Friday, November 19, 2010

Inspiration Friday

Inspiration Friday
I am joining Debra at Common Ground today for Inspiration Friday... Please join her and be inspired!

November 18th two years ago my father went to be with his Heavenly Father, my inspiration today comes from him.

My father was an only child born and raised in South Dakota to a blacksmith/farmer and a loving  Austrian. He went to WWII as a Seabee in the Navy, he always felt fortunate that he spent that time rebuilding and not fighting. 

He married his high school sweetheart on an overnight pass and after the war, went to art school in Mpls. MN. I was born there 4 years later. He worked as a graphic artist out of a studio in our home and started his own business doing a lot of work for Moody Press. He came to the knowledge of the Lord before I was born and spent the rest of his life spreading the love of God.

He was such a talented man, there wasn't anything he couldn't do well. He could pick up an instrument and play it, he sang beautifully and painted with great perspective. This is my favorite painting of his. He wrote a couple of books and could hold an audience for hours speaking and teaching. With that of course there is a wrinkle, he had high expectations of himself and others and lacked an inner confidence which you would never know or see.

He stepped out in faith and started a church when I was a teenager. There were 4 of us, I have two brothers and one sister. He felt the calling of the Lord on his life and gave up his business became an ordained minister and started Compassion Christian Center.
At that time, the rebellious teenager that I was, I thought he had gone off the deep end. Now I look back and can't imagine the faith that it took to totally depend on the Lord. 
The Lord was faithful and blessed Compassion. 
It wasn't easy.
During that time my brother had just graduated   from high school and was an apprentice to a carpenter, that fall while hunting he was shot and he died on the way to the hospital. It was a hard time for our family... I watched my dad at his sons funeral stand and preach the love of God.
My father went on to preach the gospel all his life, he got his Doctorate in Theology at the age of 72.

We are called to become followers of Christ and that does not mean your life becomes perfect, on the contrary, it is not meant to be easy. He is forming us into His image and through growth there is pain. It is not an easy walk He has called us to but I see no other way. 
My father, was not a perfect man, he made major mistakes in his life and wasn't always easy to get along with. But from his speaking tours across the middle east to his home meetings he was known as
"The Love of God Man"
My inspiration...


  1. You are TRULY BLESSED ! Love the new blog...we are his truly blessed children...

  2. What a great post!
    I love the old photos of your family!
    It must be quite something to have had such a wonderful, talented person for your dad!
    I see where the talent came from in both your Faith and your art!
    I love you sweetie and I am thinking about you!
    Prayers and hugs for you,

  3. What an incredible legacy of faith and love your father left you. His life story is an amazing and inspiring journey for sure. Love the photo with the "on" sign backwards, too cute. Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

  4. Rebecca, love your new blog!!! Wonderful words and tribute to your father. I hope he knew what a lucky man he was to have you as his daughter....Hugzzz....Tiina....

  5. Rebecca, What a Heartfelt, Loving Post... I look forward to following along, Love the New Name & the New Look is Beautiful ~ Karen is amazing..... Happy Thanksgiving & God's Blessing to You~

  6. Rebecca, I thought of you today and wanted you to know I prayed for you....that God would continue to give you the strength you need for His purposes.
    ~a little prayer from Texas

  7. What a beautiful post. My father has been gone for 15 years now and I feel his presence every day. Hugs to you as you reminesce with sweet memories.

  8. Rebecca,
    Your dad sounds like an amazing man. I know that you miss him - I still miss my dad and he has been with the Lord for over 20 years.
    Like everyone, my dad has his problems too, but the six of us children were raised in church and in a Godly household. And for that, I am thankful.

  9. What a great man!

    Sharon has your table in her livingroom!

    Love the new blog! I want so bad! Guess I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and get one!


  10. Hi Rebecca,

    What a lovely tribute to your dear Dad. I loved seeing your family photos. How neat that you inherited the love of Art and your faith, from your Dad.

    Have a happy weekend

  11. Oh Rebecca, what a wonderful post this is. Your Daddy is an amazing man, one who loved his Lord and spent his life sharing His love. This painting always just speaks to me. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear Rebecca.
    hugs and love,

  12. What a gorgeous post friend!! Thanks for sharing, I'm visiting from Common Ground & I love your blog!

  13. Your post touched me on so many levels-what a great man and a great story filled with inspiration and a call to follow God!

  14. This is a beautiful post~ What an wonderful father! Have a blessed Thanksgiving...

  15. Hi Rebecca,

    I find it amazing the way God works through all of us to touch each others lives. I just posted about a shopping trip that I went on this past weekend. What I did not post about was my Aunt, who died a few years ago, who I dearly miss. She always went with us on this trip. As a matter of fact, it was her and my Mom that started the trip. I miss her laughter and her smiles. What I realize when I read your post is how wonderful for us that we have lost people that we miss. They must have really blessed and enriched our lives for us to miss them. Wouldn't it be a shame if we never were to have known that love. Now I want to be an Aunt to my nieces that they will someday miss. And you, well, it sounds like you have grown up to be a lot like your father! Funny how life works out that way. Cindy

  16. Thank you for sharing a part of your family and the faith that your father had to go out and serve the Lord. It is amazing what God does when we follow his leading. I am reminded of the strength only He can provide in times of trial and suffering and He alone can give us the strength to serve Him when we think we are too tired to continue.

  17. Hey girlfriend!
    What a loving and beautiful post for your father! I miss ya and hope you have also slowed down a bit (like I am one to talk...LOL)

    Sweetie, may you and all your loved ones have a truly beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving!

    Love ya...deb


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