Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas at Horton's

I am back from Tipton, IN and the Horton's Christmas Open House was inspirational. Everyone there did such a fabulous job of transforming a hardware store into a magical Christmas wonderland.

As you walk from room to room all the senses are delighted... First as you enter the room the happy feeling of the sparkle and glitter hit you, then the smell of the hand poured candles drift past your nose and you breathe deep and close your eyes so the smell can take over, when you open your eyes you stand spellbound just looking...looking...looking... and finally the urge to touch takes over and the textures call to be felt and held, from the soft downy pillows to the patina-ed wooden backdrops.
Donna the design coordinator (Everyday Elegance) has worked her magic to achieve such an experience and has it perfected to an art form. She has been doing her magic for years in one capacity or another, from the corporate level to her own shop to Horton's  and she is the best at what she does.
I will stop now and let you just look... but if you have sensory issues I will warn you this may be too much for you.

I realize this post is getting long and I am doing a 2 part post on Horton's but I wanted to include in the first post what the best part of being at Horton's this weekend was..
 Spending time with...

Theresa (at TimeWorn Interiors) and her very patient husband
They drove up from Kentucky and I am so grateful they did because I was so blessed to get to know them better. Please check out her post on Horton's she has wonderful pictures of the event.

Tracey from French Larkspur and Jen from Jennifer Rizzo came from my neck of the woods. Tracey is taking pictures of the event and will be posting some amazing photographs as only she can with her wonderful eye.

 Theresa aka TOT and her longtime admirer :)
I met Teresa last year at Round Top, she and her husband are so talented.  They are known for their wonderful antiques and display work at the shows they do. She looks so beautiful in her Magnolia Pearl!!!

And of course my dear friend the talented
Ms Donna 
Don't you love the pink tutu she made, but then she could wear burlap and look fantastic.
(I stole this picture from TOT

I will be hooking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm on White Wednesday and showing you my space at Horton's... please come back so I can show you more of my weekend in Tipton.

Many Blessings


  1. It's all just breathtaking...including the gorgeous ladies!
    So many wonderful ideas...I don't know which to steal...umm, I mean borrow...first!

  2. Yes, you are correct, it is almost sensory overload...but I love, I would love some of those pillows and that sled and the skates...and the Merry Christmas sign and, and....well, you get my drift!!

  3. Rebecca, I can't wait to see your space. Hope it was a good show. Have a great week, T

  4. I am so sorry I missed this! It looks like it was a ball and it would have been so nice to meet you lovely ladies. i will have to keep my eyes and ears open in the future!!


  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Great photographs.

  6. Well...
    Hello there Ms. Rebecca!
    I am lovin' the pics you took of Saturday's Open House!
    Especially the one in the Ephemera Christmas room where there is a shot of you in the mirror! Hee,hee!
    I am so....glad you came and had a great time!
    It was quite busy today too and will be until Christmas Eve!
    Maybe next can stay a bit longer!
    (fingers crossed)
    I can't wait to see the pictures of your space either!
    I know it looked fabulous! We have had several comments this morning at the store (Someone came back for something and you weren't there)

    Thank you, thank you for making this years event so much fun!
    Have a blessed evening...I will talk to you....tomorrow!
    I love ya bunches!

  7. Dear Rebecca,-oh I could sit here, just waiting for more wonderfull pictures from you-don`t even dream,that I`m not coming back for more :)--all those so beautifull treasures, all the glitter, and beautifull art,and old lovelyes- I will never be able to join something like this,my eyes will never be big and round in my head,standing in front of so much greatness- so THANK`S dear for showing it to me here.
    Hugs, and blessings-Dorthe

  8. Everything looks so beautiful Rebecca including you and Donna as well as Tracey and Theresa! What a wonderful time y'all must have had!
    xoxo~ Carola

  9. Ooh, yummy stuff. I wish I could be there and just shop myself silly!!

    You look wonderful and so do all the other fantastically talented women.


  10. Tis the season!! Thanks for sharing all the beauty!

  11. Oh how much fun was that! Everything looks so magical! Get's me in the Christmas mood for sure!
    xx, shell

  12. I remember seeing bits of the shop last year but I think Donna outdid herself! I can barely take it all's just so incredible. The two of you compliment each other so well I can see why you're such good friends. I'm going to have to pick myself off the floor before you post the next one. But I'll be ready!!

    You must be so tired but thanks so much for sharing this so soon after!

  13. I almost feel like I should hold my breath waiting for the second installment.

    What can be said but " oh MY!"

    jingle bells jingle bells...fa la la la la

    Holidays here we come!



  14. WOW!!! This is such an amazing post! Love, love everything.

  15. I'm thankful I was so blessed to get to come to Hortons and hang out with you gals! We see what next year brings!

  16. Rebecca this was such a treat to come over to your place and see all that you were able to see at Tiptons. I love it all, and yes, I would have been on sensory overload if I were there. I adore the picture of you and Donna and the one of you and TOT. I want to meet these girls soooo bad!!! And YOU!!!!! You are such a beautiful lady...inside and out.
    hugs to you....

  17. Wow!!! Vintage inspiration overload. So so pretty ~ I need to go back over this a few times and really get a good look at all the prettiness. Happy WW!


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