Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Challenge - Is anyone Interested?

I have a challenge for some of you... 

I have just started a diet and I can use all the help I can get. You see the last few years I have gained 42 pounds... ouch, that hurts. I gained most of this weight within a year. And yes, I have gone to the Dr and there is somewhat of a dispute about whether I have a thyroid condition or not. But that doesn't help the fact that I can feel a big difference in this extra weight, in my back and joints. 

I told myself after the holidays, I would work on it. Well, it is almost the end of March and I have done nothing. 
So this week I bit the bullet and started to diet. I need a diet that is high in protein because I am hypoglycemic, so I chose one accordingly. But I could use some encouragement and some accountability.

 So this is my challenge...

I can't be the only one out there that needs to lose a few pounds. If you are interested, here is my proposition.
I will do a post in a week and you can either link up or email me if you are interested in joining me in loosing weight. It will be totally on the honor system. We do not have to divulge any pertinent information, only pounds lost. 
Every 2 weeks I will do a post/link up  and we can tell how many pounds lost. The person with the most pounds lost will be rewarded by the person least pounds lost. 
The person with the least pounds lost will owe the person who lost the most weight for that 2 week period a gift. It can be anything of your choosing, something hand made, bought or baked (probably not baked unless... well you know) And then in another 2 weeks we do it again.
Any suggestions? I am open to hearing any ideas out there...

There will be no limitations, this is just for encouragement so it doesn't matter if you have 100 pounds to loose or 5 or if you are 20 or 70.  I know it is easier to lose when you are 30 versus 60 but this is more about connecting and living healthier not winning. And actually we will all be winners in the end. So what do you say?
Anyone up for a challenge? Take the button and join me...
at anytime, April 6 or later if you wish.

Tell me what you think...
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  1. I would love to join you. I will add your button to my blog.............!!! Thanks for the invite. HUGS MARY

  2. Good for you! I host Wednesday Weigh-Ins to keep me on track with my weight loss! So far I've lost 22 pounds!

    I'm cheering you on!

  3. I'm very interested but can we be a bit late in starting? There is no way I can resist chocolate marshmallow eggs so I'm planning on starting a diet/exercise regime after Easter.

  4. I don't see any weight on you that is extra from here!

  5. Hi Rebecca. This sounds perfect. I've been saying the same thing. I'm about 20 lbs heavier than I want to be and this is the only time in my life I've ever had a weight issue and even if I lose it, I have a feeling the belly's not going anywhere. I'm not good at saying away from sweets and junk because I never had to before. The extra weight is making me feel tired and sick. I just want to sleep all the time (or sit) and that has never been me. I'm hoping that joining you (no promises) will encourage me to try a little harder (okay, try period). Good luck to you on this journey. I'll be following and hoping I'm in there with y'all.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  6. This is a great idea! Count me in too!
    Blessings to you,

  7. I would love to join you. I decided this weekend that I had to do something so I have stayed away from sweets for a whole 2 days. This could be just what I need to get serious.

  8. First of all, I think you're gorgeous! But, with that said, I know if YOU don't feel good about yourself that's the important thing. I gained over 30lbs. over the past few years after meeting my husband. I was always a small person and I felt like a tank, my knee's were starting to hurt and I had zero energy! New Years Day I bit the bullet and did it. So far I'm down 26 lb.s and have only 10 more to go! I do Billy Blanks 5 days a week and my friend and I walk 5 days a week for an hour plus I count every calorie that goes into my mouth. I feel so much better about myself, more energy and I'm starting to feel like my old self again:) The hardest part for me has been losing weight after 40 is nothing like losing it in your 20's and 30's. Weight used to drop off me like it was nothing, this has definitely taken hard work and willpower! You can do it!!!!

  9. Hi Rebecca! Well we are so on the same page here...I've got about 40 to lose as well! and I also pledged to have lost at least half of that by now and well I think I've lost 3 pounds...:-(
    I'll try this challenge with you...I love summers at the beach and am NOT looking forward to it right now...!!!
    We can do it!!
    Tammy :-)

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    I've already started my healthy eating program. I had a rude awakening when my blood sugar shot up to the pre diabetic level. I've lost 18 pounds since Feb.22. I need to lose at least 50 more!
    I just might join in your challenge. We can do it.


