Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bedroom Series


I am going to do a little series on bedrooms, it's a fun subject and a place we are always wanting ideas for. I don't claim to be an expert on the subject but throughout my shop years I have carried many lines of bedding and dressed many beds. I have decided to include children's rooms also... I have decorated my share. 
I don't know about you but my bedroom was often the last room to get decorated in my homes past especially when the kids were growing up.
Quite often the kid's rooms took precedence over all, then came the living area and then the kitchen and my bedroom became a catch all. 
Many good reasons for it, if I was entertaining which we did quite often, I  wanted to put my best foot forward and that of course would be where people could see your home and one always could shut the door to the bedroom.
It really wasn't until I had the shop, did I really start appreciating good bedding and a place of my own. I only had two girls left at home and by this time I needed a sanctuary.

Jennifer's Room

My bedroom today has not been redecorated for quite some time, it is on my list to update soon. 
My home has 3 bedrooms. It is an old home as you know, so the bedrooms are small. I don't mind it.
 Some things you just give up to live in an old home. (Well, lets face it a lot of things).

When I start a decorating project as I have said before I sit in the room and let the room speak to me... ha, not literally but I let my eye wander and ideas start to come. 
Quite often what inspires me is fabric. I love fabric and when I find some I like, I tuck it away for the right project, usually vintage. 
That is probably why I am so attracted to bedding. 
I love bedding and when I had the large store Simply Posh I dressed 4 beds, plus carried several added lines of fine bedding. Some of my favorites are Bella Notte', Peacock Alley, French Laundry, Pinecone Hill, Traditions, Amy Karine and House. I had more but since they have been discontinued.  
There are several cardinal rules that I have set for my rooms, but number one is "good sheets"! 
Do not skimp on the sheets. 
You do not have to pay a fortune anymore to have a good thread count with  stores like Home Goods, Tuesday Mornings and TJ Max around. I have found some wonderful Egyptian cotton sheets with a 600 thread count for under $100. My mother taught me early to buy 100% cotton sheets and all my girls too :)
A footnote here, if you are not on a budget go for the Bella Notte' sheets at $245 per sheet they are fabulous but since most of us are now on a budget, I would rather put my money on a Bella Notte' duvet cover and shams and buy my sheets elsewhere. 

Cardinal rule number 2, for me is using down. 
If you are allergic to down, my condolences... 
I grew up with a down feather bed and pillows made by my Austrian grandmother (who actually plucked the goose down).
 I am addicted. I have funny story, growing up I had a favorite pillow and had a hard time sleeping without it. My father always teased me and said, "I would probably take that pillow on my honeymoon". Years later I told him, "I took that pillow on all 3 of my honeymoons, dad"... I know there was not much left of that pillow and it is gone now but I have another favorite pillow and yes, I bring it where ever I travel. So much for true confessions!
My husband cannot sleep on a feather bed because it is too hot but we do have a down duvet and pillows. I find the down duvets are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you are allergic, Ogallala Down Company makes a wonderful milkweed alternative.

This bedroom (Jennifer's room) has the original wallpaper from the 20's. We spent a summer scraping old wallpaper off that was on top of this. It was featured on HGTV Country Home.

So now that I have picked out my bedding, I will choose the curtains and then paint for my bedroom. It is much easier that way. 
If you have a piece of  upholstered furniture you are working around and you don't want to re-upholster it, I would either slipcover it or cover it with a throw... I would not tie myself into a color of a whole room just because of one or two pieces of furniture. There are always ways to get around it.

This is the master bedroom

I am thinking about redoing it this winter.
I don't know what yet but it will come to me. I have had it like this for too long now, I need a change.

 This little dressing room area with the closet was a 4th bedroom that fit a single bed and we knocked the wall out and turned it into a closet for the master.

As I said earlier my inspiration is fabric and for this bedroom I loved the vintage fabric drapes I had here. It is unusual to find this many panels, so I took advantage of them and made a coverlet and curtains. 

From the drapes I took the wall color and ran with it.
It took quite a few trips to the paint shop to get the right color and I don't think I could duplicate it if I tried.

I will be posting again on small bedrooms and also a couple of my grand daughters bedrooms that I designed. 
So I hope you will join me.
I will be linking up with my friend Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday


  1. Your bedrooms are so comfy..I have learned feather or down only(unless you are allergic).
    I hunt the thrifts for the best white sheets(100% cotton high count) and I find them! I keep my open for Bella Notte'. Give them a good washing.
    My kids love their beds.
    I take my pillow and blanky when we go anywhere! Now my husband does the same thing.
    I enjoyed seeing your bedrooms and can't wait to see the rest of your home.

