Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Whitest Wednesday Ever...

Blizzard 2011 Chicago

I should be packing to get out of here but... 

I can't get the door open...

I know a lot of you have experienced this blizzard or the effects from it and I just have to say...
 I am so over winter!

20.5 inches of snow was blown in by 45mph winds last night...
 for the first time this Minnesota girl who has seen a lot of snow, 
experienced Thunder Snow!

Have you ever heard of such a term? 
I haven't until last night when we had an electrical storm in a blizzard. 
I am talking about thunder and lightening in the middle of a blizzard... Awesome!

So of course this morning I had to get out and take some pictures for White Wednesday at
Kathleen's of Faded Charm.

It wasn't easy!
 Drifts up to my thighs and I had to keep pushing the snow in front of the door...
 little by little until I could squeeze through.

This snow is heavy...

There is a cement fountain under there!

This drift was up to my hip

We are trying to get out of Dodge... 
but all roads are banned in the County we live in. 
Interstates are closed from here to Oklahoma City. 
We have wind and cold advisory tonight with wind chill factor of 45 degrees below zero.

So I guess I will just sit here... and sip my tea

...And forget about this, for now!

And just do this for today...

Arizona or Bust...



  1. I hear you loud and clear, Rebecca! I never heard of thunder and lightning in a blizzard either, it was scary but awesome!! My yard looks a lot like yours...hubby couldn't make it downtown to work. And now we have the cold coming, brrrrrr...

    Stay safe and warm!


  2. oh, that is cold!!! I feel like such a whiner, when its forty degress we are all complaing!
    it is sooooo beautiful thou!!! your garden looks gorgeous!

  3. Thankfully you are safe and have power for warmth. A sip of tea sounds perfect. Safe travels when you are able to...

  4. Oh my ~ we got the thunder snow too~ we're in the house nice and cozy sipping tea. Stay warm my friend ;-)

  5. Thunder snow oh my goodness. Be safe, Jesus Is with you. BTW that first image would make a lovely Christmas card♥

  6. Rebecca, I would say it looks beautiful, and it does, but as much snow as I've been seeing lately on other blogs, it really does make me appreciate Texas. I just don't know if I could handle that much snow. I hope you are keeping warm!

  7. Hi Rebecca, We were supposed to get that much, but I guess it all dumped on Chicago, we only ended up with about 10 inches here. I am so glad that we did not lose power the winds were howling. Good Luck trying to get out to AZ. Have a safe trip. Hugs, Terri

  8. I was thinking about you last night while we watched the Weather Channel. They were doing a story about the blizzard and all the lightening!!
    I'm glad you are safe and warm at home. It's cold here today (for Az) but I can't even imaging what the cold is like there. Hopefully I'll see you after you all shovel yourselves out!

  9. Stay warm! I love your flower and your pincushion!!

  10. I share your the shoveling department, don't know how much we got, but I'm shoveling 10-16 inches out of my HUGE driveway. The drifts are beautiful, but Scratchy is having a hard time of it on HER trail, guess her legs are to short. Good luck and stay warm!


  11. Hi Rebecca, I have never heard of it snowing and thunder and lighting at the same time! and OMG don't think I have ever seen that much snow either! It is just lightly snowing here at our house... yesterday the wind was blowing about 45 mph and it was about 24 degrees, and it's 15 degrees today, us Texas gals are not use to that kind of cold! On top of that they are turning everyone's electric off ever so often to, and then turn it back on, don't know how long that will continue! Try to stay warm, I did love looking at your beautiful snow pictures, I always think it's so beautiful!!!
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  12. So sorry you got all the snow and didn´t get out of there in time Rebecca. Your photos are beautiful though.
    xo Tina

  13. Dearest Rebecca- oh my, looks just like it did here up north one month ago------now it is rayning- grey and foggy--thawing!
    Sweet I so hope you are warm and cosy, that your house, can be warmed really up, in a wether like that-??? Here we are heating with wood-and this year we have used lots a wood, to keep warm--inside and in my shop!!!My husbond are not buying but shopping himself- many houers work.

    Dear stay inside-don`t drive anywhere in this weather-I hate to think of you in such a storm -and then outside !

    Rebecca , your photoes are beautifull, nature looks fantastic--BUT I hope for you, it will soon thaw- so you can go on your trip :)
    Blessings- and love.

