Monday, October 25, 2010

Fond Memories... and I have a winner!

Hello, I am back from the Hills and it was so good to spend time with my mother and husband. We visited loved ones and places we once loved that are now gone and just fond memories. My grandparents farm house is gone along with all the old buildings just the trees still stand and slabs of cement where the chicken coop once stood. 
My in town grandparents house is gone also  but the garage and grainery is still standing. Main street is gone,  just one original building is left and one elevator. It was good to walk down the gravel roads and see the landscape, that they can't tear down and I still can see what it looked like from my childhood perspective. The general store where I could walk up town from my grandparents house and get penny candy and sunflower seeds.  My grandfather was a blacksmith in town and he also had acreage he farmed. I was the first grandchild so I have many wonderful memories of his laughter while teasing and playing with me. I remember he would take me up town to the bar on main street, it was more a social gathering place than a bar, it had a potbelly stove and an ice cream counter. I would listen to all the farmers sitting around that stove playing cards and talking, mostly about the weather, while eating my ice cream and wondering what that "stuff" was in the pots on the floor by the bar.
Here is what is left of my childhood...

Population 65

Looking down main street...

Farmers Union gas station, the only building left.

This is all that is left of the school my mom and dad attended. All grades including high school, they met here - fell in love here and married on an overnight pass during WWII.

The town itself was very clean and kept up, they have tore down all the old buildings that needed repair. We talked to a few people we still knew in town and a lot of the houses had water damage from too much rain including my grandparents home.

 This is all that is left of my dads home, the garage, grainery and the barbecue pit my grandfather made. 

(couldn't resist that chippiness)!

My moms mom moved from the farm when she couldn't manage any longer, to a house in town across from my grandparents house here. That house was gone also.

The church has been added onto but it basically looks the same. I remember walking to this church from my grandparents home down the street. I can still taste the snowflakes on my tongue as I walked hand in hand with my grandmother on Christmas eve, so excited to see the Christmas play.

And last a visit to the cemetery...

 My mother's entire family is here...

...and on to the Badlands and the Hills. I will just let you look at the beauty of the prairie. There is something so peaceful about the openness of the prairie that I find soothing to my soul.

Headed for Deadwood...

We stayed in one of the older hotels in town called The Franklin. Deadwood is so rich with the old west culture, my husband and I love the history. And I of course love the old stuff period. All the hotels in town have open gaming and my husband had to try his luck at Black Jack... but I am afraid Lady Luck was not smiling on him.

Mom and I relaxed...

 Thanks for coming down memory lane with me and sharing a little of my vacation.
I now have the winner of the 500 follower GiveBack...

and the winner is,
Terri Gordon of Terri Gordon Designs
Please visit Terri, she has a wonderful blog and she is showing many wonderful handmade treasures right now.

I am also getting ready for the Christmas Open House event at Horton's in Tipton IN. November 6th, if  you are anywhere around the area don't miss it. Donna at Everyday Elegance has been working so hard on all her handmades and any event she puts together is spectacular.

I will leave you with a few pictures from a family wedding we attended before we left on vacation. It was my ex-husbands daughter and some of the grandkids were in it. I can't resist... 
This is what happens when you only get a chance to blog once a week... a very long post,  sorry friends. This is where you might want to take a break...

Leah as flower girl

Savannah as flower girl

Zachary as greeter

Luke as greeter

Sam as usher

Dancing with daddy

Zachary dancing with sister

Hanging out with Grandpa

My angels

My son James, daughter Jody and Savannah

Daughters, Nicole - Kerri - Sarah

Sarah and her lovely family

Bride and Groom
Cassie and Nate

 and finally...

I also want to include an article from the Chicagoland newspaper, 
The Daily Herald 
that came out yesterday. It is on the history of our home and some pictures of it. 
Thank you Sammi, for putting my thoughts and your research down into such wonderful words.

  Thanks for hanging in there!
Many Blessings


  1. What a beautiful post Rebecca, in so many ways.
    A trip down memory lane for you, going back, and probably a little sad, although I guess we have to progress.
    Beautiful scenery and such a lovely hotel.....a very comfortable place for you to relax.
    .....and, finally such a lovely wedding with all of your family around you.
    ....oh, and finally, finally, congratulations to Terri....a wonderful giveaway to win
    Have a lovely week, Rebecca. XXXX

  2. What a lovely story about your childhood! You are such a great story teller!

    Congrats to the winner of the contest!

