Tuesday, January 18, 2011

600 Followers Give Back on White Wednesday

Followers or people that regularly or occasionally read this blog.
 Not many compared to some blogs and more than others...
 I appreciate the fact that someone is interested in what I have to say or show. 
But the numbers do not stand for a popularity contest and this is not a competition. 
 Never... when I started blogging did I think I would actually become friends with such lovely women. 

We become followers of one another because we love to support one another, we are like minded, love what we read or what we see and occasionally we are blessed to become good friends... 

 What I have to say is not earth shattering, sometimes I may be inspired but mostly I just say what's on my mind and in my heart.

 I love blogging because of you. 

You have truly blessed my life and because of that I say a big 
Thank You

So as in Blogland tradition, I would like to give back a little something... it doesn't hold a candle to what you have given me.

To win a gift just leave a comment, and tell me which category you like, it is ok to say as many as you like or all of them and because it is a thank you to my followers... you must be a follower. (this includes all followers worldwide)

So many followers love the bling...

SO I made a necklace that says Follow, just for you

With two old French postcard included just for you French lovers.

So many love to make art...

So I made a pocket full of goodies for you to create something beautiful

So many love Pink...

I made a vintage pink damask heart sachet, along with vintage ribbon, buttons and old millinery just for the pink of it...

And of course so many love White

White stoneware pitcher, small creamer, paper roses with an old floral basket, lace doilies and my favorite a bunch of white tallow berries

For the white lover in us all!

I will randomly pick 4 winners on January 30 and post it on,
the last day of this month Jan 31st. 
Thank you all for your wonderful comments that make me laugh, cry, be encouraged and always lift me up. 

I am linking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday... please join her and be inspired.

Occasionally, a little sun does shine here in these gray months of January.
 And when it does I run for my camera

Wishing you a Happy White Wednesday.


  1. Love following your blog... wish I had more time to visit more often. Your gifts are very beautiful and would love to receive any of them if I would be so lucky. Keep up the good work and look forward to visiting your blog more often in the future.

  2. hello Rebecca,
    so nice to meet you, I am your 603rd follower, WOW! I am good friends with Vicki from Rusty Rooster Vintage, I do not have a blog but I do have a shop on Esty called Birds Eye View, I make tags and a few other little things!! Your blog is Gorgeous, and your my kind of women who loves to lift people up!!! I love all the things that you've made, I really love the necklace and the little bag! Please enter me in your giveaway, I would love to win one of your pieces!!! Have a wonderful night, and Happy crafting!!:) ♥

  3. hello Rebecca. I've been a follower for a long time now. Having been on a blogging hiatus (I have to go cold turkey every once in a while to regroup), I haven't been by to leave a comment lately... but I'm often stopping by just to see what beauty you've posted today. Anything white is always alright with me... love the pitchers... thanks for offering such a generous give away... blessings in the new year. Dixie

  4. Hi, I am a fairly new follower to your blog and have been really enjoying it. I do have a blog, creativeblessingsofjoy.blogspot.com , so would love to have you visit sometime. I also contribute to CQMagOnline.com an online crazyquilting magazine which is free and published each quarter. It is so nice to visit inspiring blogs such as your to keep the creative juices flowing and be encouraged. I love your little art bag. Your giving back has inspired me to do the same in the near future. Thanks so much. Jules

  5. HUGE congrats to you!! What a nice way to say thank you!

    m ^..^

  6. Hi Rebecca- You know I've been following you for sometime now...You, what you write here, what you share, is so beautiful and inspiring!
    Thank you for being there!
    Congrats on your 600+ followers! All of the treasures you've shown here are breath-taking!
    and that white sofa...I think I would have plopped right down in that sunshine and had a wonderful long nap!
    Have a great day!
    Tammy :-)

  7. Im your newest follower - what fantastic giveaways! off to peek around! xoxo

  8. Hi Rebecca,
    I am your newest fan and follower. I am fairly new to blogging and have been so inspired and amazed by all of the talented, and kind souls that I have met. Stop by and visit petticoatsandpatina.blogspot.com if you have a chance. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  9. No category could ever compete with your kindness, your honesty, your compassion and friendship.

    I choose you : D

    Happy 600!


  10. Beautiful white sunny photos.....they make my heart sing because we don't swee the sun here very often this time of year and I desperately need it.

    Your giveaway is so generous, but I wouldn't expect anything less from your beautiful heart. I've loved following your blog these last couple years and feel I know you even though we've never met......hopefully someday!

    You know my No 1 pick would be "white", but they are all wonderful gifts.

    Take care,


  11. I've followed you for a bit now and would follow you just about anywhere...well except maybe the ladies room, seeing as how I am a boy cat and all....