  14. Glad you are getting out of the snow. I am in AZ and though no snow it was 15 degrees this morning and icy cold wind all day. Hope you have a great trip.


  15. Wow, I know about that thunder and snow, that happened here in Utah last year in Dec. we do get a lot of snow too. Try to stay warm, these kind of days are to stay home and create! Sorry about your trip! I'm sending angels your way so you can be safe!

  16. Hi, Love your wonderful blog and it's a pleasure to meet you. I wondered over from Polly's blog. We had snow, hail, thunder and lighting all in one day last strange. My son is just outside Chicago. He called early this morning to tell me all about the snowstorm and the huge drifts in his yard. Like you, he said they couldn't get out the front door. Loved seeing your pictures. Come for a visit when you can. Stay warm and I hope you can get out of town asap. :)

  17. Rebecca we live in west central Illinois and we had thunder snow last night too! I am from the upper peninsula of Michigan and never heard of it before! Enjoy your tea, I will too!

  18. OMG Rebecca, I have heard about all the snow but have not watch the news for days. I will be ready for Spring too if I was snowbound like you. Sadly to report, we did get the storms minus the snow and I don't remember ever having minus zero temperatures in Texas. I'm praying for no rain, that will be a mayor deal, specially for Texans, we don't know how to drive in the snow. Hopefully we will all be back to normal sooner than later. Blessings, Marta.

  19. I have never ever seen anything like that. judy

  20. So sorry you did not get to leave on your trip today,and what is up with the Thunder Snow!!??? Oh my. Well, Daddy has a reason for everything... Stay warm and safe at home today and even more as you travel. By the way, thanks for pushing your way outside and taking pictures for us.


  21. Well, I coming at you from Arizona. It's sunny here north of Phoenix but we got down to 24 last night and the winds are blowing 30 miles and hour. Record cold and strange weather for us - the kind the kill the cactus. Take care. Laura

  22. Rebecca,
    That is very pretty
    but oh my goodness so
    I hope you get to go soon!


  23. OMGoodness! Wow! That's a lot of snow! Sorry about your trip! I know how you feel, I'm over the snow as well! Good luck and stay warm!

  24. I am in Arizona!! We have room!! It is cold here..but not like that! WOW!! I am an arizona native..If I had to wake up to that..i think I would just crawl back into bed LOL

    Thanks for sharing the pics though!

  25. I remember thunder/snow.. I lived in Central Illinois and they had them.. odd but really cool!
    your photos are wonderful but I'll tell you.. I came down to Florida about 6 years ago and vowed never again to be in the snow! Been there did that and never want to do it
    Great post!

  26. WOW, now THAT is some snow!!! I hope you can crawl out from under there and hit the sunny skies of Arizona soon. We had a tiny sprinkle of glitter snow today, kind of being in a snow globe with the sun making it shimmer. I don't know how you Northern gals handle all that snow and cold!

  27. Thunder snow is freakish, isn't it? The sky gets all blackish/blue ... so eerie. Glad you're safe and cozy at home with your tea. But so sorry your plans have been postponed. I hope you get to Arizona soon. For some reason we dodged the snow storm bullet in Buffalo. We were supposed to get 10-20" and we only got a few. Best wishes to you and thanks for sharing your snow pictures for White Wednesday.
    ~Lynn at

  28. ~♥hi sweetie, thundersnow is eerie, huh? seen it before, too. over 16 inches here with the 3 foot drifts. yep, pretty, but not fun if you have plans to get out & about. the winds were crazy. but are soo blessed, power stayed on & tonite with being soo cold that is sucha blessing! stay cozy & soon you will be in the arizona sun. saw it for awhile today, but have not much this winter, that is hard when soo cold & dreary for so long. take care. have fun. hugs & blessings, vikki♥~ xoxo

  29. Darn it Rebecca, if it wasn't so beautiful!!! Snow can be such a pain in the neck, especially when it comes at the wrong time. I hope guys are safe and sound and staying warm tonight.
    hugs to you...

  30. WOW! Thank you for sharing your snow photos! That is pretty amazing. Hope it melts soon. But in the mean time I hope you get a lot of crafting done!

