Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A White Christmas

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas... ha! Not when you're from Minnesota.

Hoping all of you had a wonderful Christmas filled with love, joy and the peace that passes all understanding, especially this time of year. 
Ours was a trip to Minnesota, my home town and a very white wonderland.
 I am joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday, I hope you enjoy everyones Whites today.

With just 20" of new fallen snow, I couldn't resist...

They are expecting another foot Friday, it is beautiful and was fun for a week, but it is a lot of work. The roads are clear and they know how to cope with the snow. So traveling was easy this year.

The kids making tunnels... you can see how high the piles are by my shadow.

My daughter Nicole and I took a morning walk in the cemetery, just for the sheer beauty of the snow. I wish I would have gotten some earlier shots, this would have been amazing at sunrise. But I truly just enjoyed these moments with my daughter. 

I wish I could have captured the sparkle on everything. The cold put ice crystals on top of all the snow and it was God's artistry at its finest.

Thank you... 
Kathleen again for another White Wednesday, please join her at Faded Charm.

I also wanted to add a big thank you to Dorthe at Den Lille Lade for sending me such a wonderful package from Denmark. I had ordered some of her fairy dolls for my girls to gift at Christmas and they arrived the day we left. We were both worried about the slowness of the mail. 

The morning we were to leave, I prayed that they would get here so they wouldn't sit outside for a week and get ruined...  As always the Lord is faithful. (did you know He cares about the  incidentals of our lives)
They arrived undamaged...

Aren't they amazing... the faces are magical.

Dorthe gifted me this amazing angel she made of driftwood from the Baltic sea... I just love it, thank you dear friend.

Pink fairy for Sophie 

Purple fairy for Savannah

Glam fairy for Leah


Leah and Sophie


They loved their dolls from Aunt Dorthe and promised to put them up on the shelves to "look at", so we can keep them pretty.

With all of us together, well some of us were MIA... the stomach flu plagued us this Christmas... one by one it hit, so although we were together some were isolated. 
We are a large lot, so it gets a little hectic opening presents and such... a lot of talking, eating, drinking, laughter, crying and noise but we are together and their is a lot of love...

 Just some random shots of our Christmas...
 the  picture of quiet, reverence and reflective gift opening at Christmas is not here. It is a lost cause with my 6 children with their families, my sisters 4 with their families and my ex husband with his family and my mother, but we do know happiness and the joy we find in each other. With such a large family spread so far from each other, it is a great  blessing when we are all together and we take the few moments shared together and tuck them away for another year.

My beautiful mom

For Inspiration I am joining Debra for Vintage Friday! Please join her and be inspired...

Many Blessings from Our House to Yours


  1. Your snow pictures are just magical and your family pictures pure fun! And I am so happy that your dolls arrived in time for Christmas!

    Wishing you the best in the coming year, Rebecca!


  2. Hi Rebecca, so glad you came by today, I always enjoy your visit's! I just love all of your pictures you have a beautiful family... and your pictures of the snow is just gorgeous! I'm so glad that you received your Christmas dolls before you left... we had a wonderful Christmas too, but I'm glad things have slowed down a bit! Hope you have a great week and a Happy New Year!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  3. Beautiful snow pictures and beautiful family pictures! And thr dolls are lovely.

  4. Beautiful pictures... LOVED EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! Your family stole my heart, but so do those wonderful dolls. they are precious!
    Thank you for sharing...
    Hugs to you,

  5. Rebecca, such beautiful pictures. A lot of people get tired of the white really quickly. Not me, I'm a puertorican living in TX for the last 18 years. So every time it snows in TX is like witnessing a miracle to me. Your photos are just breathtakingly beautiful. I love you so much for sharing your faith and your family with all of us. I'm specially moved by your daughter and her two boys. Both her and her husband must be pretty special people. I know this because God just don't give this little angels to just anybody. I look at them and I see my little angel. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed New Year, Marta.