  2. Soo pretty:) Love all of the feminine touches. Your lacy lampshade is just great. Can't wait to see more:) Such a great post today:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Your bedrooms are so soft and cozy! And feminine. I would be so comfortable in any one of them. Thanks for the great tips in buying bedding. I usually look on Overstock for sales on quality sheets.

    Have a great day, Rebecca!


  4. Love how you have decorated the bedrooms, the headboard in the master bedroom is sooo pretty. I had a pillow made out of sheep's wool made by my grandma and I loved it. I'm in the process of decorating my bedroom, hopefully I can finish it soon, may be next week, cant wait to see yours redecorated, change is good some times.
    Have a lovely day!
    XXX Ido

  5. Vigorously nodding my head in agreement with all the comments above!

  6. I'm drooling!! the rooms look beautiful! I like that they don't look tooo fancy and stuffy! Just comfy and vintage.can't wait to see more!

  7. Rebecca, the rooms are gorgeous. I think the master bedroom is lovely but I understand the need for a change. ♥O

  8. Both these bedrooms are beautiful Rebecca. I'm goingto be redoing my bedroom also this Summer. I've ordered some new bedding and amd excited for a new look in there....not looking forward to the painting though:-(

    Glad to hear you made it home safely.



  9. More than beautiful. YUMMMEEE~ Perfectly vintage and absolutely charming. I LOVE EVERYTHING!


  10. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe your home, Rebecca! So very dreamy and romantic! Looking forward to seeing more inspiration!

    Happy WW Hugs!

  11. I've got one of those older homes, out in the country... very small bedrooms. I love your decorating ideas... can't wait to see what and how you change the bedrooms... and I, like you, believe "Do not skimp on the sheets"! I've had more than one guest tell me how cozy the guest room bed is... I always reply... "it's the sheets"... always worth the $$$$... not to mention that they last forever!

  12. I love Bella Notte's bedding. The fabrics look so delicate and soft! Maybe some day I will just buy myself a few things from there!
    Your bedroom is so lovely. Your attention to detail shows!

  13. All very beautiful, Celeste,victoriantailor.com

  14. Hi Rebecca,

    I love your beautiful bedrooms, each one having the sweet vintage and romantic look with the duvets and furniture.
    I agree with you, wonderful white Egyptian cotton sheet, you can't beat them.


  15. Rebecca, I love this post! I wanted Bella Norte so badly when I redid my room last december. But I settled for homemade with lace panels used as dust ruffles, & I love it.
    Oh Rebecca you are a star to me anyway, but now you tell me you were on Country Style or Country Home, on Hgtv. My gosh girl, that show is like a cult thing for us bloggers. I wish I could find someone who taped every episode so I could turn them into DVD & give them to all my friends. That was the BEST show!
    Can't wait to see more.

  16. I didn't see a bedroom with my name on it ... lol

    girl, I've missed you!
    I've been flying under the radar.

    p.s. wedding pics are up

  17. Dear Rebecca,
    I LOVE your home. It is so pretty and so much thought has gone into it. Your bedrooms look so cosy and a pleasure to sleep in, I'm sure.....and, I have the exact same washstand as you !!
    I am looking forward to see more on your bedrooms and how you decorate your bedroom. XXXX

  18. Hi Rebecca!

    I have always loved your style and have really enjoyed the view into your bedroom decorating!!

    Whenever I was in Geneva I never failed to visit your shop Simply Posh and spent many $$$$'s there :-)
    Your shop displays were inspirational ~ your merchandise exceptional ~ and there was always a happy birdie chirping behind the counter!
    Am looking forward to seeing more bedroom decorating soon!!

  19. What beautiful havens you have created! I'm going back to look at the pictures again so I don't miss a single detail!

  20. I think your bedrooms are absolutly dreamy-you have so many sweet vignettes. I love that you scraped away a layer of wallpaper to reveal what was underneath- household archeology

  21. Hi Rebecca,

    I love the bedroom tour. I have an addiction to sheets, blankeys, and such. I buy them a lot at garage sales and can't seem to let them go, even though we only have two beds in our house. We'll have another when we move and I'm hoping to use more of my stuff I've collected. Are those curtain panels barcloth? Gosh you never find that anymore. I have one panel I bought at a 2nd hand store and paid too much for it, but loved it. I want to make a bag from it someday...and maybe a pillow or two.

    Cindy Bee

  22. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for all of the inspiration and ideas. I hope to get started on our bedroom updates soon.

  23. I adore the fabric you used on your coverlet and curtain panels! What a cozy and pretty room.


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