors with the indoors. As a gardener a shop like this would be my absolute dream! I never saw something alike here in Germany.
    xoxo~ Carola

  5. Hi dear Rebecca,
    It is almost not to believe, that this grandness of beauty, has all been in one place-well not the shop I know,-but something from there,too :)your new friend must be a whirlwind of energi, and joy, for life,--fantastic photoes, dear.
    And how sweet the 3 (amish girls?) sisters looks, in their booth.
    Must almost be difficult, to start normal living again after having been in that sort of dreamland!!!--but ofcoursce you live in a little dreamland ,too sweet Rebecca.
    Happy sunday, and hugs.

  6. I wonder if Donna bottles and sells some of her energy! That girl has really got it goin on! Beautiful, isn't a strong enough word for her work.

    The other ladies are very talented as well.
    Oh, how I would love to have been there.


  7. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos, Rebecca! Almost like being there. Such a load of eye candy in your tent and everywhere!

  8. now I'm even more jealous of how much fun you had. hee,hee,hee.
    Wow!!!! I'm actually sitting here looking and the pictures and saying out loud, "oh wow, oooo that's so pretty, ok that is so cool." David is wondering who I'm talking to!
    Hugs to you girlfriend. Thanks for sharing all of this fun!

  9. Good Morning My dear sweet friend! I was crying when I read this post! you are so sweet for doing this post on me but especially for doing it on the store!
    It means alot to me when people enjoy my work!
    I am so glad you enjoyed yourself! We LOVED having you! You are So much fun to spend time with! Brought Mr. Bill right out of his little shell to laugh with you!
    Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!
    Love ya bunches!

  10. I want to thank you for sharing all your pics of this wonderful event! I have visited your blog everyday now since you started posting these pictures. Have to say I am so inspired!

    Have a great weekend and I'll be back to visit again!

  11. What great pictures and what a fantastic event. I would love to attend something like that. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us.

  12. Could you of had any more fun? Me thinks not. Thanks bunches for sharing.


  13. Hey you :).. have to admit the pic. looks a little staged!I'm FAIRLY certain @ NO during the french flea did we all 3 hang out over the counter like that :)!& your right about Donna, that lady is AMAZING!So glad to see your pic.s--it WAS a really fun time.
    & just for their sake I will tell you, that my shop girls are not my sisters :).The 2 of them are sisters & then 1 of them is my s-i-l. {we married brothers:)!}
    Blessings to you this week...:)

  14. Hi Rebecca! Thanks so much for stopping by Heaven's Walk and leaving such a sweet comment! Glad to meet you, girl!

    Wow! I LOVE your photos here! This is the second blog I've popped in at that posted about that flea market. I MUST go next year and bring my best friend with me. It looks fabulous, and your photos were incredible!

    I'm now a faithful follower of your blog - and thanks again for sharing your fun trip!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  15. Rebecca,
    I am blown away! I just keep looking at the pictures over and over again...such yumminess!Thanks for sharing.
    My Best

  16. Well...the 'secret' is out. Donna IS wonder girl!!! I just love her!!! She has so much talent, and so much loveliness. What she has done inside the Hardware store is beyond belief. I have gotta to get over there and tell her so myself.
    Thank you Rebecca for the awesome pictures of your weekend at Tipton. It was pleasure to see it all.

  17. Hi Rebecca,

    thank you for sharing your fun trip with us and all your wonderful photos.
    The Hortons store looks like an amazing place and how clever Donna is with all the magic she has created. She is a very talented Lady.

    Have a great week

  18. Ok that's it!!! I'm leaving George and moving to Indiana and working at Horton's with Donna.
    That girl is one talent whirlwind. Ok forget moving there she might kill me too:)) haha
    Thanks for posting so many pics....I'm drooling on my computer!

  19. Wow, Rebecca, visual overload!!! Love every single bit of it. Too many beautiful things to even remember. The bags your buddy makes are gorgeous, I love them! Chandy's very cool, she brought in flowers to sell?! I'm lucky to have one little bloom in jar each season. And that store, that bed!!!!!!! Oh I love it. Whatever vitamins she takes, I want some. Renovating a house, garden, greenhouse, event planner. Goodness, I'm pooped just reading it. And the other vendors, wonderful. We'll talk soon Lisa

  20. What great ideas! Love the book wreath. my 8 yr old is looking at photos with me and said have you been there? I said no it's in a different state. and she said, probably Paris! haha, so she is one smart cookie, she knows what decor fits where.

  21. Hey girlfriend!
    WOW!!!! Looks great and your booth was just as beautiful as I knew it would be. Wish I could have been there (but, of course I probably wouldn't have been much help...hey, someone has to shop!)

    Also, got a chance to talk with our friend, Melissa! Texan hubby and I are headed her way next, hopefully we will get a chance to meet up.

    Love to you soon! xo..deb

  22. Dear Rebecca,
    Oh what a wonderful place !! I want to buy everything.....good job that I'm in England !! There are so many clever and hard working people out there making the most wonderful things aren't there ? I feel so lazy now !! I must get out in the garden, make a few things and get busy in the kitchen !!
    So sorry that I've been AWOL but I'm just back from my sisters and I am trying to catch up on my commenting and failing miserably !! Hope to be back on track soon. XXXX

  23. Oh my gosh !! What a fun and beautiful place to shop ~ I want to go !!
    Thank you for letting us see through awesome pictures ~


  24. Beautiful, Beautiful pictures, ladies & treasures... Oh I wish I could come play with you! xoox laura

  25. Oh my stars, Horton's is pure magic! What a wonderful talent Donna has for pulling together such a fabulous look. I adore that twig bed! Thank you for sharing all this beauty and inspiration.

  26. So many ideas! I really found the sink with greens and books intriguing! So much cooler than a plain old book shelf.
    I so enjoyed meeting you! Thank you for welcoming me into your lovely shop and chatting with me. You are a very encouraging and inspiring person, Rebecca, and I will pray for your new endeavors!

  27. How wonderful of you to post about oiur darling Donna!
    She is a tireless Wonder Woman, sorta like YOU! :-)

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  28. Dear Becky, How fun to open your blog and see photos of the Flea Market and of our booth. What a sweetie you are to post such sweet comments. I am so glad that Donna included you in this years flea market. You were such a wonderful addition and your booth was filled with such eye-candy.

    The Hortons are warm, wonderful people and their store is so worth visiting. And as everyone has commented - Donna is a miracle worker. She is not only beautiful and sweet, but she is the most CREATIVE and ENERGETIC person I have ever known. I am honored to call her my friend and she has impacted my life in ways she'll never know. Her Mr. Bill is a sweetheart too, he's handy and a fab woodworker.

    Shannon and I were hoping to get to your store before Christmas - I am sorry you are closing your doors. But your wonderful creative spirit can't be contained so I look forward to hearing of your future creative endeavors. (I'm trying to talk Donna into joining you in Sept for the Creative Connection).

    It was a pleasure to meet you. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Karen Groff

  29. I just discovered you today in "Where Women Create". I will be in Chicage in Aug. and was looking forward to coming to your shop. I am so sorry I will miss it. It is inspiring to find a christain woman in business and creative. I wish you well and hope someday to cross your path.


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