Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Time in The Sun

I discovered Arizona in February 1995 when I  tagged along with my husband on a business trip... I got off the plane and walked into a cool breeze and sunshine and I have been hooked ever since...
Chicago is very gray in the winter, unlike Minnesota with all it's cold and snow where I grew up. The winter didn't bother me until I moved to Chicago in 1990. Somehow the absence of light bothers me, however I didn't realize how much until I walked off that plane in 1995. I have made that journey in February ever since, made easier with the help of my sister and her husband. They built a lovely home in the mountains north of Phoenix and are gracious enough to open their home to us every year.

For the last few years my mom has joined us in this journey, this year my brother in law built another bedroom on the back of the house and my mom enjoyed her own sun filled room. My mom will be 86 this year and she travels by herself from Minnesota.

So it has become a time of family and relaxation...
 the guys golf and us girls, 
well, we...

Try some old family recipes,
 like Kuchen
a German coffee cake

My mother telling me, "there is no other feeling in the world as kneading bread dough".

Expert hands...

Kuchen is a sweet bread dough with fruit filling and a egg custard topping... delicious!

And we played together...

I brought some stash and shared some ideas with my sis...

My friend KC Willis was in town but our schedules didn't line up, disappointing, but I shared some of her techniques with my sister.
I worked some, for my next show

And we just soaked up the sun

And watched it go down...

Thank you, Rudy and Cindy~

Since we drove this time, I will leave you with pictures I snapped in the car on our way home...

Flagstaff AZ

Is that the moon I see... looks like the sun to me

The moon must look that big around here... a lot

It was a great two weeks and I had such a good time with family and friends.
I did meet Karen at My Desert Cottage for a day of shopping and lunch, which I will post on later.

I want to leave with a special
 Happy Birthday
 to my lovely daughter
We will be joining her family later for a little birthday cake!



  1. I can't imagine any two places so different from each other as Phoenix & Chicago! How wonderful to have this February getaway!

    I just may have to attempt that Kuchen! And Jesus IS beautiful :)

  2. Dearest Rebecca,
    How good you are back- the last many dayes I have been thinking of you, and missing you here,-but how wonderfull to hear you had a lovely hollyday with your family. The place looks fantastic, I can see how great it must be relaxing in such wonderfull surrounding, and surrounded with dear family.

    And oh you had fun- the kuchen looks yummy-and your art collages so very beautifull, sweetie.
    The mountains and sun down- what an experience it must be-so extraordinarely beautifull.

    Welcome back, Rebecca- and congratulations with your daughter.
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  3. In 2003 I moved from northern Illinois to Las Vegas, where I lived 6 and 1/2 years in peace and happiness. I could no longer stand the dark and dreary winter days of the Midwest. Those days dampen our spirits, which come alive in the desert sun. It is addictive. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Love your blog.

  4. I am so glad the sun was out when you visited. This weekend has been rain rain..which I am not complaining..makes our grass grow!

    Flagstaff is one of my favorite places here. I LOVE the smell of pine trees!!

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    How wonderful to have a trip away and meet up with all your family.
    I loved seeing your beautiful photographs of how it looks there, amazing place.
    The baking looks delicious and your beautiful creative work is gorgeous.
    Happy birthday to your daughter.

    Have a great week

  6. What a wonderful getaway! Those fabric collages are gorgeous!

  7. So glad to hear your trip went well and you arrived safely home.

    Now get back to those projects ; D We cannot wait to see...hehe


  8. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Oh wow, those photos of the mountains and the desert are just gorgeous. And the kuchen alone would have kept me busy. Sorry to hear you missed K.C.
    Did you read where I just opened a booth at Relics? That's the big one where we got there 10 minutes before they closed. I have a lot more to move in, just getting started.
    Glad your home,
    talk soon,
    love ya,

  9. Hi Rebecca,

    I'm glad you had a nice vacation and enjoyed the sunshine. But what a special, special time to spend it with your sister and Mother. Those vacations are the best. Our family used to take family vacations. We don't anymore. I think it's time....

    Cindy Bee

  10. oh, what gorgeous pictures!!!!! and how much fun, and yummmie!!!!!

