Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kitchen White and Added Tutorial

Welcome to White Wednesday 
I am showing my kitchen today for lack of any white projects. 
With these gray days and winter holding on as long as it possibly can, I thought these pictures with the sun streaming through my kitchen windows would be nice.

These pictures were taken in the spring just to prove the sun does shine in Chicago sometime...

The  painted arch is old and it came from a theater in Texas from a set prop

This is a farm kitchen, not a gourmet by any means. 

This actually was never a kitchen, when this house was moved in the 20's they sheered it off and left the kitchen and formal dining room in the side of the hill it originally was on. It had over looked a three tier garden down to the river. The house was moved through town with a team of horses and huge logs.
It was built in the 1860s.

The mud porch

The porch is nice also for reading on a summer afternoon

Thanks for joining me, please visit Kathleen at Faded Charm and see all the whites listed there.
Hoping spring comes soon for all of us

I am adding a post script to this...
I have had a question on the wall treatment in the kitchen, so I thought I might as well post it.

I used to be hired to do faux painting in the early 90's before you could buy kits at Home Depot, I quit because it was too hard on my back.  I actually developed this technique, now maybe someone else has done it somewhere better, but this is how I make walls look old. I wanted them to reflect an old French villa...

 I also have this wall treatment in my bathroom upstairs. I might post on that later.
I start out by painting the walls with a textured paint, I like Ralph Lauren's sand paint. The color I used varies but I like it to resemble sandstone but the darker brown tones are nice too. Once the paint is dry you will be applying drywall compound mixed with paint over the walls with a trowel. I used a creamy white color, I pour the paint right in a 5 gal. bucket with the dry wall compound and mix to the consistency of frosting. Now take your trowel, load it up and spread it thinly on the wall. It helps to hold the trowel handle perpendicular to the wall, you want the sand paint to show through in places but you do not want to see through the drywall compound. 
This will give you muscles but a lovely old French wall... before the compound dries I draw cracks in the corners (why should my kitchen be any different from the rest of the house). 

This step is optional but I put paint mixed with water in a spray bottle and went a little darker on the base and in the corners to give it an aged look. This is also quite washable.
 In the bath I added another step but that is another post. I hope this answered your questions Line-Cathrin! 
If anyone has any others please feel free to email me!

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  1. It's so cottagey...and light and airy! I love it!!

  2. Good morning!
    I think this is the most charming and pretty kitchen I have ever seen. You must be so proud of it. And rightfully. The cabinets with all treasures, displays old and vintage find, little nooks and cloths and decorations. Heavenly pretty.
    I have one question. Your walls look very interesting to me. How have you made them like that. And do you have a closer picture of them?

    Who am I? I belive I have never posted a commet before in here. I am a norwegian interior blogger. I have followed your blog for some time and always find joy and inspiration in what you write and what you show.

    Wishing you a wonderful day. And hopw for an answer on my question.

  3. Pst!
    Do you mind if I share pictures of your kitchen i my blog. I will of course credit you and link back here.?

  4. ooooh what a girlydream! love everything on the pics! just want to come and take a cup of coffe (or two...)
    best wishes and thanks a lot for sharing this treasures! di

  5. Just beautiful Rebecca!


  6. wow fabulous!! how do you keep it clean? must take ages!

  7. Oh my dear Rebecca,-
    whomever would wish for a gourmet kitchen, if having this sooo beautifull and lovely farm kitchen- Everything is perfect for this rooms,-and I love all your romantic and light style---my kitchen is filled with small collections,just like yours, but it is not as beautifully romantic as yours, dear.
    The porch is a wonderfull room ,too- I`m in love with all your rosy fabric`s used.
    This was so inspirational to see, sweet friend.
    Warm hugs- from Dorthe

  8. That little porch is adorable. I could definately see it being used to lounge and read magazines on a hot summer day. Spring is coming, believe me I need it here asap too. Have a wonderful White Wednesday.

  9. Such a lovely farm kitchen and the porch is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing ;-)

  10. You can have the gourmet kitchens. I'll take a farm kitchen any day! How cozy which is hard to capture using white.Love yours.

  11. Oh my...I was just thinking that I am getting tired of white and then you show these pics....LOVE YOUR KITCHEN. My husband and I are building a new house and I had the framers NOT put the pantry in that the architect drew. My husband said, "why are you telling the framers to not put the pantry in." "Because" I say, "I want to add old free standing cabinets in my kitchen, to give it character, I don't want to be hindered by all of this new stuff." He agreed :)

    Cindy Bee

  12. What an absolutely beautiful kitchen!!! Just what I needed to see to rejuvenate me in this bleak, cold winter!! Love it.
    Margaret B

  13. I love the layout of your kitchen and wow...what you have done with it. All the added architectural elements you've added take it to a whole different level. This lovely room would definitely "feed" my soul!
    P.S. If loving that island/table is wrong...I don't wanna be right!

  14. Beautiful kitchen and that porch...well I could spend a whole lot of time out there...thanks for sharing!


  15. WOW!!!Rebecca!!!That is one of the most beautiful kitchens I have ever seen!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!I can't even tell you my favorite part because I just love it all. And your porch, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing it with us today:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  16. This is absolutely charming, Rebecca. A beautiful place to have some coffee and a croissant. And your porch and the tiny little mud room are charming. What a lovely post for today. Thank you. Great way to start the day. - Cheers, Kathy

  17. Ohhhhh your kitchen is
    so very beautiful !!
    Thank you for sharing
    some pictures with us :)


  18. The first picture made me think, "It looks like springtime!" Then the next thing I read was where you said the pics were taken in the spring. Does that prove that light *does* look different at different times of the year?

