Friday, November 12, 2010

Inspiration Friday

Hello, I am joining Debra with Inspiration Friday a little late this morning, I was up late with a project I have been working on. I will share that later.
My inspiration this Friday is my kitchen, this is my kitchen table... it looks like this pretty much all through the Holidays. Oh I clean it up enough to eat on it but then it all comes back in the evenings. I have two studios and I use them during the day but in the evening I love being at the center of things and that is my kitchen. 

I love how the light comes through the window, my kitchen face southwest... a wonderful evening light.

I have morning glories that grow on the side of the house, right out of the sidewalk... they have been there forever. I took this picture last week, they are gone with the frost now. (yes, my windows need washing)

Right now the table is full of stars, I need to replace the ones that sold at Horton's.

I have had emails on them, and I am sorry I don't have them up on my blogshop yet, but I will.

I hope this helps inspire you to do a little Christmas project and enjoy this time of year.
Please join Debra at Common Ground for more inspiration!
Many Blessings


  1. Dear Rebecca , love your table, filled to the brim, with all your lovely pieces, and the materials,-AND I SO LOVE THE BROWN VELVET STAR-,if that is for sale, please can I buy it???I love all of them, but this one talks special to me,---you are doing beautifull little wonders, sweetie.
    Big hug, Dorthe

  2. Rebecca, love the table...that is exactly like mine, only I didn't have a sale!!!!! Love it!!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Hi Rebecca,i am so glad you love the Tallow Berries.First i would like to say again that i just love reading your blog.Your stars are Beautiful.We also love a White Christmas and there is no better way then to display some Berries though out the place. We start selling our Tallow Berries in August every year on E-Bay.If you would like to veiw my listing my user name is kevina1634 or you can email me at and let me know how many bundles you would like and i can send you a invoice.Thank you again,The Tallow Berrie Man

  4. No matter how large our studios, we always spill over into other rooms. It is as if the enthusiasm is contagious....



  5. Your star pillows are so sweet and I think everyone is waiting to grab one!


  6. I want to come play "stars" at your kitchen table! and let me know when you have them in your "store" I'd love to purchase one!! They're just wonderful!! Thanks for linking up with VIF!
    love ya,

  7. Everything looks wonderful as usual. Thanks for a lovely post!

  8. I was just thanking my husband on my blog for putting up with all the stuff on the table or bar in my kitchen! I'd rather work there than anywhere! Your stars are just beautiful! I've always loved anything you create! Wish I lived close enough to go to one of your sales or shows anyway,I just love it all! Have a wonderful weekend...God Bless~ Ann

  9. Hi Rebecca,

    Sounds very much like our dinning table, you have to clear a space to eat.
    I love your sweet stars and you have been very busy. The windows are lovely too.

    Hope that you have a beautiful weekend

  10. Rebecca.. absolutely beautiful! You know I am staring at one I won from you last year!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hi Rebecca,

    Just looking at your post and the word verification was focus, when we were talking about eyesight and glasses.
    So often I have had the same sort of thing happen with word V, and fitting for the post.
    That must have been scary having the cataracts and good luck with getting the other one done.


  12. Hi Rebecca,

    I love the stars
    and yes, they are
    great inspiration!

    Have a blessed day,
    Stephanie ♥

  13. Gorgeous inspiration and beautiful enough to light up an evening sky!!

  14.'re the real star in that kitchen!
    I thought you were going to take a little rest break? No rest for the talented!

  15. Hi sweetie,
    Love your beautiful kitchen. Those pieces of lace are TDF. I'm always hunting for them. I love those stars Rebecca. I am decorating my bedroom this year & one would look amazing. If you get some done for your shop will you please send me an email? I know they will fly outta the shop in seconds & I don't want to lose out. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your awesome home. Lisa

  16. Your table is the centre for a hive of work so hard Rebecca. It only seems the other day that I was reading your blog and seeing all of the things that you had made LAST Christmas..... time goes so fast.... and, don't worry about your windows....mnine are the same....there are better things to do than clean windows !! XXXX

  17. That will be great.I will get your order right out.Hope you have a great and Blessed weekend as well Rebecca.Thank you again,The Tallow Berrie Man

  18. To funny! I have a studio as well, and I have to dining room tables and they both look like that most of the time! I always have to clean them off when we eat! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that does this! Have a great creative week!

  19. Oh my stars Rebecca amaze me. Everyday when I look upon my star, I think of you and the treasure you gave to my heart. I hope you know this. It blesses me everyday.
    love to you...


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