Friday, January 14, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Do you find that your taste is changing or are there some things that just keep on making you smile?

I have to say that when things that I like become too popular and I see it everywhere, I lose heart and I will no longer like it.

 I really hate it when old things are massed produced, I know it is a money maker but usually it will bring down the value of the old piece.
 Now, owning my own shop for years, I have been guilty of buying lots and lots of reproduced stuff... 
but overall it is over kill.
 Maybe being in the business for so long and trying to stay ahead of that next cutting edge look has turned my rose colored glasses clear.

I used to go antiquing or junking, whatever you want to call it and always find
 heartstoppers-stomach clinchers-gut grabbers,
 it has been awhile since I can say any of the above.
Why is that?
Is it because I have been doing this for so long?
Is it because there just isn't that great of stuff anymore?
Do I just have enough stuff?
I certainly hope it is not the latter!

My husband had to go to Wisconsin on business and asked me to go along, so I shopped and he worked...
 sweet deal.
Not that I needed more... 

This is hand painted on silk, I love what it says...
Behold This Heart, That Has Loved Man So Much

But I am selling at the Farm Chicks Show in the spring...
So I did find some treasures that I liked and can part with,
 most of it anyway.

Not this though...
I collect these little beaded chatelaine bags  

 Here are some treasures that make me smile...

Some things are just staples... my color pallet is usually the same

I never tire of creamy stoneware, but I don't find it like I used to.

Any crocheted lace and linen coverlets or table cloths, if the price is right - I can't resist.

Old beveled mirrors, metal frames and prayer cards

Old tarnished silver and chipped edge mirrors

I think after you have been doing this for so long, you fine tune your taste... maybe that is it.
I am just more selective. I love mop buttons but they have to be either carved or a certain color now, white paint has to be old, mirrors have to have old glass and ghostly, lace has to be a certain color and pattern... the list goes on.
It is the challenge of  creating a look rather than just collecting or selling that I enjoy. 
It is another creative form.

So overall I had a fun trip and didn't do too bad shopping,
 what do you think -
What treasures make you smile?



  1. I do know what you mean after collecting for so many years...but I try to find new ways to style it so it still is a passion...Farm Chicks, you say? We were just talking today about whether to go or not...this might tip the scales!
    You did indeed find some treasures there.

  2. Rebecca, I love the things you found, can I come shop with you. I know what you mean about mass produced things, don't like them and won't buy them. I'm still an old soul and just love finding old things. I guess that's why it's getting harder to find, but I justkeep looking until I do. Have a great weekend my friend, T

  3. You unearthed some beautiful things while away with your husband Rebecca. I am hopping to see you at Farm Chicks.I have got to have a picture with you! Last year, all I wanted was to have my picture taken with Heather Bullard...this year you! And I now I will love your space. Your taste is impeccable.
    big, big hugs

  4. Beautiful finds! Love the MOP buttons and the vintage textiles, not to forget the jewelry bits and pieces...

  5. Rebecca, dear-
    So many wonderfull things, I love the rosaryes- and collects crosses myself,---not looking after them, but buying, if I can, when they are there!and the painting is awsome-the laces so beautifull.-Almost love it all, sweetie.
    But I know what you mean...I too have come to not being so fond of special things,that earlier was a must.....
    But most importent, is that you had some wonderfull dayes with your husbond-him working-you buying ,LOL
    Have a wonderfull week-end my dear Rebecca.
    I have my friend for lunch in an houer, :)
    Hugs and love-Dorthe

  6. Your tiny handbag is amazing!
    It looks like you had a wonderful time while Keith was working! Did you take pictures of the big piece? I know you are going back to get it...It sounds like something you would have in your home!
    Hope you made progress yesterday!
    Love ya

  7. I love the fact that I can find anything here at all....not really much out there for antiquing, and usually it is way over priced.....maybe this summer I will make down to the land of great buys!!!
    Mostly anything old, white, lace, brown transfer ware...... makes me swoon!
    I think you did well..... great beaded bag!
    Margaret B

  8. Rebecca ~
    Those are just beautiful
    finds !
    Yes my taste has changed
    quite a bit in the last year ~


  9. oh I love the mirrors, that is my love right now mirrors. Love what you found, have a great weekend

  10. That Sacred Heart piece not only made me smile, it made my heart skip a beat. Beautiful!!

  11. I found my way here from The French Bear - what a lovely blogsite!
    Last year I'd intended to get to the Farm Chicks show, but life intervened - maybe this year!

