Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Attic.. My Nook

Do you ever start a project that you think will take a few days... and well, you know the rest. Looking back on these pictures, I don't know why I thought I could do this in a week. Ha, I live in such a delusional world. And this folks, is why my house is not decorated for Christmas yet!

Once I get into a project, it kind of takes over... it takes over my thoughts, my every spare minute, my waking up and my dreams... is anyone else like that?
Sometimes I just have to back away because it becomes such a focus. Please tell me, I am not the only one like this...

So, this is my attic... messy and full of stuff from 
6 children, they don't want me to throw it away but they haven't taken it either. Mostly boxes of old toys and pictures and memorabilia and junk... not the good kind. A few years ago I got a dumpster and purged believe it or not and I still have this mess.

For years now, I have wanted to do something with the little space at the top of the stairs. It is all plastered because it is where one would have entered the turret that was removed from the house in the 1950's. The turret had windows all around it and another floor with an iron spiral staircase going up to it. 
I met the guy who remodeled stripped the house, he stopped by and gave me the press clippings. He told me the roof leaked and he scrapped the copper roof for 40 bucks... my husband had to hold me back, I was going for his throat.

 After I closed the shop, my routine has been nil. At the shop I had alone time,  I would have my prayer time and bible study in the morning, depending on the day. Now I have a beautiful 3 year old bobbing all around in the morning and I love it but I needed a place to just be alone... with God. 
I have my studio, but that is a distraction... to say the least. 
So, a little prayer nook was in order and what better place to be alone with God than at the far top of the house...

Suddenly, I got a clear vision of how the nook should look. So I got out the paint cans, white and cream for me, please...

I scraped, patched, nailed, sanded and insulated.

Then I got on ebay and found just the right... Bible. 
This one was from 1857 and only half of it was there but enough to paper the ceiling of my prayer nook. I was going to be covered and wrapped in the Word.

The pages were of large
heavy paper and square on the edges so I could fit them together easily... and just the right  coloring, a beautiful aged cream with brown. I used wall paper paste on the wall and then applied the pages. I was going to stagger them, it would have been faster. But they were to pretty and I wanted it to be readable. 

To be continued...
Sorry, but I am putting the final touches on the room and then I will post. I wanted it dressed a little for Christmas with fresh greens...
I will post the final reveal at the beginning of the week.
Wishing you all a little solitude in your life this Christmas season.


  1. oh, what a start to a gorgeous spirital place!!! i love it!!!

  2. You really are putting your heart and soul into this special place...I can't wait to see it when you are finished!


  3. I've been struggling to find a place for a prayer nook... I don't have an attic though. Loved what you did with the bible pages and can't wait to see the reveal. I have to ask: what happened to all the kids stuff?

  4. I will tell are *not* the only one that goes 110% into a project...what a *great* project to get lost in...can not wait to see it all!

  5. What a Beautiful Retreat this will be, Have loved the before, current & Can't Wait for the Finished Results.....

  6. I am in awe of what this room is going to be. I love what you have done and are doing. I cannot wait to see the finished project.

    God bless you in this endeavor.

  7. You go girl! Wow. What a great space. Cannot wait to see it completed and yes I find it interesting and familiar that you would start a project mid holiday decorating.... Is here a special gene we all share with this?

    As for kid's stuff....Maybe you should follow my rule. Once a child is paying their own rent I no longer store their stuff. I did keep four large things to store of my choosing, doll house, train set, huge set of building blocks and children's books for future? grandchildren.

    Then we sat down and went over everything else of theirs that was left and they decided what was important enough to them to take on their life journey. I was surprised by what they chose and dismayed at some things they didn't.. but since it was for them it had to be their favorite memories not mine. I use this with all clients with adult children.

    I just had to do this with my most recent client. I called one of the daughters and told her it was all going bye bye and by the next day all three kids had been by to pick up their stuff. Their Mom ( the client) had been asking them to do this for over 8 years.I guess they realized I meant business lol. It was fun for them going through it all and reminiscing..and the job got done! : D

    merry merry


  8. I love your attic! If I lived closer I would be over helping you decorate..yes, uninvited and probably unwanted, LOL. I have a similar attic but it doesn't have a complete floor. Our brick home is over 130 years old with plaster and lathe (sp?)walls and the attic has the circle windows and is very roomy and tall enough for a little reading room (library) which has been my dream for the 21 years we've lived here. So seeing yours is so inviting to me. Enjoy your special spot!

  9. Hi Rebecca,I have to tell you,you're not the only person with an attic in need of a project...I call mine "The Room Upstairs"...I even did a teaser Blog post on it...still working on it,lol! Well I'm making it into my studio/bedroom/little shop don't feel're doing a fine job...I think I'll go up and work on mine right now...see how inspiring you are?

  10. Been there, done that, and no, you surely aren't the only one LOL As for the children's things - after 10 years of them not living at home (minimum) I finally last year said come and get it or it's going to Goodwill. They came, they got, and now they can figure out where to put it all LOLOLOL I can't wait to see your finished prayer space!

