Friday, February 25, 2011

Shopping and Sunday Studio

I have been dreaming of spring since I have returned from the sun but all I have gotten is sleet and snow here in Chicago. But today the sun is shining through my window and I know it can't last forever. 
I have been chipping away at my computer room project but it has gone slow this week as I have been under the weather. I will be finishing this week and I will post the final results. 
While in Arizona I had a wonderful day with Karen of My Desert Cottage fame. She has many talents and one of them is web designing, she has worked on my blog and I have been very happy with it. We had lunch together and she took me to some of her favorite shopping spots. She has been featuring them on her blog once a week, so if you live in the Phoenix area, you won't want to miss them.

I forgot my camera charger while in AZ so these photos are courtesy of Karen...
We are in a lovely shop called The Embellished House, it is full of wonderments and the displays are awesome. It is one of those shops that has something for everyone from French fantastic to industrial inspiration. 

We also visited several more shops, one of which is called 
Not Too Shabby. It turned out that I had a lot in common with the owner of this shop, as we graduated from the same high school in Mn. This shop is so fun and like the name is very "Shabby Chic". 

To see more inside these shops visit Karen's blog
I did spend a few dollars here and there, I can always manage that little task... but I did find a treasure!
It was just what I had in mind for here...

I needed a hanging cupboard... one with cubby holes for miscellaneous. Something more industrial looking but functional in a small space.

OK, how cool is this cupboard... it is made of tin with a wood faux paint finish that had wore off for a great look and it was made by the Chicago Cabinet Co. I mean I had to bring it back home!

From what I can see, I think this was an old pharmaceutical cabinet, I tried to look online but found nothing.

As you can see the top opens and has bins that dispenses below with levers that open and close

It is all ready to hang with metal brackets attached in the back. 
I like it a lot :)
I did find some smalls too, my old standbys-stuff for art, fabric and brown transferware.

I am linking up with Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday. 

I also have another project up my sleeve...
Lots of them in fact so I am starting a link up called
Sunday Studio
I will be featuring something I am working on out of my studio,
God thru Art
And I would love to have you join me every Sunday with any project you are working on.
I will be posting my first session this Sunday.

Thanks so much for stopping by...


  1. HI Rebecca,
    Wow, it looks like you had such a wonderful time! Those shops look amazing! I love that cabinet, the faux wood paint job is fabulous.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Alabaster Rose Designs

  2. Such a great shop! But I'm really loning the blouses you two are wearing and where you both got them. I love coming to visit you!

  3. That cabinet is too fun! I will have to ask my husband to look at it - he's a pharmacist - maybe he's seen something like that before :) not to say that he's as old as that, but you know what I mean!!

  4. Don't you ladies look beautiful - love the clothes:)
    Wow, that IS the coolest cabinet I have ever seen! What a great piece with some history to hang up and repurpose. I hope we will get to see pictures of the finished area:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. That cabinet definetly belongs w/ you :)!
    Great going on the Sunday projects - I am exited to see your endeavors!

  6. hello sweet friend. how pretty you two look. i love karen, she did my blog design and she is uber talented. love the cabinet. i am guessing it was for coffee or tea. i saw a similar one at mt. dora and the dealer said it was from an old chuck wagon. wishing for spring weather for all of you up there soon.



  7. Hi Rebecca! Those shops look amazing as do you and your friend Karen- I haven't come across her blog ( go figure!) so I'll be hopping over there right after this comment. I love your cabinet! It will go perfectly in that spot! Can't wait to see it all complete. I'm excited about your link up party! I have several projects in the wings so this will give me motivation to get going on them.
    It's been wonderfully warm here in NC today I think we are in for a nice weekend...but I know another cold spell is out there for us before Spring! I'm so ready for the Cherry Trees to bloom!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. You both look so tan in this photo...something I'm in desperate need of. I would love to meet Karen in person...she seems so sweet and she was one of the first people I met through blogging.

    I love your new hanging cabinet. I looks perfect for that spot. I also like your new party idea. Maybe this will help motivate me to get some projects done. I'll grab your button.

    Take care my friend.


  9. That is one fabulous cabinet. I would arm wrestle you for it :D

    You are so right. It is perfect for that spot.

    The other commenters are right. You both look so pretty and happy it is obvious you were having a grand time.

    have a fab weekend


  10. The patina on your cabinet is perfect and the shape is unique. So glad you had a good time. hugs♥O

  11. I have only been through AZ. You certainly made it look like a trip I would like to go on. Isn't it fun to meet so many kindred spirits! It's really special to know there are friends out there just waiting to be made through blogland.
    I love the projects you are working on. Oh my they make me want to get working on my pile of lace and start making things.
    Thanks for the inspirations.

  12. Beautiful shop...thanks so much for sharing it!


  13. Oh Rebecca,
    It's so ftustrating when you show us these wonderful stores.....I wish that I lived nearby......the same country would be good !! Haha
    Such lovely treasures.....I could buy all of it....and, your cabinet is perfect.
    Enjoy your weekend, Rebecca. XXXX

  14. Hi dearest,
    I`m sorry to read you have been feeling under the weather, and hope you are all good again?
    What a wonderfull shopping tour with sweet Karen--you two looks beautifull-and the shops, would be wonderfull, to take a walk in.....
    And you surely know what is gorgeus, out there in shop-land...that cabinet is a very special one- perfect for you needs.

    Hope your week-end will be a great one, dear friend.
    Love and blessings for you.

  15. Hello my friend! I feel so happy that I got to see that awesome cabinet in person! The next time you come I'll have to find some new shop to take you!
    I LOVE the idea of Studio Sunday! I bet it grows HUGE!!!!! Count on me to join in from time to time! (That is when I can find time yo play in my studio! lol!)

  16. How fun was it to get to spend the day with Karen! Love your metal cabinet thingy! Can't wait to see the finished office. Hope you feel better soon1

  17. YOu two look so good together. You even dress alike! Must have been hard leaving the warm Arizona weather and coming back to Illinois.

    It's sunny here to get more rays...



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