  11. I have to be honest. I am a little worried at the dash to lose as much weight as possible each week. It's not a healthy change and crash dieting is not healthy either.

    I started to change my diet (as in what I eat) over a year ago, and achieved my first weight loss goal in seven months. But I am taking baby steps. I have 20 more to go, but have plateaued and need to get back on the wagon, because the plateauing means I've not quite kicked those old habits.

    So I won't be joining in because my weight loss each week will always be low, but your post has kick-started me to resume the slow progress toward my next weight loss goal, so thank you for that.

  12. Dearest sweet Rebecca,

    I think it is a wonderfull idea--I also think you looks very beautifull-and not big at all- but that`s not what matters- truly it is your healp that matters, and your feeling good.
    I`m too bussy now with the seacon coming up in my shop-to take part in anything-- and maybe what I need is not to loose so much weight as to exercise to make some stronger belly mussels---but it is wonderfull you have the idea-and strengh to put this thing up.
    I wish you lots of luck- (hard work) loosing what you have decited to go for- sweetie-
    Much love from,Dorthe

  13. Hi Rebecca.
    First I want to say what? you look fantastic! but if you want to loose weight I understand. I started a diet in December (I weight between 95 & 100 pounds) for medical reasons. I stopped drinking coffee and sugar, just tea without sugar, eating multi grain bread, no white bread, no regular milk, got almond or coconut milk, no cheese, no red meat, etc. In two weeks I lost 5 pounds, for me 5 pounds is a lot. A week later I found out that my problem was that I just needed some prescribed hormones. But I learned that for a diet you need perseverance and guilt. I felt guilty when I put a teaspoon of sugar on my tea, but I don't need to loose weight I started this for many pains that I had, now that the pain is gone I got back in my normal diet and gained back the 5 pounds. All I can say is that I wish all of you that participate in this challenge to be persistent so you can succeed. My best wishes and blessings to all!

  14. count me in...see ya April 6
    I have had the worst time loosing....

  15. Hey ! I'm in ! This will give me incentive too. That first week April 6th I am leaving for a 4 day trip to vist old friends , so that week it may be a little tough to participate. but after that I'm on it. I have a class reuion this summer , and I sure would like to go not looking fat .

  16. Okay, I am in. I have a 25th class reunion end of June and I am int he same boat.

  17. Count me in, I need to lose 40. My neighbor just built a gym in their basement. I am starting a regimen and stop the sugar and junk. I also started yoga. So lets get this goin'!

  18. Set your goals and a date girls. There is no reason you can't reach them...especially YOU, Mom! My whole life you have put your mind to whatever you want to accomplish and have succeeded, this goal is no different!

    I challenge you to a 5k/10k I am directing on August 6th, and I encourage you all to set a goal similar.

    The only way to get this weight off is to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise. You can give your excuses of having no time, but if you really want to succeed, time for yourself and your health shouldn't be an issue. How much time do you spend dealing with the ramifications of your weight gain? If it escalates...what kind of future do you have to look forward to? Nip it in the bud now and take control. Don't let a few chocolate bunnies decide when you get to start your new life. A new life free of being uncomfortable, sick and feeling overwhelmed.

    I'm here when you need me to kick your butt in the gym, Mom. No whining allowed!

    I love you, you can do it!