  12. Dear Rebecca-what a good post-I have felt the same way lately. I struggle with having too much-yet still love to go. I've decided that I only want the old in my house(built 1855)(you should she my post today on the pull chain toilet on the Ella Mae Blog), so I challenged myself a week ago to go thru the house each evening and try and part with 5 things. I think our taste evolves as we do and it seems that you are liking the things that have some meaning(possibly to the Man Above)or that may be special in some way(one of kind). I'm finding that I can't enjoy the true treasures I have for all my stuff(I still have a way to go on this), but it's a road that some of us that delight in treasures must take-I enjoyed seeing so many of your pretty things and your home looks welcoming and full of love-Have a great weekend!

  13. I too have lost some of the thrill of the hunt that I used to have. Oh occasionally I trip over or bump into something wonderful but I rarely go out searching anymore.

    Since beginning the purge a few years back I am very content with the items that remain, though some will still move on here fairly soon. I think as long as we keep moving forward whether with baby steps as in moving a chair from one corner to the next or loading up a trailer with treasures to sell, it is the forward movement that matters..Even a small pebble ripples cross the pond...


  14. I feel the same way, I don't want something, that everyone else has. I love the heart on silk, a beautiful reminder.

  15. My eye has been wandering away from roses and pinks to a shabby neutral palette. It looks like you knew that and were personal shopping for me!!

  16. I am fine tuning my style too, although it is very eclectic. Vintage linens, stoneware, Rosary Beads,old laces, silver...will always stop me in my tracks. I always seem to find some sort of wonderful treasure at the market. I am looking forward to Spring again to get back out there and go hunting:) Love the things you picked up on your shopping trip. Good luck at the show!!!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  17. Hi Rebecca,

    I feel the same way! It's getting harder and harder to find really great vintage pieces. Oh, and isn't Debra the best! I just love her!


  18. Oh the tiny beaded bag... It is wonderful.

  19. I find I am the same way about liking things until they become popular and everyone has them ~ like Christmas sweaters. I think since you have a shop you have so much more exposure to treasures than the majority of us do and either they've become common or as you said, your taste has become more refined. Your finds are beautiful and just accept the fact that our tastes do change over time. I sure would like to see your shop ~ I'm sure it's lovely.

  20. I think you said it have refined your tastes. I like oil paintings of food and wine, motar and pestles, old cameras, old dough bowls, and a bizzillon other things. ♥O

    p.s. we think our old house dates from the 1830's (Sherman burned the courthouse in the war, no records)

  21. Go shopping in Europe. wow talk about a rush. There are flea markets in the north of England with 3000 dealers from all over. absolutely fabulous. prices are higher now, but you won’t regret it. Bad thing is, when you come back here to shop, nothing comes close..

  22. Good grief....Rebecca, you have the best taste EVER!!! I love each and every thing you've purchased, I would let you shop for me any day :) I hope your new year has started off wonderfully, hugs and love, Dawn

  23. The Sacred Heart makes mine beat faster...beautiful. I'm also crazy for the syrup!
    It is hard to find unique anymore and it's especially hard to keep the energy level up when selling not necessarily what I love, but what is loved by others. It's kinda sad that as dealers we are having to worry about the "look" rather than the find. Does that make sense.
    Either found some wonderful things.

  24. Rebecca ~ ~ you have an award waiting for you over at my blog. Stop by when you get a chance to receive it. Congrats!

  25. Lovely finds for your next sale. I think everyone collect ironstone now so it is so much harder to find. I think the silk heart painting is quite unusual. Are you going to use it in your new prayer room? What a lovely sentiment.

  26. As a new follower ~ I have to say your treasures are beautifu. ~ love all the vintage lace. Lace is my favourite!
    Marianne ;-)

  27. You will make a fine Farm Chick and those are just the right chicky things to sell there. Hard to let some of it the fab beaded bag. haha. My problem is I can't part with some of it either.
    I adore old painted furniture but in New England it's not that easy to find....I think they (breed) it in Texas

    Confession time.... I'm not a fan of having to buy the repro stuff either.


  28. Your finds are lovely and the sacred heart by far my favorite. You have such a beautiful style. I'm glad you have refined it and know exactly what you like.

  29. Ah, love it all!!!! I agree with Dawn, you could buy for me anyday!!!

    As for the reproduction stuff, they ARE getting better at making it look "real" doesn't have the history and I know that and there is no charm in a piece that is without history or memories of being loved.