    I loved Z's comment - but the girl ALWAYS is so good with words. And better still, I have no doubt she means it too. Anyway, if I were a clever cat I would have written the same thing, but alas I am only a cat....and since SuZan would get first dibs on the "you" category well....I will share with you that I know "she" would love the white CATegory and the art CATegory.

    None the less, we are just happy you have a wonderful blog that I get to come by and visit! Thank YOU and conCATulatios on 600 plus followers!



  12. Congrats on your 600 followers! LOVE the sun spot photos! HWW

  13. Rebecca, I'm happy to be a follower of your blog. You are an inspiring, kind, and generous lady.

  14. Your blog is beautiful and I have been following it for quite a while now. Congratulations on your 600+ followers, I am not surprised so many people feel the same about your blog.
    How lovely of you to give something away to one lucky follower. Spoilt for choice, lol, my goodness, what would I pick?

  15. I must confess.....Im an addict to eye candy!! I just love seeing what others have created or the cool vintage finds that they have decorated with.

    I just LOVE your pocket full of goodies!!


  16. OH how I love your blog!! You inspire me! What a wonderful giveaway..personally my favorite is your "Pocket of Art" which looks like a work of art already!

  17. We should be thanking you, Rebecca, for allowing us to follow you in your journey of creating beauty. Whenever I need an inspirational nudge, I know just where to find it. Right here! Congrats on your milestone! I l.o.v.e. each of your giveaways!

    A thankful follower ~~ Connie

  18. I guess I would just about follow you anywhere! But since your like my sister...I get that I can't win this amazing give-away!
    It looks like to did go to the studio! Woo Who!
    I love the necklace...truly funky and cool!
    Love ya bunches!

  19. Hello Rebecca,
    I'm your 608 follower, I always read your blog but wasn't a follower because didn't have an account, Love the give away. Thank you for being a such a great inspiration for me. XOXOXOXO

  20. Rebecca,

    Congrats on another milestone on your blogging journey. All your offerings are just lovely as are your sentiments in this post. Please do not count me in your give away as I was incredibly blessed to win something for your Birthday Give Away and blessings to those who will be chosen this time around. I just want to say it has been so nice getting to know you.

  21. um...er...how 'bout the sofa?! Okay, so it wasn't a choice, but it's just so gorgeous...I had to at least try Rebecca.

    You expect us to choose? Everything is too yummy to choose from. But I would have to say you choose for me, because anything you create is exactly what I would want.
    You have the sweetest heart!
    big hug and love to you...

  22. Rebecca, you are an inspiration to us all...thank you for sharing your life and creativity with us all...Hugs to you!

  23. Wow, Rebecca, what a spectacular giveaway! You have such a generous heart, and it's such a pleasure to visit with you (via blogdom). Thank you for sharing.

  24. I'm a longtime reader but a recent follower. Your style is exquisite. Just wanted to tell you that. Love your gorgeous sofa in the sunlight. Thank you.

  25. Love that sofa! What a generous giveaway...I love the pink stuff...Hope you aren’t having any problems with your giveaway win. Let me know how it went.

  26. Oh my it is hard to pick , but I would go for the white pitcher etc. and the pocket of goodies for a 2nd choice. Such a beautiful and thoughtful giveaway! Thank you for that!

  27. Congrats on the big 600! You deserve it. Here's to 600 more!

    Vinitiquities Workshop

  28. Hi Rebecca,

    So love your Blog and I am one of your Happy 600+ followers!!

    Ummm difficult to pick just one of your lovely offerings...but I think I would love your "Pocket full of Goodies"!!!!

    Keep doing what your doing because you make many people very happy including moi!!

    Thank so much!!



  29. Congratulations on your 600 followers. We are a devoted bunch and I love that I can come over and visit you anytime my friend. No need to enter me you have been good enough already, I just wanted you to know how appreciated you are. I will proudly put your giveaway button on my sidebar.

  30. I have to confess that I'd much rather gaze at your beautiful blog and read the encouraging spiritual comments than just about anything! I've gotten lots of ideas and just love your whites, sparkles and creative way you put stuff together! Thank you for so much enjoyment!

  31. I am a reader of your lovely blog, and just became a follower!
    Thank you for sharing.

  32. Rebecca this is such a sweet post, but what else should I expect coming from such a sweet person! Congrats on 600 followers... this is such a generous giveaway and I think it's all so beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  33. What a beautiful and inspiring blog! I have checked in on you from time to time, and finally caught on to "following"! Sorry...still new to and figuring out blogland!
    Should I be fortunate to win, I would most certainly be greatful for any of your lovely packages! Thank you for your generosity!

