Sunday, May 29, 2011

Road Trip

There is no time to rest here, Fifi has left the building, Nada Farm fun is over and I must hit the road for Farm Chicks. 
I must leave my garden with the heady fragrance of lilac and my peonies just spreading their petals that I patiently wait for all year and set my sights on greener pastures. Washington state that is.

My favorite tree, a ever so soft pinky cream French lilac

I will be staying with my oldest daughter Jody and we will spend a week getting ready for FC in Spokane which is about 7 hours from her.
I have set my onstar to Vancouver and my navigational advisor who I like to call Miles has informed me I have 2100 miles to go. I will be traveling West on interstate 80 to I84 most of the way, passing through Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and into Washington.
This should be fun... just me, hopefully the sun and the open road... my SUV stops for critters and antique shops. 

There is no room for another thing in this car... well, only if I really really find something cool.

Illinois is a loooong state and I was glad to cross over to Iowa.

Iowa was beautiful with all the fields just starting to come up, it was like quilts on the countryside, so manicured and green.

I had lunch in Walnut IA, a charming little town with cobble stone streets and antique store after antique store.

It was a fun stop but found nothing to try and squeeze in the car.

The first day was getting out of IL, through Iowa and landing for the night in Ogallala NE. I spent the night looking for Gus... In the morning I enjoyed the calves playing in the green fields and nursing on their mama's. They looked like soft brown velvet and were so beautiful.
I spent most of the day crossing Wyoming... a very long state with lots and lots of fencing.

In Utah I stopped for sheep... have I mentioned I have a thing for sheep. Love them!
I remember as a child feeding my Grandma's lambs with an old Orange Crush bottle... they are the sweetest animal. I always wanted one for a pet.

The lambs had to only be a week old here...

80 miles an hour down the interstate and this Envoy comes to a screeching halt and on the side of the road with me taking pictures of sheep.

Utah was gorgeous.

Gas has been a killer not to mention my gas gauge died... so I am filling up more than I would ordinarily.  For some reason once the needle hits half it just drops to empty and then the gas light goes on. Not good when there are 30 mile stints of no service.

Hit upon a beautiful, brand new Fairfield Inn in Idaho. Only $77 for a single. Good coffee and nice bedding ahhhh.
Right next to a nice restaurant...

Passing over the Rockies... God's country.

Hard to take pictures from the car going 80 mph through the window of a bug splattered window...

Oregon, rainy and misty. Followed the Colombia river through most of the state up into Washington.

I am safe and sound at my daughters and I will keep you posted on getting ready for Farm Chicks...
I will be posting again soon... to tell you who I met at Montcello's and show you what we have been buying!


  1. Wow! You did that trip by yourself! I don't think I could do it. Great pictures even with bug splatter! See you at Farm Chicks! I will say hello~Sue

  2. Rebecca, dear-
    what a fantastic tour,-all by your own through this beautiful country, so wonderful a route filled with views I can only dream of seing for real. I`m thankful you arrived safe at your daughters, and wishes you both some great fun at Farm Chicks.
    Travel safe home again, sweet.
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  3. Wow I just got to enjoy all that beautiful scenery without even leaving my lounge. :-) Looked like some beautiful countryside you travelled through & I'd love to browse those antique shops. Have a great trip.

  4. wonder it's called America the beautiful. Gorgeous shot after gorgeous shot...the lambs on the hillside looked like Ireland. Looking at your photos reminds how blessed and fortunate I am that this great country was where God chose to place me.
    I've been to Walnut and just love it. Now I've got to figure out how to get a trip to Farm Chicks next year.
    If you see Sue (Bella Shabby)...hug her neck for me and tell the staff at Monticello...someday, someday!

  5. OMGoodness girl! You drove all that way! I go a lot of places by myself, 5 or 6 hundred miles, but over 2000! I would be bored out of skull! Me and riding or driving in the car more than 2 days just makes me crazy, not to mention my aching back! Girl I do believe you are the man! lol! were going to you daughters, I'm sure that was a hugh motivation! I hope you have a great visit with you daughter and a wonderful show!

  6. You are my new hero! What a road trip! So glad you are safe with your daughter and that your trip was a good one. Loved seeing your photos...Have a great time at Farm Chicks! :)

  7. you are *so* brave...glad to hear you made it have fun!

  8. Thanks for the great trip! I enjoyed it and feel so rested. AND yes, Illinois is an unbelievably long state, especially when you drive it from the Wisconsin border south.

  9. Good luck at Farm Chicks Rebecca! Your garden pics are beautiful!!! So good to see you at Na-da last weekend :))


    :) T

  10. So glad you made it safely!! Oh my those baby lambs!! Love the cowboy hat on your passenger side. Have fun, dear heart! xoxo Debra

  11. What Inspiration! Great job driving all that way. I wish you a super fun time with Jody, success at FC and very safe travels home. Love all the pics - thanks for taking us along.

    NC :)




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