  19. Wow, I was expecting to see a large lady and was surprised, but it reminded me of myself. Everyone said "you're not fat!" But I knew this wasn't how I wanted to look and FEEL. Your right, it is uncomfortable and the joints ache which leads to further delays of exercise. For 20 years I had been taking syandnthroid for my hypothyroidism. It took me a year of hard work to lose 4 pounds. Finally I took the advice of a friend went to see a holistic doctor. I'm now on nature-thyroid and it has changed my life and the way I look and FEEL! A holistic doctor will do extensive blood tests and can pinpoint problems that get overlooked by typical blood tests from the standard medical community. They will also give you info on eating correctly for your specific conditions. The Lord has blessed me with the knowledge to pass onto others who can benefit too! I will be tuning in and cheering you on!
    In His Hands,

  20. Over a year ago I was doing very well. Lost 50 pounds over the course of a year, then hit a plateau and now I'm just floating along. Really been thinking a lot lately about trying harder so this comes at a very good time. I'm in! Good luck to you and all of us!

    Vintiquities Workshop

  21. I'm so glad you linked this up, Rebecca. I'm workin on it and have been exercising about 5 times a week. with all my wacky meds I don't want to get frustrated. So I'll be a lurker and be cheering you all on from the sidelines!!

  22. I would like to join you ~ I may have to actually break down and buy a scale. I have to admit I have never owned one! (or better yet I can use the one at the gym that I joined last Oct. and have only gone ONCE!) A little accountability is what I need!
    Thanks Rebecca!

  23. I knew you were God sent.. I was just thinking of some of the things you say & how much you have heled me in the past. No this girl in in the same boat as you. This is the best thing we can do for each other. I'm in! xo Laura

  24. me again we are totally on the same page. You should consider doing glutten free. I will add your button. I wish we could do a confrence call I like to talk. xo Laura

  25. I am *thinking* about this...not sure I need more pressure these days..but I want to encourage you...GO for it...I think you look great but know it's how YOU feel...and the comment left by your dd made me totally SMILE....my dd teaches a class at the gym...kicks my hiney too:)
    Your words of support for me and my *mess* have been such an encouragement to me...THANK YOU for sharing your heart with me. I am looking forward to reading your guest post at donna;s...is it up yet?

  26. Hello my sweet!
    I decided to take a break and read the post you told me about on the phone!
    I love you as you are but totally get why you want to do this! I am here for you...cheering you on. I should join you but may have to sit on the sidelines...too many pots on the stove over here and can't stir them all as it is.
    Can't wait to see your progress!
    Chat soon!
    Have a great and productive day!
    hugs and kisses!

  27. Sweet Rebecca, I love this. I am going to carefully consider joining in. The reason I say that is because I feel like once you put it out in Blogland, you've given your word and I need to be ready to commit. But I have 15-20 to lose and like you, said I'd do it after the New Year. Yeah, that was a WHILE ago. And I've done NADA since except get a bigger belly. YUCK!

    Join me in my romantic prairie style photo challenge. You NEED to be there!


  28. Hey darlin'!
    Boy to you look mad in that pic (LOL)! I too am on a mission to lose all this "extra weight" (with no help from menopause...hey, gotta try and blame something).

    We have been talking forever about getting together for the big show down here...so, let's make a pack. This will be our "reward" for losing the weight??? Now that gives us a total of almost 7 months to lose a bit of it? You in? LOL

    Love ya...xo...deb

  29. I read your blog about the weight loss idea the day you posted it and I can't quit thinking about it so I guess that means I better join up. I need to loose 15 pounds and if I have a group to answer to I will do a better job sticking to it because so far I have not done very good by myself. Thank you for doing this for us overweight followers of your blog.

  30. Rebecca, if it means anything, I think you look great, but the important thing is that you FEEL great! I'm having the same problem with the extra weight on the joints and I always feel so tired! I would like to join, I could use some weight loss encouragement right now.

  31. Bravo for doing this! Although, honestly, I think you look great, but we each know how our body feels, etc, so I understand. I've lost 55 lbs since July, but now I'm down to the last 30 and its really getting hard now, so I'm in too! Exercise is the key and I just need to stay motivated to do that every day! Thanks for the extra inspiration!


  32. I am at three pounds!! I only need to lose 15, but it is soooo hard!!! Love to meet up with fellow dieters!

    Beautiful blog too!! I think we can blog even better thinner!!!
    Something I always say in my head: "Nothing taste as good as skinny."


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