  31. Hope you make it out soon. : D Have a safe and wonderful trip. My wonderful kiddies are freezing their tushies off in NYC. Their first bad winter ever. I'm not sure they're too happy about it. lol


  32. Was that some kind of crazy last night or what!?! I headed out towards St Chas about 3:00 and I was the only thing on the road that was not a 4 x 4. I'm with you. Winter can be over. But I can hear a voice in the distance... "I'm not over yet."

    Hope you get to AZ soon! Cheers, Kathy

  33. Wow, that's a lot of snow! Hope you are staying dry and warm and at least you don't have to drive your kids to school in it. That's always my concern when it snows here....not that I've ever seen quite that much before.

    Arizona sounds like heaven to me.

    Take care,


  34. That is a lot! of snow! I experience thunder (and lightening) snow once while sking in Colorado. Was on top of the mountain and it was quite scary comeing down with all that going on.

  35. Beautiful pics...but please know that I'm praying for all of y'all with all this snow and ICE...stay in and put...hoping it will get better real soon.


  36. I talked to my daughter tonight, she lives in Milwaukee and she also described the thunder and lightning in the middle of the blizzard. Stay safe and warm. Thanks for making the effort and sharing your pictures.

  37. Hi Rebecca,

    Oh my you got a lot more snow than we did. It was raining little ice cubes here in Kokomo, Indiana. The wind was howling and the ice hitting the house it just sounded horrible all night long. I miss summer.....

    Cindy Bee

  38. Unbelievable the amount of snow you show....crazy how much snow your door has in front of it...did you climb out a window? I completely see why you want to get out of dodge. Snow is only so pretty for a few days & then - yuk, the slush, freezing etc. Hope you make it to AZ to see some sunshine? Looking forward to some sunshine myself (someday soon?)

  39. woooow! it looks beautiful! but sooo cold!!! and I thought AZ was cold today.... :) ha love your blog!

  40. I saw that on the news...thunder snow and a reporter getting zapped. Crazy! We only got rain and ice but we weren't able to go back to NYC like we planned. Oh well think of the money I saved.
    I'm sure you are dying to get of there but at least you have a beautiful redecorated room to hunker down in!

    I hope sunny skies and warm weather is in your very near future!


  41. Oh rebecca I feel bad that your trip has been postponed by the weather. Nothing worse then having to sit and wait it out.

    Hopefully by the time you get there Arizona will have warmed up. From the golf hubby is watching Phoenix has been pretty cold.

    We are up and down here in Florida like I have never seen in 10 years. Carzy all over.

    Have a safe and fun trip.



  42. Hi Rebecca -we've been without power since Monday and just now got it back at 12 today-crazy Illinois weather-I know you guys up there were really hit! Stay safe and warm~!

  43. Dear Rebecca. Your garden looks magical under all that snow. I think the thunder snow was awesome, though it scared me... just like regular thunderstorms! Have a safe trip, and enjoy! Love, Penny

  44. Hi Rebecca, I have something for you on my blog, would love for you to pick it up when you get a chance!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  45. I am speechless! I am soooo glad I am from the deep South and live here...have a safe trip (when you can get out). xo...deb

  46. Sorry about all your snow, but your photos are beautiful. Your project looks beautiful!

  47. Down here in AUSTRALIA, we are melting in the heat..Your snow looks beautiful..xx

  48. I can only imagine who tiring it must be to be in so much snow for so long. But, Wow!, your pictures are beautiful. Everything one of them could be from out of a magazine. I always wondered if it was possible to have lighting and thunder during a snow storm. Must have been amazing and a little scary, too. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Arizona.
    Patricia :o)

  49. Hi Rebecca,

    Your photos are incredibly beautiful, with the pure white snow. So sorry that your trip away, had to be canceled.
    Stay warm and I hope that the weather will get warmer where you are.

    Sending hugs

  50. I have loved all the snow but here in mIssouri it's almost gone now we have had great wether this week one day 70 degrees!!!!

    Next week more snow now that i gave our weather forecast I just wanted to say hi


  51. thinking of you & sending lots of sunshine your way. Always love to stop by...beautiful pictures of your snow day... wow. I will be out your way in May hope we can get together. xo Laura

  52. Hi Rebecca,
    Ok, I'm a loser for whining about out measly 3 inches. Now that is snow! It's beautiful but I'm sure a pain. Just happy you have power. Hope you get on the road soon. I had cabin fever last week when it snowed here.
    PS Are you going to see Karen?

  53. gorgeous photos!
    happy sunday!


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