  6. Rebecca thanks for coming by my Post... yes, we too had a wonderful Christmas. I'm enjoying all the photos you have shared of your precious Family during the Holidays. And now I'm off to peruse your other Blogs to see what Found Treasures you are offering... *wink*

    May 2011 be all that you envision and Hope it to be... God Bless... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Rebecca - love seeing the joyous faces - lifts one's heart! Family is such a wonderful thing! What a blessing from God.
    Your snow pictures are amazing - I got chilled just looking at them!
    God Bless,

  8. Rebecca - thank you for sharing your fun family photos of Christmas! What fun you all must'ave had! Those dolls are just adorable! Your photos in the cemetery are just amazing! I can't believe how much snow you have! We've been lucky here in MI that the storms have been missing us! yay! But all your snow made for an awesome photo op for sure. :) Happy WW!

    xoxo laurie

  9. You clever girl writing in the snow! I bet Kathleen loved it!

    I love your large family pics at Christmas. I had such scenes growing up but my kids have never known those kinds of gatherings. They are precious and hectic and fun and exhausting but I bet you wouldn't change a thing.

    So happy all is well-stay warm : D


  10. The snow photos are just stunning and what a wonderful family celebration you share here. On Christmas eve the most wonderful magical trees arrived on my doorstep! They were a crowning touch to my holiday table and I love them! Thank you so much, I will be posting on them in my next post. I cannot thank you enough for your sweet generosity for your give away. I hope the rest of your week is quite wonderful!

  11. WOW! You had a full house of wonderful special fun and love! It was evident by the smiles! So glad you had a beautiful Christmas! Despite all the snow, although that tunnel looked like an adventure waiting.....

    Wishing you all beauty, wonder and kindness in the New Year!

    "Her" and Romeo

  12. Rebecca,
    Thank you soooo! much for your visit to my place. I also want to thank you for the beauty you posted on your photos and a white Christmas.
    Sharing the love for your family and extended family was beautiful, it shows that you can really make it work and pulling together as a big family :)

    You are going to be so blessed for your efforts.


  13. What fun was had by all!!! Love the dolls from Dorthe, she is sooo talented!!!! Love the photos in the crisp white snow, gorgeous!!!
    Margaret B

  14. so love the pictures of your beautiful family! you are blessed- God created all the wonder for sure...


  15. Those winter scenes are truly magical. I only ever visited snow once every other year growing up when we would head North to see my mom's family at Christmas. I definitely could not live in it as I feel quite cold here when it is 50 degrees outside. Granted, we don't have central heat or insulation in these concrete structures we live in. :/

    Looks like you had a wonderful holiday surrounded by the love of family! Those dolls from Dorthe are gorgeous!

    Wishing you much love, peace and joy today and every day. Happy New Year! Tammy

  16. Dearest Rebecca,
    this is the most beautifull post ,showing the beauty of nature-(the cemetary photoes are stunning) and the love of family-so many happy and sweet faces-I loved seing your girls with the dolls-thankyou so much,dear.
    Amazing they reached you without damage-the packet looked -drowen over !! what does the post do with our packages!
    Rebecca, I wish you a day filled with beauty,the beauty you so roundhanded shares with us-thankyou for have been becoming a friend of mine.

  17. What a lovely family! And those dolls, way better than a box store gift! Love the little drift wood angel! Glad that snow is at your house and not mine! lol! Happy New Year!

  18. I just love your wintery white pictures. Beautiful photography! You have a lovely family... I see many orbs in some pictures.. I like to think they are angels watching over us. Blessings~

  19. Looks like you had a marvelous time! I am a bit envious of the snow. Yes, I live in Colorado, but in the foothills, we are a bit lacking this year. I'm sure it will come and I will wish it would go away, but your cemetery pictures were absolutely awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing them!


  20. What a beautiful family. And I love that God is concerned with our incidentals. Blessed New Year to you... Polly (p.s. electrician coming tomorrow to change my entry fixture to accomodate that gorgeous lacy lampshade!)

  21. What a great post Rebecca! Makes me feel a little part of it and hearing all the squeals of joy as the kids opened up their presents. Their smiles are like big Christmas presents for me.....thank you for sharing such special moments.

    Happy New Year!

