Friday, September 10, 2010

Packing My Bags...

It is count down time for the Creative Connection!  
I am packing my bags, boxes and anything else I can find and loading up the truck and heading north to Minnesota land of 10,000 lakes... and incidentally my hometown.


I am so excited about this show that Nancy Soriano and Jo Packham at Where Women Create has put together. This is the first year and I am honored to be a part of it. There will be wonderful workshops for just about all tastes and the hand made market that I will be a part of.
I have already made two trips to Mn with my SUV loaded and Tuesday I leave with the truck.


It has been really hectic for me just closing the shop last week and now trying to get ready for this show. I have been frantically painting a drop cloth for display but came to a screeching halt the last few days  because of vertigo. I am trusting all this will come together... and what doesn't, well I gave it my best shot!



And of course lots and lots of odds and ends...

I hope to see you there... and if not I will take lots and lots of pictures! 
It will be good to be back in blogland again, I just haven't had a chance to make it around to all of you, so I will have a lot of catching up to do!
Many Blessings


  1. Ohhh! Looks like you have plenty to keep 'em loving you up there! Happy sales and have yourself some fun! ~Mindy

  2. Oh mylanta have you done all that and close shop and make that many trips? I'd be waiting by the door for my rear end to catch up, knock and say "I'm home!".
    Love the the bottles...heck, I love it all especially you!
    Good luck and I'll be praying for the vertigo to make like a tree and leave!

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    Love all your very beautiful creations.
    Have a safe and wonderful time away, would love to see your photos on your return.

    Blessings & hugs

  4. Wishing you a good show, a safe trip and lots of laughs, you deserve it.


  5. Rebecca, how beautifull it all looks, your books,and pockets are wonderfull, I`m sure you will have a GREAT SALE, dear.
    I wish you lots of luck, and happy houers,and can`t wait to see your photoes.

  6. Have a wonderful time, Rebecca.
    I hope to go next year..yes, they
    better have it again..I can only hope
    it's a lot closer to me.

    I'll look forward to the photos.

    Stephanie ♥

  7. Rebecca ~
    Oh my goodness what beautiful things you are packing
    to take along with you !!
    I know you will have an amazing time !!


  8. Hi Rebecca! Have fun and can't wait to see your photos!

  9. You have been working hard - have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Have fun....hope you are feeling better and that first bottle on your is fantastic!

  11. Oh, how wonderful!!!! I'm hoping you are feeling better now!

    Looking forward to pictures when you get back! Have a blast!!!!

    "Her" and Romeo

  12. Have a wonderful show Rebecca. I will have to rely on your photos I'm afraid. It looks like you've put together some beautiful things to take along with you.
    I hope you feel better and that your vertigo stays away.
    hugs to you...

  13. Sounds like tons of fun! Have a great time!

  14. (Sigh) I wish I was going with you! Those bottles are gorgeous!

  15. Dear Rebecca,
    You will be at the Creative Connection now so I hope that it's all going well for you. Your beautiful work is probably flying off of the shelves.
    I'm sure that you will do really well and I look forward to seeing all of the photos that you take.
    Have fun. XXXX

  16. Such beautiful creations......have a safe and wonderful time.

  17. Rebecca,
    I know you'll knock em dead with your fabulousity! Your treasures rock & I can't wait to hear about it all. Lisa

  18. Hi Rebecca! It was a real pleasure speaking with you this morning! I love everything you have here, the eye candy is making me so happy! I'm inspired to update my blog as well! (I'm so behind!) Check it out if you get a chance!

    Can't wait to see what you have next in your store!


  19. I want to live in your booth!!! Everything is absolutely exquisite. You have a magic touch girlfriend!



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