Saturday, March 26, 2011

Studio Sunday - Water Street Gallery

Welcome to Studio Sunday!
I am hosting a Studio blog party every Sunday to encourage and share our creative gifts. 
Or just show off your studio and what inspires your creativity. 

This Sunday I am at Water Street Gallery here in Batavia IL. It is where I rent studio space along with 30 other artists. 
We donate our time to the gallery and share workshops. 
Today is my time to work so I thought I would take you on a tour...

 This is the art gallery. It has a juried show that lasts until mid May.

Today I had the pleasure of working with Leah, as you can see she is a talented artist. She works in oils and does amazing work. She is the mother of 2 children and has her studio space designed to bring her children in with her. They have a play loft and there creative space. I love that.

She has some workshops coming up and I plan on taking her portrait class in July. She also has a blog called On the Easel  please visit her to see more of her beautiful work.

Here are some of  the art pieces that I especially love.

These sculptures are made from driftwood and architectural remnants.

This wall art is made of book pages and wire... love the roots

This sculpture is made of coffee filters... interesting isn't it.

The gallery is open every weekend and second Saturday of the month features artists studios for tours. Fridays evenings there is usually music or movies. Check Here for schedules.

The H2O Gallery is our art for sale from resident artists and members.

Here is some of Leah's work for sale in the Gallery

This is some of my stuff I have in the H20 gallery

This is my studio door...

Studio number 4... come on in!

My work stations at the moment...

Projects in progress...

Collage wall hangings for an up coming event

Please join our Studio Sunday tour and link up your projects with us.
 Whether it be your studio space, garden or latest decorating project... creativity comes in many forms 
and all are welcome here.


  1. Rebecca - this was such a fun post. I loved seeing the studio. Your work is amazing. Loved some of the other artists as well. Thanks for sharing! I have four or five projects on the table right now. I'll snap some shots tomorrow in the sunlight. Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. It was fun working with you today, and your blog is great!

  3. What fun, it was a privelage to see your studio....thanks!!!
    Love the tour, what creative art pieces, very interesting.
    Margaret B

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for sharing your studio with us! I loved looking at all the art work too! Wow! So much talent! I love that collage you are working on.Fabulous! What a great place to hang out!
    Blessings and have a wonderful SONday.

  5. SO much fun to see this studio space. I am jealous. ALthough I love my upstairs space there is laundry to do and dogs to let outside and dishes to wash.It would be nice to have fewer distractions and other artists to share ideas.

    Lucky you, and you deserve it.. : D


  6. That´s a awesome place Rebecca. Some really beautiful pieces in there. Loved to see your studio too. And I love those pieces you´re working on too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    xo Tina

  7. Hello dear Rebecca,
    How fabolous your collage piece are, I love the wax used, and everything resting on that wonderfull book-cover--also the necklace with the tiny doll, is a beautifull piece ,sweet friend.
    Thank`s for the exiting tour, -so many fantastic art pieces- and the wonderfull figures under that lovely parasol are so gorgeus made- I also love the one on the wall ,with the roots :)
    But your place, Rebecca- are just SOOOOO great-all your pearls, and things -there just wayting for your wonderfully creative hands--what a joy to have.
    Much love and sunday hugs--I hope to link up next week again.

  8. Your work is amazing and I always enjoy looking at it. I enjoyed seeing your workspace, to get a glimpse of your creative process. I will link my block of the month post if I can get it finished today.

  9. Oh, Rebecca. I can see why you love that place! Do you feel a peace come over you when you enter the world with such creativeness? I felt it in your pictures. Truly love your personal space too. I really need to make some time for myself as I am feeling mighty taken advantage of these days. I need to feel that peace and let the creative juices flow. Thank you for the journey through your photos and the gentle reminder to find my space!

  10. Your studio is such an inspiration. I hope to have a larger space of my own one day; I'd love to be able to spread my wings. Thanks for sharing the other talented artists.

  11. I love the new pieces you are working on!
    Love ya...donna

  12. Dear Rebecca, Your work is amazing, and it's so perfect to have all that inspiration around you as you work. I missed you at the blog event, but see what a busy and productive artist you've been. Take care and keep on inspiring. Love, Penny

  13. Hello Rebecca, I wish I could keep "my studio" that neat and organized, how do you do it? I love your artwork, is soo pretty!
    Thank you for hosting the studio sunday.

  14. What beautiful and interesting works in progress!
    Patsy from

  15. I love it all you are so multitalented...your art is beautiful. THe featured artist too. Love, love, love your work desk..get's me inspired.


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