  34. ~♥omygoodness...what sweet goodies from sucha sweetie! thanx for visiting me! LoVe the necklace & ArT bag, since i LoVe to create,it all is soo generous of you ~ lovely treasures. keeping you in my prayers{as you have asked} i LoVe your upstairs for your God time & pray that He will wrap His loving arms around you. hugs & blessings, vikki♥~ xo

  35. Congratulations on 600, I am number 615, although my picture didn't show up. It did that the other day too, yet the new number came up. I love your blog and all of your wonderful gifts you have made. Please include me in the giveaway. I will be participating in White Wednesday this week, I think for the first time, but I have loved reading everyone else's posts.

  36. Thanks Sweet Rebecca! You are truly an inspiration!

  37. I enjoy following your blog so much. Everything is always so beautiful and uplifting. Congrats on all of the followers. Wow, so many bloggie friends you have. Thanks for the sweet and generous giveaway. Everything you've selected is so perfect. The bag o' goodies in the "So many love to make art" photos is as pretty as can be.

  38. Thank you Rebecca for the chance to win one of your wonderful giveaway items. Pocket of Posies would be my first choice but how can I say that when any one of them would be a wonderful surprise.

    I hope to visit your shop next summer when we are back in Illinois. We live in the NW burbs in the summer.



  39. Congrats on the 600 followers Rebecca - that´s awesome and no surprice. It´s so genwrous of you to offer these wonderful giveaways. I love the pocket - so so pretty.
    xo Tina

  40. My dear Rebecca, I've already received a bit of your beautiful heart and it wouldn't be fair if I won another of your wonderful giveaways. But I couldn't resist saying hello and that following and reading you has been a pleasure! Patsy from

  41. Congrats on 600! You giveaway is truly thoughtful and inspiring! I love being in the Land of Blog.

    Though not as interesting as yours, I am having a $30 Gift Card Giveaway, so please come by. Have a happy Saturday.

  42. Hi. I am now your newest follower. You may reach 700 before you do your drawing. I look forward to following you. I know it's hard to keep up with everyone, but I do love the work you do, and your attic is amazing. I love your bag of things, pretty as is, and your white pitchers ~ you really can't have too many, can you?
    Have a great weekend! Thanks for inspiring us to do more and make more.
    ~ Julie

  43. Congrats on having over 600 followers! I am hard pressed to pick one of your beautiful things. Thank you for the chance to enter and maybe win.

  44. Congratulations Rebecca!!! That is awesome about 600 plus followers!
    I love your ideas, and blog.

    I would love to have your pocket full of treasures to play with. That is right down my alley.

    blessings and thanks for the chance to win.

    barbara jean

  45. I have passed you 'The stylish blogger' award, details are on my latest post. Your blog is inspirational Linda x

  46. Hi Rebecca-I love reading your blog(I've been back thru it all)and seeing your lovely pictures. I think you give your followers so many things to ponder about-the beautiful things in life along with your love of God-the two paired together keeps me coming back to see what you have to share with us! May God Continue to Bless you!

  47. Gorgeous, all the things you put together are just stunning....I love the ribbons and the flowers....umm all things white...love the pillows and the beautiful pockets...love everything you make. I thought I had left a comment before....hmmm...not sure what I did!
    How wonderful to be blogging and be inspired by you!!!

  48. Such beautiful thank you gifts, Rebecca! Your blog is so inspiring...it is us followers who are eternally grateful for your gentle & kind spirit that shines through your art! You are a blessing!

    Congratulations on your milestone!


  49. your blog is beautiful and i love all your categories!!! congratulations on having 600 followers! ~ cindy

  50. your blog is so inspiring and beautiful. i love your pocket full of treasures and your pink treasures. awesome! someone is going to be thrilled. ~ cindy

  51. Wow...I'm loving it all but that lovely bag for the "art making" may be at the top of my list. What a great giveaway. Blogging really is wonderful and full of friends!

  52. I thought i had been following, but dizzy me, nope wasn't the case. but am now. I would be honored with any one of your beauties,, the pocket and white so surely speak to me.. You are a blessing to us.

  53. Congratulations on over 600 followers, Rebecca!!! Wow! Your blog is always an inspiration!
    The giveaways are all awesome, but if I won, I would love to get the necklace. It's so, so adorable!!!!

  54. I am so very glad that I found you...you inspire me so much.
    thank you for all of the beauty that is your blog!

  55. Congrats on the 600 followers! I am an old follower :) If your giveaway would be open worldwide my favorite would be the white, but they are all gorgeous! Also love the art one. And that sofa is just gorgeous!

