Wednesday, December 1, 2010

White Wednesday and Holiday Fun

Welcome to White Wednesday hosted by
I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, mine was wonderful. The kids came home and I cooked. It was good to have the house filled to the brim.

It is that time of year again, when everyone is busy with decorating, thinking of what to get for the kiddies and my favorite thing... creating beautiful decorations.
I have been busy this year with my usual stars, stockings, angels and so on, but with no shop this year I will be filling my need for creating in my blog shop. So I have been stocking it the past few days and there will be more to come. I have a lot more jewelry to put up also. 

(these are available now in my blog-shop)

I have been getting emails asking where my handmades are going to be available this year.
 So... I am going to be at the Kane County fleamarket this weekend in the Expo building. Also The Water Street Gallery where my studio is located has just opened a new retail space called H20 and I have quite a bit in there also.

 The house is starting to look like Christmas, but has a long ways to go yet. I usually just keep decorating right up to Christmas. I just love doing it!
Our 11' tree this year is a Frasier Balsam mix 
and is making the house smell awesome.

One of my favorite ways to decorate is using boxwood and tallow berries...

Thank you Kathleen for hosting yet another White Wednesday

 And please join me at Kane County Fleamarket if you are going to be in the area this weekend and if not please check out my 

Vintage Living Blog Shop

Thanks so much for stopping by and I always love to hear from you
Many Blessings

I am adding this Postscript this morning for Rose... she asked about the mantel piece with the mirror. And yes Rose it is a mantel. A very married one. We live in an 1860 home and when the kids were little we needed a flop or tv room, so we added this addition. I wanted it to be a part of the garden outside so we built it on that level with lots of windows. From the living room there are French doors and steps going down to the family room.

Of course it needed a fireplace... and of course it had to be antique but try to find an antique fireplace surround that fits a modern box. I searched and all I came up with was the top of one with nothing in the center. But it was enough to get my creative juices flowing. I had the carpenter make the surround to fit the top. Then I had these incredible corbels to put on the side. I collected Majolica at the time (this was in 1992) and just happened to have these wonderful Majolica tiles from a tear down out east, that fit perfectly around the box.

You can see them better on a picture up above. They make a beautiful scene with sun flowers standing on each side.

 The only thing it needed was a mirror in the gaping hole in the center. I looked at it and knew exactly what mirror...
 the mirror my husband gave me as a wedding gift 
and yes, it fit perfectly. It is just hanging there.

The walls look yellow in these pictures because of the candle light... they are not. I used a Ralph Lauren paint called Homestead. 
OK, this turned into another post... sorry I got carried away.
Blessings today!


  1. Dear Rebecca, I know from earlyer posts that your home is a very beautifull place, but visiting it for christmas, must be something compleately special, -I can`begin to tell how wonderfully beautifull every thing looks here.
    You are making wonders with your hands, sweet.
    Hugs, and blessings,Dorthe

  2. ...everything is so very dreamy, I could just stay forever...
    xo, Rosemary

  3. Absolutely beautiful:))
    Greetings from Biljana

  4. Oh Rebecca everything looks so festive! I would love to have a whole house tour! Maybe in a future post?

    Best of luck to you at Kane Co. Knock um dead girly, girl!


  5. Rebecca, from your header..down to your images and your lovely's a work of art.
    You have me "lost in time."
    I looked and looked at that mantel/mirror/shelf looking piece..and can't figure it out.
    Is it ON TOP of your regular mantel...?
    Please tell me about that lovely collection of antique wood,frame, mirror and shelf...did you assemble it yourself......gosh it's attractive !
    Along with all your Chritmas glittery things.


  6. Coming over here is such a soft place to land. I love everything you touch, but I'm crazy for the petite stockings. They are like sugar cookies...only calorie free!
    Good luck with your show. I thought you were gonna slow down...hmmm?

  7. Hi Rebecca,
    You make the most beautiful things! I love the cones/tussie mussies and the star is gorgeous.

    Your home has a wonderful Christmas feel.


