Thursday, May 26, 2011

NaDa Farm Fun

   Farm Fun
What a hectic fun week... I loved having Donna here for the week and she worked so hard helping me get things ready for the Fifi. 
After the shoot, we regrouped and then we spent Friday getting ready for the BoHo Ball at the NaDa Farm event. We even researched what the Bohemian look was and then went shopping. 

So do we look Bohemian?

Isn't she cute...

As for me I might be boardering on a bag lady...

The Farm was all dressed up and ready for a party.

I have put on many events through all the shops I have had but I can not imagine doing one right after giving birth... Anne Marie is really Wonder Woman.
 Not to mention still having small kiddies at home!

Anne Marie and Mark Lohman the talented photographer that colaborates with Fifi ONeill on many projects. 

Don't you love the lights she did in the barn.

The vendors had wonderful displays and the crowd seemed pleased. 

Sorry I did not get the names of which displays belong to which vendors...

Mark's displays are always incredible

I think the most fun of the whole evening was visiting with old friends and seeing blogger friends. There is always a sense of well being and loving life when bloggers meet. I love how blogging slips past all the preconceived notions and cuts to the heart of people, bringing with it acceptance of friendship without judgment. I feel the Nada Farm event upheld that atmosphere and there was love and friendship in the country air. 

The blogger tent was set up in the Beautiful Bohemian style.

I was so happy to see Jill of Gypsy Brocante, she came all the way from Jersey. I met the gal sitting next to Jill on the left but I am so sorry I forgot her name. (if you read this please forgive me and send me your link)

Jill visiting with Fifi... two gorgeous gypsies.

Always good to see my sweet friend Polly of the French Cupboard.

The amazing Fifi girl feeling some love...

Fun was had by all...
Me a little wind blown but giggling with Donna
all the way home.

Donna is headed home to get ready for the Horton's French Flea Market
And now I am grabbing my hat
and loading up the Envoy and it is off to Washington for the

I will be posting on my "Roadtrip to Farm Chicks"...
Come along for the ride!
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  1. these are great Rebecca!! I hope you don't mind me sharing that picture you took of Fifi and Daniel to Fifi....I sent her your link so she can see it

    (p.s. saw some of your photos from Fifi and your place looks absolutely amazing!)

    so glad you came out to the farm with Donna- you two were gorgeous! and super great to meet her for the first time- you are blessed to have her as your friend.

    xo+farm blessings,
    Anne Marie

  2. So fun...wish I had been there! I did get to meet Fifi at the signing in Geneva the day before. As soon as I here of the next event it it going on the calendar! :)

  3. Wow! It looks like you girls had so much fun at this event. You looked beautiful in your Bo-ho ball outfits!
    XXX Ido

  4. OH how fun!! I wish Louisiana were closer :( and I could have been there with all of you beautiful blogger celebrities :)
    You looked gorgeous! I just Love looking at these sweet photos. Yes, Anne Marie is super woman.
    Becky C

  5. Prettiest bag lady I know:)...oh, do enjoy your trip to the west...I so wish I was going to fc...just to meet you...but no can do...BUSY long are you out sale is June could bring your fun would that be?! Anyway, enjoy being with your girl! I will look forward to watching your adventures.

  6. Oh, wow, what eye candy! I ewwww, ahhhhed through the whole post! WHAH, I want to go to Farm Chicks . . . . but I'm so glad you're taking us along, next best thing to actually going in person!!!


  7. Looks like you had lots of fun, and I thought your outfit was super cute! Too neat! thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh, looks like you had so much fun. I really enjoyed the pictures. I would have been there had we not been out of town, it would have been lovely to meet you and all of the other bloggers there. I will definitely be there in the fall! So glad you had a good time!


  9. You wonder women of the world! How can you handle doing so much? A little sale at the store will kick my butt, much more the thought of becoming a traveler dealer. The effect of the economy is starting to reflect on my sales and I have been contemplating what the next step may be. I see more and more shop owners closing their shops and doing the show thing. I get exhausted just thinking about it. What is the recipe to become a good traveler dealer? You all seem to have it going on. Any input from the professionals will be appreciated. Blessings to you and by the way you do not look like bag lady at all, very pretty. Marta.

  10. Great shots Rebecca!!! You're the best lookin' bag lady around! I'll be emailing you, don't know anything yet, xoxo Debra

  11. Oh my looks like you girls had a great time! Please tell me what gives you so much energy? I want some! lol! Have fun at the Farm Chicks!

  12. Go Rebecca Go!!! What a whirlwind of fun!!! We'll be coming along for the, have you posted about now......hmmmm. Maybe I'll take a small catnap....just a small one, because I am sure you are going to post any moment now....


    Romeo and "her"

  13. wow, busy lady..tons of do you do it.

  14. Oh you two cuties!!! Love the windblown pic..pre- champagne lol

    Working many, many hours but I will catch up with your adventures I promise.


  15. Oh Rebecca,
    You are so lucky to be able to get to Anne Marie's event. I have been following her for 2 years and have seen them all on her blog. I am so envious and would be there in a heartbeat if I lived in the same country would be good !!!! haha
    You two looked great and really entered into the spirit of it and Rebecca, you would look wonderful in anything !
    Your photographs are lovely and really give us who can't be there, a real taste of the occasion.
    ....and that photo of Fifi with Daniel is wonderful. We have just welcomed a new grandson into the world, so I can really relate to that one.
    Have a lovely weekend Rebecca. XXXX

  16. R.E.
    Wow...amazing eye candy...oh and the junk looked pretty good too! BTW...if that's what a bag lady looks like...where do I sign up?
    I tell you girl I don't know how you do it. A photo shoot, then traipsing all over the country and still you look beautiful and fresh as a daisy. If you find a way to package your e'lan...bottle'll make a fortune!

  17. P.S. Or at least write a book about it. The power of prayer is an amazing thing to behold.

  18. it was great seeing you again rebecca. you are donna were fun. have fun at farm chicks. travel safe.

  19. So much eye candy! Wow, that was a great tour your took us on, and you looked so good doing it!

  20. You are wicked ornery!
    I finally figured out how to get blogger to allow me to leave comments!
    (left one on your phone too!)
    Well, at least you posted the wind blown version of you and your "Delta Dawn"
    Love ya bunches and have fun!
    Give Kathleen a hug from me!

  21. We were going to go and didn't get to make it out. Drat! Looks like fun. Susan and I were just reminiscing about you the other night. Can't wait to see the Farm Chicks posts. And as for Delta Dawn?! WOW! Now that's a blast from the past. You looked adorable as always. Cheers! - Kathy

  22. you've worked so hard, now go have some fun!!

    jeannie labelle is the mystery womams name!
    Fifi was here all day a week ago and then
    we just hosted a big big sale at Annie's farm Stone Meadow ... I'm ready for a vacation !!!

    great fun isn't it?

  23. So glad you had fun and thank you for sharing!
    You looked great in your outfit!

  24. Hi Rebecca.
    I am revisiting for x number of times but I have not left many comments, reason is that I always end up lookking like drooling baby in here.

    I wish I lived near by and could go to all this fairs you have. Farm chicks Monticello etc. Siigh.
    Must have been a lott to do before Fifi came I imagine. But so fun right.
    Fabululous the wind blown picture of you. :)
    I always enjoy reading your blog, your work and creativity gives me so much. Thank you.
    I have a give away now, perhaps you like to join?
    Hugs and kisses!
    Lineca from Norway


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