    Enjoyed the pictures. Your kitchen is so pretty and... farmhouse kitchens make the best food!

  19. Rebecca... OMG!!! YOU definitely know how shop & display!!! FaVoRite area- cozy round table with hanging birdhouse... Just a lovely little nook...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  20. Rebecca, Your kitchen is so beautiful!! What a cheerful place and so inviting. I love the little porch, it looks like a wonderful place to curl up with a good magazine!! While I love the all-white look, I fear it would not go over with my dear husband. He humors me in most everything else, so he has to feel comfortable too. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures. I'm sure some very delightful and tummy warming meals come out that great kitchen.!!

  21. One of the cutest kitchens ever! Love all the whites. judy

  22. oh, its gorgeous!!! but it makes you in a good mood everytime you step in there!!

  23. I have to say... your kitchen is flawless! I have seen a lot of beautiful kitchens but this...makes me giddy! Wow!! Yummy, yummy, yummy~ It is a real home, created from the heart. So original~
    I’ll be right over,

  24. oh love the dining set and the mud porch!

  25. Rebecca,

    Oh, I am lovin' this post. i just want to be in that kitchen baking some bread or making cookies, OR watching you do it while I sipped some coffee. :D

    Sharing the wall technique? SO nice of you sweetie. I would gush on and on but everyone has covered what I would have said anyway lol


  26. Your kitchen is very cozy and inviting, love it! and that arch is beautiful! Thank you for sharing that painting technique.

  27. I could look at these pictures again and again and again....SO PRETTY!

  28. ur house is so quaint and dreamy....i would love to sit on ur rch a nd sip tea in ur kitchen....its like a it!

  29. I so love your farm kitchen, what a fun place to cook!! I can just see myself napping on that adorable day bed on your porch!!!

  30. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful, so romantic and pretty! I did my kitchen whites today too but it pales next to yours! Love the little porch! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  31. I love the walls and would love to do something similar, but I'm afraid it would be a disaster! No guts here! lol!

  32. Thank you so much Rebecca.This was very helpful. After seeing your wall i wandered around my house, wondering how I and where I could try this.I have the ugliest wall in my livingroom that screams for help. I wondered if I could use what we use behind woodburning stoves here, and after reading your advice I see that would be just perfect. Since the livingrom needs a major lift later on I can play around now.That fab.
    Again thank you so much. I very much appreciate your help.

  33. Oh I love love your mud porch.....I lived in an older home years ago and I miss my mud porch....just love them...have a wonderful rest of the week!

  34. What a cozy kitchen! Beautiful place to welcome family and friends!!

  35. Just gorgeous & thanks for sharing the how-to on the wall!

  36. What a beautiful home you have! Thanks for sharing.


  37. Rebecca,
    I love the vintage-ness of it all! If my dh was on board this is what my dream kitchen would look like....but he's not! Oh well, it's called compromise, not something I'm very good at I'm afraid.
    Thanks for sharing a part of your lovely home!

  38. Hey Girlie!
    I made it! I actually turned on the laptop for the first time in days! And just for you!
    I wanted to stop and see the kitchen post!
    I LOVE the kitchen laid out this way! It seems so cozy!
    The little table (island) is adorable!
    I think you should make it look like this again!
    Okay, so that's my two cents! Have a blessed evening
    Love you bunches

  39. Your home is SO sweet! Looks very comfortable and inviting ~ really love it!

    Sharon(new blogger)

  40. I'm lovin' this peek into your, so pretty...I love the touches of pink, the E's and that cabinet on the porch...I have one very similar...those old kitchen cabinets are my fave.

  41. Rebecca,
    What a charming, charming home you have. I clicked to make the pictures larger so I could take in all the pretty details. I love your style.
    And mud room....we have to call it something other than that. I know that is what they call it but one hardly thinks of mud at all in that beauty of a space.
    Very very nice home. Thank you for the tour.

  42. Your kitchen is so inviting. It has a similar feel to mine but our cabinets need paint and new hardware. Your porch would be a great place to spend a quiet afternoon. Thanks for sharing your home.

  43. OMG !!!! I LOVE everything about this to bottom...all the collections, curtains, paintings, prints, dishes, fabrics...I mean I LOVE it all. Thanks so much for sharing....

  44. I really love your kitchen! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. It's easy to get inspired here at your blog! You are an artist with colors and really clever in mixing different materials!
    Wish you a lovely evening!
    Hugs Solveig

  45. Good morning!
    Oh, what a lovely kitchen, so different and so cosy. I just loved it with all the things and the nice porch. The walls were so special and very nice too. Thank you so much for sharing these fantastic pictures
    I wish you a lovely day.
    Hugs Sigfrid

  46. Oh I love your kitchen, and that porch? unbelievably, over the top awesome!!!

    Thanks for showing us.
    I am so enjoying my visit to your blog, and your home.

    thank you

    barbara jean

  47. A beautiful room! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial. Would love to see the bathroom tutorial!

  48. Hi Rebecca - it's me Mary, the one you sent me an email about your faith (6-19-12). Just love your kitchen and the warmth and welcoming spirit you created in it. I really love the curtains in the mud room and the little table by the windows love the windows in there and in the kitchen and such great molding around the windows. The white hutch is beautiful and I spotted the covered cheese dish (I have blue & white and always wanted a blue and white one)...LOL I used think they were for keeping butter. Thanks for sharing this kitchen of yours.

  49. I am so very blessed to have found your blog! What a beautiful one it is indeed! Little Susie's Cottage informed me of your blog, such a sweetheart. So now I can follow you, thanks so much for sharing!


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