Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Loser Challenge

We can do this!

Hello my beautiful friends, today is the first day of our loser challenge. Together we are going to live a better, healthier lifestyle.
This is what I have so far...
Every two weeks we link up from here and post our loss or gain (I am being realistic) and talk a little about how the week went or some tips you might have picked up that helped that week. Maybe some fun exercise you found... anything that you want to talk about pertaining to our goals. The first 2 week link up will be on Thursday April 21.
I will be posting tips from my daughter who is a certified trainer and marathon runner (she did not inherit those genes from me) and anything else I think is helpful. 
Every two weeks when we post our weight loss, just for fun, the girl with most pounds lost will receive a small gift from the girl with the least pounds lost. If you could post ounces that would help but if not and there is a tie, I will throw the names into a hat. 
This is not a race, this is a lifestyle change. This is meant to be a little push to accomplish some goals and feel better about yourself. I want to stress the importance about loving yourself and seeing yourself as beautiful as God sees you. He calls you "my beloved". I want you to get on the scale and have it reflect how beautiful you really are no matter what the pounds say!
It really is about feeling energetic and living positive with a clear mind. I really don't think we can do that while stuffing our bodies full of junk. 
This time of year is such a great time to start new, every morning we get up and we start a new day, yesterday is gone and we don't worry about what was. With new life all around us, let us start a new beginning here together as we journey together towards this goal of a better and healthier life.
Today, I would like you to join in and commit to your goal with the linky below. I think putting it out there will help you commit and be accountable to your goal. If you want to post about it I think that would be great and help you and others. So to join just link up, if at this time you are not able to, you can certainly join at a later time.

For the first two week prize, I am going to give it. 
I will give this chunky pearl necklace, that I made to the person who lost the most. As a reminder of how beautiful you are, just as a pearl is made beautiful by adversity so are we.

Please link up and join me on the Loser Challenge Journey...
If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Blessings Today!

PS... I am linking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm today


  1. Rebecca, I want you to know I am doing this totally by faith! I have throid problems and take meds daily and have been told that with this condition it's super hard to lose weight, but I know GOD is greater. I've been feeling that I needed to lose weight for some time now and this I am hoping and praying will help me to keep on track. I'm not a big eater, but I know I don't always eat the healthiest way. Thanks for doing this.

  2. I have just dropped 22 lbs. on Weight Watchers and I have found this program to be the best as far as support and accountablity. I found that by attending the meetings each week and paying out money, helped me to stay on track. It’s just good, healthy eating and an exercise regime that you do...not a diet, a lifestyle change. Good luck to you...

  3. wow that s so beautyful, big hugh Kathrin

  4. I am looking forward to hooking up with all of you on your goal of weight loss. I have been able to loose 60 pounds on weight wathcers and I would recommend it to anyone........I am down to the last 15 pounds........Have a great week everyone. Hugs Mary

  5. I started keeping track of things (I weighed myself for the first time in ages)on April 6th. My hubby seems to be interested in both of us changing the way we are eating now. I have picked up on the excersise, like walking my dog more, she loves that! I also have said no to snacking, I just wanted to let you know that I am in with this.


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