Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gifts From the Heart

I have been so...
(yes, I am going to say)


1. Blessed
a: held in reverence
b: honored in worship  
c: Beatific
2. :of or enjoying happiness;
specifically : enjoying the bliss of heaven ~ used as a title for a beautified person
3.  :bringing pleasure, contentment, or good fortune
Blessing noun
1. the act or words of one that blesses
b: Approval, Encouragement 
2. a thing conducive to happiness or good welfare

Between my birthday and Christmas I was blessed with gifts from friends...
 blog friends...
Friendship across the miles but ever so meaningful.

Sometimes you find that the miles between you are not that far and you take the leap of faith and put those miles away between you. 
Such is the case this week.

I am grateful, 
not so much for the gifts, 
although they are lovely and more than I could ever ask for.
But the love and caring that goes into each gift...

The friendship that has been gifted to me

From such dear ones that the Lord has hand picked to bless my life at this moment in time, to encourage, edify and bring pleasure

Donna, you are my gift.

Talented and beautiful with such a caring heart

To create such lovely gifts and be there to support and encourage
Thank you my sweet

But the Blessings do not end here

This week I was also blessed  with 

Such a beautiful gift, made by her hand and put in mine.

One of her favorite creations taken from her neck and given to me. I was touched at Debra's giving heart. A heart that is fashioned from the heart of God.
Thank you, my sister.

And by mail...

And what a birthday surprise, from my friend Terri... such a gifted caring woman...

to make this journal and surprise me with it. Such a talented sweet friend.

Thank you, Terri

But it doesn't end there...

And so many miles away... what a wonder it is,
 that we can call each other friend...

This big world made small by our blogs

To see the talents of so many amazing woman and then to be able to call them friend... such it is with my friend

Thank you sweetheart.

"Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with."
- Mark Twain

I will be hooking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday to show the beautiful whites from my friends.
 Thank you Kathleen for WW #82



  1. Dear, sweet Rebecca,
    you looks beautifull in your lovely white gift,
    it is wonderfull, and so is the necklace from Debra,- A wonderfull way of wearing a watch, from that sweet soul.
    And the other gifts, all given with a loving heart, are all prescius,to you ,I know.
    The gift of friendship is the most beautifull gift,to recieve, and such a treasure,dear .
    That`s what is so importent for me,-thankyou for being my friend.
    Hope your day is good, and happy.

  2. Lovely post and I adore your new header and background. Love the sepia tones. So enjoy your blog. Sea Witch

  3. Kindred spirits are to be found here. You have splendid friends.

  4. Hey girlie!
    It is seriously snowing here and so I thought I would leave my tiny sewing room and see what was happening out here in blogland!
    You are precious! You know very well that it is I that have been blessed to call you my dear friend!
    My always dreamed of having..... Sister!

    I think you look gorgeous in your little coat. It is ever so warm...so please don't be afraid to wear it!
    Have a blessed afternoon
    Blessings and Hugs,

  5. You are greatly loved and appreciated! Thank you for the blessings of your presence here last week, it truly has changed my direction.

  6. Rebecca,

    You truly are blessed, wrapped in so much friendship love! There are times when we need to know that we are indeed loved and this was your time. Enjoy the blessings.

  7. What lovely gifts, yes you are blessed! And, thanks for the tour of Debras home. You must have had such a nice time!

  8. Ah. Such beautiful gifts for a beautiful woman, inside and out. Congrats on the gifts from the heart. ~Mindy

  9. You really do look so beautiful in your new jacket.

    We are both having great starts to our New Year! lucky us <3


  10. I have to say that your blog has become one of my favorites-I feel the Lord using you in ways to touch others and I am inspired by your praise of him-God Bless!

  11. I'm sure that they are blessed to have you around too!!!

  12. Rebecca, I love visiting here your such a great inspiration... and what beautiful gifts you received!!! Happy White Wednesday my friend~~~ Daphne

  13. Oh Rebecca,
    What beautiful, beautiful gifts and all made with love. As you say, the best part of each gift is the fact that they have all been made especially for you with such care and thoughtfulness. You will treasure those gifts forever and, each time you wear or look at them, you will think of the special person who made it. Lots of love. XXXX

  14. Stunning photography. thanks for making my day, Terry

  15. Such a beautiful post, both visually and spiritually:) Happy White Wednesday!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  16. What a beautiful post! I just had to keep reading through and am so inspired and humbled by your praise for our Father, what a wonderful testimony of your love for Him. Also had to join your groupies and add you to my blog roll. Thanks for sharing.


  17. Hi Rebecca,
    What lovely friends that you have out there in blog land! It is amazing to me that you can really meet such wonderful people through blogging. I too, have met some wonderful ladies, and I feel so extremely blessed as well.
    I wish you a very wonderful day!

  18. Hi Rebecca,
    You are definitely very blessed! Enjoy!!

  19. You are truly blessed.....what a wonderful array of gifts! Love 'em all..

  20. Dear Rebecca, Send out Love and kindness, and it will be returned to you. You are reaping the benefits of your generous spirit! Wishing you health and happiness in the new year. Love, Penny

  21. What a sweet and uplifting post. It is nice to see how many beautiful women we have out here in Blogland. Have a wonderful weekend sweet Rebecca!


  22. Rebecca!

    Hello there and a Very Happy New Year to you and Yours my Dear! It is always so nice to see when you have dropped in for a visit! Everything looks simply lovely over here in your part of the world! I know this year is going to bring even more happiness and joy for you because you so freely share your love with all of us!
    All My Best,
    Sandra Evertson

  23. Hi Rebecca, What a lovely post, you are just the sweetest person and because you are so loving and giving yourself, everyone loves to give to you. I love to visit your beautiful blog and will be visiting often. Have a wonderful weekend. I want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. Hugs, Terri

  24. Hi Rebecca
    Oh , I am So looking forward to meeting you at Farm Chicks


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