  11. Wow! Lovely photos! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip Rebecca. Love the photos, especialy those of the mountains, as we don´t have any in Denmark. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing
    xo Tina

  13. We understand the Light thing. We talked about this last summer here in Very Sunny Ca. We noticed our mood changes according to the light. But we also noticed the intense light of July and August affected us as well. It was TOO much for too long and drained us of energy. Hmmmm? Lesson....we need balance in all aspects of our lives. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. Blessings...Abbey

  14. Dear Rebecca,
    What wonderful photographs of your family and the beautiful part of the country that they live in. We have been to Arizona and much of the surrounding area ( including Flagstaff) and loved it. Your mum looks fantastic and so active.
    Many thanks for your lovely comment and birthday wishes....I have just been spending a few days in London. I cannot believe that you are the age you look wonderful and obviously have your mum's genes !!
    Happy birthday and many happy returns to Kerri and enjoy the birthday cake. XXXX

  15. Great photographs, the scenery is really quite awe inspiring. I can't believe your mum is in her 80s, she is amazing.

  16. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Chicago 10 years ago. The sunshine is incredible and healing.

    Wonderful post and blog.

  17. Looks like it was a wonderful time! And it seems that it was a wonderful time to run away from the cold for a little while! I'm glad you had a great trip and a safe return. LOVE your beautiful fabric collage pieces. YUMMY!


  18. Um, pardon me......I'm thinking that purrhaps my reading skills have deteriorated over the past month. I mean, I *thought* I read that your Mom is 86, but that can't be right. I mean c'mon, she looks in her mid 60's AND she traveled by herself AND she made all those yummies (forgot what they are called). And oh yes, I almost forgot, she understands, TOTALLY understands that there is nothing like kneading dough! I do that all the time and there really isn't anything at all like it....well, if you count "her" thighs as dough....still, I DO knead them when "she" sits long enough.....WOW, what an incredible Mom you have. Still, I'm not sure that you have the age thing while you're checking that, I'm going to go back and gaze at those fabulous pictures of the mountains and sunsets.....WOW....



  19. What a nice trip you had, to get away from the cold is a great idea in Feb.
    I saw the post on Karens blog, what fun. Lovely creations, I adore the one with Jesus and the flock.

  20. Your photos have warmed me up as I sit looking out my window watching the snow fall. We are expecting quite a few inches the next couple days......just when I'm getting ready for Springto be here with warmer weather and sunshine.

    So glad you are able to make this trip with your family....looks like you had fun!

    Stay warm:)


  21. Hi Sweet one!
    I wish I had been packed in along for the warm and wonderful vacay! I so...need a break from all of the yuck and snow!
    Next time I am at your house....will you please make me one of these desserts? It looks amazing!

    So glad you got away for a bit! I too suffer from SAD (Sunlight Affective Disorder)even had a prescription for a sunlamp!
    Maybe that would help you too!
    Hugs and much love,

  22. Rebecca, I'm so glad you enjoyed our beautiful State again... I LOVE living here and have been rooted here now since 1974... which is saying something since until that time I totally lived the Gypsy nomadic lifestyle moving every 1-3 years all my life! Your Sis's Home is lovely, your Mom is the most youthful 86 year old I've ever seen, her baking is making my mouth water! Love what you and Sis worked on, such a creatively talented bunch you are!!!

    Blessings from sunny Arizona... Dawn... The Bohemian

  23. Oh Rebecca! What a glorious trip with your family. I could feel the love in your post. So wonderful to experience God's love this way. Your collages are beautiful. Your mom is beautiful. You are beautiful. So blessed...Oh to walk in the vastness of God's blessings!

  24. Hi Rebecca, So glad you got out of the snowy Chicago. What a beautiful post and such beautiful photo's. I am so glad that you got away and had such a wonderful visit with your family. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

  25. It looks like you had a wonderful 2 weeks in AZ.
    My daughter in Chicago complains all the time about the lack of sunlight too. She says the winters wouldn't be bad if you only had brighter days.

    Your Mom looks great for 86 and she sure can cook. It is great to be able to spend time with your family.

    You mentioned your show - when and where is it?



  26. Thanks for the great pics! I downloaded them. We loved having you here as always! Enjoyed the posts and the kuchen! Still have some in the're welcome to come back and have some! :)


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