Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last Call....

Hello... no I haven't fallen off the planet, it just feels that way.
I am still closing up shop.
I have the rest of this week with regular shop hours 10 to 5 through Saturday.  I am still wheel'in and deal'in!
I have my guys coming to haul some bigger pieces to storage on Saturday. And then the following week I will be in the shop in the afternoon packing and getting ready to tear down on the 27th.
Everything is at least 50% off and I am just in the "get rid of it" mood.
I still have some nice display cabinets left and I have had quite a bit of interest in the 16 foot counter but as of today it is still available.

This was the front desk from a hotel in Manistree, Mich. built in 1800, it closed in 1850 and became the Lumber Baron Hotel until the turn and then this was put into storage. The paint on it is fabulous.

Here are some other display units that are still available...

This could be a great island in a kitchen.

The fireplace surround is wonderful and I have it  $650 less than what I paid for it.

This white case came from France, I love the iron legs.

The slanted front case is wonderful and would look great in a kitchen... maybe mine :)

Vintage Living will be officially closed by September 1.

If anyone is interested in any of these pieces please call the shop at 630-545-0115
I have had several comments on the fact that customers had heard I was closed already, so I thought I would post this to give you the real date.
Thank you so much for all your support and good wishes... I will miss you and hope to see you another time.
I have some great opportunities that have opened up and I can't wait to share them with you. I will be posting the move and what I have up my sleeve after closing.
I miss all my blogging friends and hope to be back in blogland soon, thanks so much for checking in and emailing me... you are all so appreciated.


  1. Wow, love the counter! Wish I lived closer, I'm looking for a new counter for my shop.

  2. Rebecca amor, you have so been on my mind and heart...I think about you and wish I was near by help out, even just to pack or clean up...Those pieces you have left are beyond fabulous and I wish I had the $$ and a house big enough to house all these treasures! Please take care of you & know that soo many like me are thinking of you and wishing nothing but good things for you today & always. I want to call you, but know that you are so busy right now trying to get things done, but I did want you to know that I am thinking of you and sending you huge huge hugs! Besos, Rose

  3. I know we just "met" but I want to send you a HUG! Even though it sounds like you have some fabulous things up your sleeve, I'm sure closing is difficult. If I could I would purchase some goodies from you. THAT COUNTER is absolutely STUNNING and is a piece of ART! Can't wait to see what you are up to after the 1st! I'm a new follower!

  4. I will be thinking about you and you will be in my prayers as you make these changes in your life. I just have to look at the bird and the box you made that sit in my sewing room to be reminded to pray.

  5. Good luck, my friend!!
    Wish I could take the beautiful white cabinet home....

  6. Hi Rebecca:
    How I wish I could bring home a display piece or two! Good luck with the rest of your "closing one door and opening another". I'm so excited for you!

  7. Rebecca,

    I'm shocked that some savvy shop owner hasn't swooped in for those pieces. They are wonderful.

    I'm sure you have mixed feelings these days. Just try to take it all in- the process...it's just the metamorphosis before more good things.

    We're all wishing you well.


  8. You have been on my mind lately, so it's good to hear from you. I seriously thought you would have cleared out your inventory by now. Such beautiful pieces, be patient, the right person will come along. I wish I lived closer. I don't have a need for the large cases, but do you have any mannequins? You are in my prayers during this transition, blessings...Marcia

  9. They're all so beautiful...sigh! Wish I was there, I would surely drop by and see. Ever since I read and looked at the magazine (again and again!), it's so poignant for me to realize you're giving it up!

  10. Hi dear Rebecca,
    Oh those pieces are fantastic, I hope for you ,someone finds them impossible to resist!!
    And then I wish you a happy closing of this wonderfull shop,- I almost can`t wait to see, what is your next step,Rebecca.
    Big hug, and blessings, -and see you soon.

  11. Those pieces are wonderful, but as I sat and watched your slide show, I couldn't help thinking how beautiful the pieces of your heart are! All that curly hair!

  12. Wow Rebecca, you do still have some great things for sale. I really like the white cabinet from France too. Hope it all sell. Have a good one, T

  13. We are anxious to hear what you will be doing next! Take care. Susan

  14. The white display (old hotel desk) is gorgeous! How much do you want for it and where are you from?
    Email me...

  15. Ohmygoodness!!! What is going on...I will have to back post to see....I hope it's good. Of course it is,,God is in Charge after all.....

  16. I was telling my friend Deanna about the fabulous hotel piece and she would have scooped that up in a heart beat...it is so her and would fit in her store....stinks that you're so far away.
    Good luck sweetie with the packing up. I've been thinking of you often!!!


  17. Hi sweetie,
    You must be soooo busy. I hope that all goes well with the closing. I have been thinking of you a lot and hope that you are doing well and taking good care of yourself. You have the most beautiful display pieces I have ever seen.
    hugs to you...

  18. all the best for today and whatever the future holds for you...

  19. This is such an ironic visit for me. My girlfriend and I are "opening" a booth in a local antique mall next month. Its just a simple little thing that we are doing just because of our love to create and collect vintagey things. I was cruising blog world trying to come across a name that caught my attention so that she and I can "pretend" we own a shop and give it a name. I just stumbled across your blog and the second I saw that picture of the counter I knew I had seen it somewhere before, in a magazine I thought. When I scrolled down and saw your picture my heart gave me a little flutter. I remember you, your heart, and your counter from the magazine Where Woman Create. Your story was my favorite article in that magazine and I remember telling my friend "I mean, where did she get that counter?!?!?". I just loved it. I think it is so interesting that I happened to stumble across your today, and I wish I lived closer, because I would buy that counter in a heart beat. Out of curiousity, what are you asking for it? Come visit me at my blog... http://playingsublimely.blogspot.com and let me know whenever you get a chance.

    I hate to see that you are closing, but I love to see that you are trusting the Lord...He is good, is He not?

    Much love and blessing to you,

  20. Hi Rebecca,

    I hope that the closing of your shop goes well, have been thinking of you.
    You have some fabulous display cases and love the sweet white French one and the big Hotel counter.
    Blessings and well wishes

  21. My mom and I wish you nothing but the best and that we will miss your beautiful shop so much! Best of luck with everything that comes your way, you deserve it! I wish I could make it to the Creative Connection. :(

  22. Closing a shop is a special feeling of sadness and relief.. I closed two a few years back, one a bridal and one a rather large catering business and I cried once one sold and the other closed, but then was happy to have it done! Good luck to you in your new ventures...


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