    I like a lot of the same things I always have BUT like you, I have become more particular - the foxing on a mirror is a good example...simply MUST have if it's coming with me! I think that's what makes it harder to find things, which is probably a good thing. After all, it wouldn't really be a good idea to have to add on to the house just to make room for more now would it?!?

    Love it all!!!!

    "Her" and Romeo

  30. Hey "great finds" Rebecca.I love the prayer cards. I like going to Wisconsin so I am sure it was a great trip. Have a great week. Susan

  31. I hear what you are saying. I have seen too many dress forms. I got excited when i first saw them now ,not so much. I like different so I imagine that's what everyone else wants too. Love your finds! The religious items are always something I love. judy

  32. Dearest Rebecca, thank you for coming to leave such a kind comment today! I was not sure which of your blogs to post a comment, but this one is DELIGHTFUL! I live in Minnesota and we have a great town on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota, STILLWATER. They are filled to the brim on Main St. with the best antique shops. We frequent Stillwater during the summer at least 4 times a week!

    Come back again soon! Anita

  33. OH YES YES!!!! AND YOU GREW UP IN ARDEN HILLS? My husband is a prof in the history department at Bethel University in Arden Hills! We live close in North East Minneapolis! The last I looked in Stillwater, there were lovely shops, and I do not know what has closed since you were there, but one of my favorites is actually not an antique shop but rather ROSE MILLE and PULP FASHION that has a new name now, but both shops carry all the vintagy materials necessary for paper crafts and then the antique stores are just wonderful....HOW NICE!!! Anita

  34. oh I love your finds! all unique with a special quality to them. I want to go shopping with you too!


  35. loved your comment on quickly taking pictures of the sun streaming in the window, thanks. glad I am not alone. Isn't great to share this, blogging friend...


  36. Hey Rebecca,
    You have great taste! The classics, like ironstone and old mirrors, oh what joy :)
    Some things make my heart skip a beat. But I too, am very picky. It's better to know what you really like, right?
    Hope all is great with you.
    Becky C

  37. oh, you found the best treasures, I do think it is harder now.
    the hand painted heart is the best find you found!

  38. Hi Rebecca, I tried to email you but have not yet received a response. You won my CSN Giveaway so email me so you can claim your prize..Cynthia

  39. Hi Rebecca,

    I have been going to garage sales for years and I always buy old linens and lace, tablecloths, and material for crafty type projects. I also love old Christmas decorations. But this past year, I've started to lose my taste for going too. I think for me it's just that I have too much. It's always exciting finding that one thing, but then finding a place to put it is a bit more difficult. Plus, we're moving this year. It'll be nice in one way that I'll get to go through everything and get rid of some stuff, and start all over decorating, but then on the other hand...I have to go through everything, get rid of some stuff, and start all over decorating! {sigh}


  40. So glad to hear your trip was a success. You found some wonderful pieces. The frame with the painted heart is just so amazing. You've fine tuned your style and it shows with the quality of your shows. Loved seeing all the treasures displayed!

  41. Rebecca,
    It seems to me like your taste is pretty consistent! I see those treasures & think 'Rebecca'. I have mixed feelings about the mass production of antiques. Some people are making a lot of money from it for sure. And the items are beautiful. I was at an antique mall last week & picked up a Miran mirror, well at least I thought it was. It was not cheap but I was fearful about it being new so of course I didn't buy it. It does seem to take the value aways from the real deals. Anyway, love your haul! Lisa

  42. Dear Rebecca... I adore your beveled glass framed Sacred Heart... that would definitely make my Heart skip a beat! Spiritual items almost always make an impact with me, I've been collecting Religious inspired Art and Antiques for years but a piece never fails to move me because of what it represents. Like you, I've been doing this for so long now that not as much makes a huge impact upon me, so I can more easily walk away ... and thank goodness because I'm certainly at saturation point and have to annually edit and let go of what I no longer absolutely LOVE. I really like all of what you have shared with us today, they would be items I'd also be drawn to.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  43. You have an eye for beautiful treasures. You are an inspiration to me and many. You are so talented.
    ~ Julie

  44. Yep, I like your treasures. I don't see anything that I would buy, (it's all affordability right now) but I see lots in your pictures that I inherited from my Grandmothers, and saved from the "get rid of that" stack.

  45. Handmade, especially made in America has,,,soul...I believe you can percieve it on some level. 9-11 forced so many American artist to take designs to China for the almighty dollar. So Sad.
    After one collects 50-60yr. one gets a house full for sure, decernment sharpens too. I hope you have a good show at F.C.


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