  8. AHHHHH Rebecca ~
    You have created such
    beautiful beautiful
    things! I wish I could
    go to the flea market
    that you will be at :)


  9. I adore all of it, you and your creativity are always inspiring ... thank you for sharing!

    If you have a second check out my post today, it's about how you've inspired me.

    Enjoy the season ...


  10. Rebecca, I just adore your creations. Your home is lovely! I love the stockings and the paper cones!

  11. Hi Rebecca,

    What a perfect Christmas Wonderland you have created for your home!
    I can feel and see the Love and care that you have given to every detail in your home!

    Blessings to you and your family,


  12. Hello my sweet!
    Everything looks so gorgeous!
    I love the mantle and wow! what an amazing Christmas tree!
    I love the smell of a real tree but do not have the space!
    I may have to come to your house to take in all in!
    the tiny little stockings have my name on them!
    Love ya bunches!

  13. I feel so very honored to have you set aside the special "note" to me. THANK YOU.
    I can see by the new images that you have created something more than delightful and UNIQUE for your home...what a CLEVER idea.
    I thought I had some large antique (married) mirrors on our walls.....HA !! You have me beat by a mile.
    A two story Mantel...who would have thought !

    BTW...Please come over and join my blog too if you have a minute. I have joined yours, don't now want to miss a thing you post.... if I can help it.


  14. Thanks for adding some whole room pics! But I'm not satisfied yet! I want more! Lol! Thanks

  15. I'll be sure to check out your shop-your style is definetely wonderful!

  16. Loving those petite stockings and your room looks so pretty at night with the tree lit!!

  17. How lovely this post is Rebecca. Your taste and talent are spectacular.
    Merry Christmas!

  18. Your creations and your home are most beautiful. Thank you for breathing a little beauty into my day!

  19. Rebecca, everything looks so beautiful and dreamy!

  20. I am glad your post turned into a room reveal.
    It is gorgeous - the fireplace is wonderful and I think it is so romantic that your husband gave you a beautiful antique mirror as a wedding gift.

    Oh yeah, Your Christmas decorations are so pretty and I think I smell that big tree from here!

  21. Such a pretty post!!!! And my heart flip flopped when I saw the angel tree topper laying in that bowl. I have the one that was always on my childhood tree. My Daddy bought that & we ALWAYS had it on top of our tree. When I started doing "theme" trees she did not always get put up. And again this year the angel tree was not done. But, the GRANDS are small & a candy/gingerbread tree seemed appropriate. Thank you for sharing yours. NOW it feels like Christmas to see her sweet face again. Charlene

  22. Such pretty decor Rebecca! I do the same thing...always putting out more. I vowed I would not do that this year, but put out more today! lol
    Merry Christmas!

  23. Rebecca, Your home should be on a real life holiday tour. It's so pretty and your whites are just beautiful. Happy way late White Wedesday. xoxo

  24. Dear Rebecca,

    So much inspiration and beauty at your home.
    Love how you have decorated your place and all the wonderful creations you have made.
    Also your living room is gorgeous, I want to come and sit on the sofa and admire everything.

    Happy weekend & many blessings

  25. How Magical your Home is for the Holidays! *swoon* I Hope to remember to come for the Blog Birthday Party... I made a special Bohemian Treasures Carpet Bag for a dear Friend this year for Christmas, she wasn't expecting it and so it gave me a lot of Joy to make and present it to her since she and her Family have been such a Blessing to our Family for many years.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  26. I am a first time visitor here, and SO very glad I found you. Your attic re-do is lovely, and just the inspiration I was searching for.

    The reason I am commenting on 'this' post is that I cannot believe you have an Angel Tree Topper exactly like the one I have! It is in the photo with the bulbs in a bowl. Do you know anything about it? I am certain it is close to 50 years old because I am 51 and I remember it being on every Christmas tree when I was little. If you know anything more about it, I'd love to hear.

    Thanks, and I will be visiting again!



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