  56. oh, I am swooning...everything is just beautiful, how generous of you!!!
    thanks so much

  57. You have such beautiful things...and you're willing to share them...what a blessing you are!

  58. Love your blog AND Of Course "I Am a Follower"! I must say my very, very Favorite is "The White". I LOVE those white milk jugs AND everything else in your beautiful picture... Oh I ALSO Love that pink heart pillow of yours...
    Thank you SO Much,
    Hugs, Donna

  59. I am a follower and do not remember to drop by as often as I should because you have such a lovely place here. I would say my favorite is the white because I love pitchers. But I also love the art. Love the pocket and I expect it has wonderful things to create with!

  60. Congrats on so many followers. Love all your whites (especially the little hand crafted pocket and your white pitchers). Hope your day is a happy one.


  61. Rebecca....You inspire much more than you know, my bloggy friend! I am partial to the bling, I must say. However, that pretty pocket filled with goodies is gorgeous too. Thanks so much for all you give US!!

  62. Sweet Rebecca. I am a follower and I do like all the categories, especially the whites.
    Hugs, Honey

  63. Hi Rebecca! You have a wonderful blog that I enjoy reading! All the categories are so beautiful, I'd never be able to choose.

    Congrats on 600!


  64. Oh, I almost missed you giveaway! Be gone and working to much since I've been home! Glad I came over for a visit when I did! Please put my name in the hat! Thanks!

  65. Rebecca ~ lovely giveaway. I am a follower and love to visit your blog, LOVE the serene whites~ please include me~! ;-)

  66. Oh my goodness....I love your blog. Your faithfulness to our Lord is inspiring. He has given you a blessed talent. Keep doing what you are doing. My favorite of the categories is the bag of craft goodies. I adore anything made with vintage textiles. I hope I win! Tiffany Steers

  67. I am follower 626 :). I have been reading for a while I guess I just never clicked the follow button. Please enter me. Thank you.


  68. Hi Rebecca,

    I've been following your blog ever since I met you in Tipton, IN at the French Flea Market, then again at Christmas time. Your blog just 'feels' peaceful to me. How could I choose any of the categories, I love pinks and whites.

    Cindy Bee

  69. What wonderful gifts. Anyone of them would be a treasure to win!

  70. Jesus said "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men". You did and you are a fisher of women. I come to visit for so many reasons...the beauty, the calm, but mainly for the spirtual uplifting I receive when I'm here.
    No need to put my name in. The stockings were beautiful...just got them...and they are a reminder of what a lovely friend you are..that's plenty!
    P.S. I just have to ask...is that a slipcover? I love it!

  71. Hey there Girlie!! I almost missed this fun! Oh wow, love seeing that sunshine on your blog. Today was the first day in ages that the sky is blue! Miss you, dear heart! Your sofa is just gorgeous, my kitties want to lay on it and "waller" you! LOL!!
    lots and lots of hugs and love!!

  72. YOU my friend are over the top generous ... what wonderful gifts you have put together .... I hope I win the white sofa {smiles!} ... seriously, all your bundles are great ... please trow my name in ; )


  73. Hi Rebecca, Congratulations, I love your pocket, it is so beautiful and the pitchers are soooo lovely. Thank you for the opportunity. I am enjoying watching your room. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

  74. Hi , I love your blog, Have been following you for a few weeks now, the things in your giveaway are wonderful, please add me to the list.

  75. Your blog was one of the first I followed in this almost one year of blogging and your creativity is an inspiration to me. I think the art is what I love most but your love for the Lord and willingness to share that is the biggest inspiration.

  76. How in the world did I miss this? I'm so out of it! Congratulations on 600! I have been following for quite some time, ever since I fell in love with your sweet spirit in WWC magazine. And all you've gone through with such courage, has given me inspiration. Thanks so much.
    Of course, I LOVE the basket of white goodies, my fav!
    Becky C

  77. Congratulations Rebecca on reacihg 600,,,,my, my, my, sooooo many. I won a wonderful necklace from you last year, I still love it so. I especially like the white in the basket, as I have been collecting the pitchurs,,and the tallow berries, and roses,
    just are yum!
    Good luck to everyone.
    May God bless your days! Big Time!

  78. Sitting here in awe of your beautiful Blog and worried I will be here for hours. You are gifted in so many ways from your designs, store, your family and home, and your beautiful words... just to name a few. I personally admire your unaffected commitment to your (strong) faith a feature so seldom shared. In this crazy world your words are an inspiration that just may spark hope and desire to make another home a beautiful retreat.
    Could this become an addiction...... Smiles

  79. I'm so glad I got to meet you tonight at Waterstreet Studios, Rebecca. After my recent WWC inspirations, I felt like Alice in Wonderland falling into your studio. Funny how the world works. Blessings to you!

  80. I hope I am not too late - I love the white! Love your blog.

  81. Rebecca you know you are loved!!

  82. Just revisited my may/June/July issue of Where Womem Create... I love looking at where you create, gives me inspiration! Thank You much


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