Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Horton's Christmas and White Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday, I am so excited to finally have time to join Kathleen at Faded Charm again and all the wonderful white blogs she has lined up for her White Wednesday posts. Please be sure and check out all the other blogs.
This is my second post on Horton's Christmas Open House and as promised I am showing you my space I had on Saturday there. 
As always I love a white Christmas so that is what I mainly do... white.
I made stars again, they are my signature at Christmas. I have been doing them now for 18 years and I really never tire of them, no two have ever been alike, that is what I love about vintage. I also made cones, wreathes and trees along with quite a bit of small ornaments. I will be listing them on my blogshop this week. I hope this will give you some inspiration for the Holidays.

I had mentioned in my earlier post that Donna and her husband were so kind to have me as a guest in their home for this event. They are renovating their home and bit by bit are getting things done. One of the rooms recently done is the guest bedroom. I wanted to show you the luxury I was in while at the Jenkins home. Donna keeps you updated on the renovation progress on her blog 
Everyday Elegance.

She tarped this whole room out of canvas to make it look like a tent, with such detail even down to the leather strapping.

She has butterflies made from old book pages in the netting on the chandelier and around the room

The sheets were like butter and the old soft white quilt was like heaven. She had the Christmas issue of Jeanne d' Arc Living waiting for me on the bed.
Thank you again for such a fabulous weekend, it was so appreciated from the bottom of my heart!

And thank you Kathleen for hosting another White Wednesday.
Many Blessings


  1. This must have been the most popular booth.
    It is so wonderful to look at everything in such detail

  2. Rebecca,

    Do they take reservations? I am so impressed with the tarping technique, and you must have slept so soundly in this room. That is, if you could possibly put the JD issue down. : D

    I'm waiting now for my # 8...WHen they arrive, I am in another world for ran hour or so...

    Your booth looked amazing and I know you did well, who could resist those stars?



  3. Wow! So much beauty in one place. I love everything you have shown.

    Cindy :D

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    How lovely to see your beautiful post today.
    Thank you for sharing all your gorgeous photos, you have so much loveliness there.
    You must have felt like a Princess in the beautiful bedroom.
    Enjoy the rest of the week


  5. Love your stars! What a great room--that must have been so much fun!

  6. WOW! I love your booth Rebecca. I can see why the stars are your signature item. I love your paper cones, bottles and cute bottle brush trees too! And...this room...unbelievable! Have a great week. I'm following!

  7. Rebecca,

    Everything looks so dreamy and beautiful! Your talent never ceases to amaze me!


  8. Rebecca your booth was amazing and your guest room is so cute! Thanks for a great day!

  9. Wow your space and things looked just magical!! And, what a retreat you got to stay in, it was just beautiful.

  10. I'm ready to do some shopping-and that bedroom is heavenly!!

  11. Buongiorno Rebecca,
    so so beautiful! All my favorite colors. I wanted to ask you if you had an idea....I have been taking a spring mattress a part and I will have a LOT of springs. I am thinking something for Christmas. They look like trees, maybe a glittered star on top? Or hang them on my booth with a crystal at the end? You have so many ideas, let me know if you think of anything. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  12. Wow girlfriend,
    I don't even know where to begin. I'll start at the bottom. That BED!! And she had 'JUL' on the bed waiting for you? What a hostess! I would have crawled into that little cloud of fluff & never gotten out! The show looks beautiful. Your stars are divine & everything else. Well you know how I feel about you Rebecca, your up there with Ann & a few others. Lisa

  13. I would just like to say....


  14. What a huge blessing, to get to be involved in this amazing event, AND then get to be a houseguest of Donna. You'd have to pry me out of that nest she made for you! Just Gorgeous, and I adore your beautiful stars.
    hugs and love,

  15. Wow...everything is so beautiful! I am going back to gaze at the photos again!!

  16. Oh dear Rebecca,
    you made a most fantastic booth,-how beautifull--white and magical- ao love your tree, with your beautifull cones, and the stars are wonderfull as ever, what a wonderfull giftet sweet woman you are.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  17. Hey there girlie!
    I just came in from playing out in tinker!
    I wish you were here...I need another painter and lace hanger!
    It's too cool though!
    I am so glad you liked hanging out here with me and Mr. Bill! We LOVE having you!
    And I agree...YOUR STARS, cones, bottles and trees are divine!
    I love ya bunches!
    P.S. I found my chocolate you left on my workbench this afternoon! Your a doll!
    This evening...I took a bubble in my cote and ate a piece of chocolate!

    Big ol hugs from me and the man

  18. Oh Rebecca.. as always you space is magical.I am so glad I bought that lacy lamp shade from you.. now all I need to do is hang it & get this place in order..wish you were here to help. I am so behind this year.. spend the entire day moving my shop around & trying to get ready for the holidays..getting tired...God bless you ladies you amaze me with all you do! Must be in the water. xoxo Laura

  19. Gorgeous as always! Takes my breath away! Your stars are so incredible girlfriend!
    xx, shell

  20. Your space is just breathtaking Rebecca. I'm going to be doing a Christmas show in a few weeks and you have really inspired me to get going andstart creating. Glad you had a great show and lucky you to be able to meet TOT. She has always amazed me with her style.

    Enjoy your weekend.



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