    And wonderful wedding pictures! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for sharing your trip home and all the special places in your life. Your wedding pictures are wonderful and full of family love and fun. Congrats to Terri for winning!
    Take care, Laura

  4. I enjoyed your post, Rebecca. It's a little sad but you seem to recall everything from your childhood with a happy mix of pride and sentiment. Love that and I also loved all the pictures! The wedding looks like it was a ball!


  5. I am so glad that you are home!
    It looks like you had a wonderful time!
    I love the little tour of your old stompin'ground! Hehe!
    See ya soon!

  6. What a beautiful place girlfriend. Reminded me of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes when she went back and her home was gone. So many wonderful memories you have.
    You have an incredible family. They are all so beautiful and I know they are such blessings to your heart.
    Glad you are having fun with all your adventures. So glad you post about them and take us along with you!

  7. What a lovely post. Your hometown...kind of bittersweet, I'm sure, but beautiful still. The wedding....loved seeing all you family. Can't wait to see your post from visiting Tipton.
    Sweet wishes to you this day....Carol

  8. I loved this post Rebecca, it transported me from a rainy day in SW England to your part of the world. Fabulous wedding and amazing people.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Angela.

  9. Welcome back and thank you for sharing your memories with us. It made me remember walks to church with my grandmother when I was a little girl. I still miss her so much, even after so many years.

  10. It's always fun to get a peek into other's lives - thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us. What a beautiful wedding that must have been - everyone looks so happy. Hugs!

  11. Rebecca, your place is just gorgeous. I loved reading the article about it and all the pics they posted, but what I didn't realize is that I had met a celeb! Wow, now I'm going to have to go back and look at my Shabby Chic book for your pics. Glad to see you had a good time on your trip, isn't it good to walk down memory lane. Have a great rest of the week, T

  12. I'm more than just a little misty eyed after reading your post. This was just a beautiful post filled with bittersweet memories for you. How sad when sweet towns get passed over in the name of progress. "Going Home"...beautiful words and is your family!
    P.S. The Herald's piece was excellent. Your love for God and His for you shines through.

  13. What a beautiful family, and so many gorgeous girls and handsome boys!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, I love to hear the stories of how our parents met, so interesting! I do love all your white pumpkins, still can't get them in Canada yet but when they do, I hope my front porch looks as wonderful as yours!!!
    Congratulations to Terri, what a fabulous prize!
    Hopefully you get a moment to catch your breath with all the activities going on and the holidays approaching!
    Margaret B

  14. We are in the seed business and that old grainery is so wonderful. I know you'd love to roll back time and live it all again!

  15. Hi Rebecca, I am so excited, I still cannot believe that I won your beautiful giveaway. I emailed you my info. What a wonderful post, I love all your beautiful pictures. Oh what a beautiful family you have and you are so beautiful too. Thank you so much and I will treasure your beautiful giveaway. You have made my day, week and month. Hugs, Terri

  16. Hi sweet,
    What a gorgeus trip you have had, even with some moments of sadness, it must have been wonderfull ,seeing old places, meeting family, and spending dayes with your mother wheil going back, in time,in your memories.
    The wedding looks wonderfull, and your "children" so beautifull, just like their mother.
    Thanks for taking me on this beautifull tour, dear Rebecca

  17. I really enjoyed seeing your trip to ND. I've never been before, great scenery. Hearing your story of your hometown brings back so many memories of my own childhood. Your daughters are just beautiful. So nice to come visit.
    big hugs,

  18. So many wonderful family memories you have just experienced. Congratulations to Terri.
    Happy Autumn...

  19. So good to hear from you Rebecca. Love the stories that go along with the town your parents lived in. Looks like you've been a busy girl.

    Take care,


  20. Dear Rebecca, Thanks for taking us along on your trip home. You are so blessed with your parents, husband, beautiful children and precious grands. A long post with so much love and happiness, is my kind of post. Love, Penny

  21. Hi Rebecca, you have a beautiful family... thanks for the tour of your hometown! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  22. Rebecca,

    What a pleasant trip down memory lane. I have many similar memories of my grandmothers farm in the foothills of the Ozarks. Thank you for bringing up sweet memories.

  23. Rebecca,

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your story.


  24. A lovely full post! SD is much like NE where I am. I have visited the Hills quite a few times but my younger kids have never been there. Thanks for taking us with on your trip and for the wedding!


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