  22. Hi Rebecca~ Thanks so much for the recent comments. I am so glad you had a lovely Christmas! Your pictures are gorgeous!!! All the best to you and your family in the New Year!!! Enjoy!!!
    Love, Patti

  23. Thank you Rebecca, for sharing your wonderful Christmas and your beautiful big family. It looked like such a special time for you all.
    The winter wonderland snow pictures are gorgeous.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2011, with much love, joy, good health and many blessings.
    Happy New Year


  24. Rebecca,
    Dirty faces & lots of smiles, you know that's a Merry Christmas! Beautiful snow pics & Dorthes angels are magic. Your little ones will appreciate them so when they are older. Happy New Year! Lisa

  25. I don't know where to begin but the cross is a good start. God is good and I loved all the beautiful, amazing shots of our Lord. Those blew me away. Snow is always so beautiful, we have hardly gotten any here in WV but hopefully this Jan. we will see some.

    Your pics made me feel like such a part of your family. Each of those kids area darling and its always a joy to see the look on their face when they open their gifts. Love those dollies, how darling. Hope you have a wonderful, creative day. God bless. cathy

  26. An adorable bunch of youngin's you've got there!
    The snow pictures are amazing!I can just imagine getting to play in it! Oh to be little again...if only long enough to play in the snow!

    The grass is so green here this morning! Always such a surprise to see it come out from under the mounds of snow!
    I am already missing our morning visits at your breakfast table! I will be back soon and we can get a little bit of a start on your project!
    For now...I think I will head into to what "the man" calls Rome.
    He is telling me we should name the house "Rome" because it's not been built in a day!
    Hardy Har, Har!
    Love ya bunches!
    Big ole' hugs!

  27. Hi Rebecca! I'm new to your blog and have to say that I love your heart for God!! So refreshing and encouraging! I am a Rebecca, too, though I go by Becky. :o) I can see by your photos that you have a full, rich life, much like my own! God is soooo good, isn't He?

    I look forward to visiting here more, and wish you a new year full of the JOY of the Lord!


  28. Happy 2011 sweet girlfriend! Beautiful pics and what a fun time with all your family....Here's wishing that all your passions and dreams come true this year--10 fold! Love ya....xo...deb

  29. what a spectacular blessed mess! I love it.
    Happy New Year Rebecca!
    And God's Blessings continue....

  30. Hi Rebecca

    I think I know the culprit who caused all the snow. My son lives in Eden Prairie which is a suburb of Minneapolis. Last year at the end of the season he bought a snow blower and around about Nov. he commented that he could hardly wait for the first snow so he could use his snow blower. The old saying "Watch what you wish for" certainly applies here. I don't think he has stopped shovelling and blowing since he said it.

    You have a lovely family and it was wonderful that you could all be together at Christmas.



  31. ~♥Hi Sweetie! Whadda beautiful family you have... we are soo blessed! LoVe that you shared them with us. Dorthes' dolls are so lovely & looks like they were adored by the lovely girls! thank*U for visiting me...you are a blessing, & am grateful & thankful to God for placing you in my life!{come & visit again to see/read what my Christian daily planner had to say about God*given abilities} Prayers that you will have a blessed twenty*eleven & will have alot of *creative* visions! hugs & blessings, vikki♥~ xoxo

  32. Rebecca, it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I hope that you and your family have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year!

  33. Rebecca,

    I included the wonderful trees I won in your give away in my post today and left you a little linky love. They are so beautiful and again, thank you!

  34. Hi Rebecca, your Christmas photos are just wonderful, what a great family!! Your pics of the snow are amazing, especially the cemetary walk. Thanks so much for linking up with the VIF party!
    hope to talk soon,

  35. rebecca, thank you so much for your comment! you are so sweet and so uplifting. all the best to you in 2011.



  36. and I thought we had a lot of snow...
    I wish you and your very large family (we are only five) a happy and healthy New Year.
    The dolls are cute, just right for children.
    I am sure they will cherisch them forever.
    Blessings, Evi

  37. So enjoyed looking through your blog-breathtaking photography Linda :)

  38. What beautiful photos...both of your wonderful family and all the white fluffy snow! I enjoyed visiting here today :-)


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