  11. Hello my sweet! I am so glad to see these pictures in a larger format (the ones on my cell were a little bit small) I still love it and the before pics made me smile!
    I am glad you are not perfect! you have messes too!
    I am feeling lousy and held up in my bed so pray for me more than usual! Didn't you just get over this mess?
    Hugs and much love,

  12. Rebecca,

    This a far more worthy cause than putting up Christmas decor, honey, you are decorating your heart and there is no tinsel or sparkly lights than can outshine a pretty heart! Even though you have not finished the project I know it will be breath taking and I can't imagine a more special place to meet with the Lord each day. Can't wait to see the results!

  13. Yes. YeS. And YES! I know "someone" who certainly shares this project bug illness with you. Not sure what this is all about - purrhaps "she" is secretly rabid? I mean surely if someone tried to get "her" to stop midflight in one of "her" projects "she" might start foaming at the mouth. And who knows what would come next?!?! Oh yes, these projects are serious stuff. You go right ahead with your project. Christmas isn't here yet. And besides what a wonderful Christmas gift to yourself AND the Lord! Run along now. I don't want to see you foaming at the mouth....



  14. Oh what a perfect little place for one-on-one time with God. Can't WAIT to see it finished!


  15. I'm. feelin. you. girl!!
    I do the same thing when I start a project!
    and I'm still storing my daughters STUFF!!
    ( I gotta get going on clearing out that baby stuff!) She's 27!!!
    I love your little nook! papering the walls with a vintage bible...Beautiful and Clever!!
    Look forward to seeing the finished space!
    Merry Merry!
    Tammy :-)

  16. Forgive me, but the song title "Stairway To Heaven" jumped in my mind when I saw what you were "up" to! What a wonderful place you are RePurposing for His glory.
    BTW...for all the time I put in on a certain snow lady...I shoulda put her in the front room with gifts UNDER her! Yes...I do it too and yes...I'm also keeper of the cr@p.
    P.S. I wonder if that man has any idea how close he came to a near death experience. 40 bucks indeed!

  17. Oh Rebecca I can't wait to see the finished project! I love the bible pages on the wall! Oh, but there will be some out there that will think it's a sin! That's what an older woman told the mall owner Friday when I worked about the song book pages that I tore from a Hymnal! She said that's a sin, I wouldn't even let my family walk on them! LOL! To funny! My thoughts are it's a wonderful reuse of something destine for the trash! I think the Bible pages are a fabulous idea! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  18. So far I am really impressed!!! Can't wait to see the final outcome...Love Tiina...

  19. hi Rebecca,
    this will be wonderful for you. A room of your own, a place to dream, and ponder, and pray. A real need for women today. I know you will put your lovely touch on it and it will be a true source of respite for your soul. I cannot wait to see it finished. I love the bible pages adorning the walls already.
    Love to you...

  20. "Wrapped in the Word", I just love this, RE, such a wonderful use of the space!
    love ya, dear,

  21. It sounds like a lovely place...I am looking forward to the rest of the decorating. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Susan

  22. Rebecca,

    I put a little note in my post today about your party. I can't wait to see all the lovely creations that will be shared. Have a wonderful day!

  23. this is so creative and lovely...You are one hard working lady.

  24. Hi! Love your nook! It looks fabulous. Sure you will enjoy spending time there. Kane was OK for us, not as busy as usual, but OK. Grayslake was busy Saturday but very quiet Sunday. We are still waiting the storm out here in Chicago; Route 30 was closed today going back to Indiana, so will try again tomorrow. Your attic storage areas look like our auction area -- which is getting cleared out next week! xo

  25. I am just awe struck at such a wonderful idea to paste the word of God all around you. How fantastic is that?!? I will be revamping my craft room and if you don't mind, will borrow this idea, in smaller form but it would be nice to have some verses here and there to remind me of his awesomeness. I do pray in my craft room so thanks for the idea. God is good and may he bless your efforts. God bless.


  26. Hi Rebecca,

    I love what you are doing to the attic and how great to be able to get away from everything.
    Your prayer room is wonderful and love the wallpaper bible pages on the walls.
    I hope that you are enjoying your week.


  27. Hi Rebecca,
    I am completely in awe of your prayer nook. Just the beginning of it is beautiful, especially with the Bible pages on the wall. I so look forward to seeing the finished room! I am new to your blog and can't wait to visit again and again, as it is just wonderful!!
    Have a lovely evening.

  28. Oh Rebecca -I think you're my new favorite blog!

  29. Oh my! I would have never thought of Bible pages.
    How great you found a big Bible, and aged so perfectly, and thick pages! thanks for tip on wallpaper paste. Of course much cheaper than mod podge. What was I thinking?
    I'm trying to get my room done by May 5th, so do not know the chances of getting one by then, but will look. Glad yours was already partly gone as I would have trouble with taking a Bible apart to use it for projects. (even for a prayer room). I might have to use a dictionary instead, but sure do love the idea of the Bible and keeping God's word around, even in a room for a store. Wonder if anyone would notice it is a Bible. =) Might be a good thing to point out to people.
    well, wrote too long.

    blessings and thanks for wonderful idea.

    barbara jean


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