Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bedrooms II

To continue this short series on bedrooms, I'd like to include my third bedroom in the house. This is quite a small bedroom but a favorite. 
I don't see anything wrong with a small bedroom, they usually are quite cozy and they can be decorated very nicely. As long as you can get a dresser and bed in there and maybe a sitting area what else do you need for a spare bedroom or in fact a child's room. 
My personal opinion is that I think children spend far too much time in their rooms with a television, phone and computer and not enough time interacting with the rest of the household.  We had a rule in our household when we had teenagers... no bedroom door could be shut for long periods of time. I wanted to hear conversations and see what they were up to, not that I had big problems with my kids in fact I had fun with my teenagers. Just the usual moodiness of teenager girls (I had 5 of them) and many times I could gauge where they were at emotionally when I would pass by snooping inadvertently and strike up conversations.
Ok, got off track some...

Down the hall and around the corner

This as you can see is a very typical small old house bedroom at the end of the hallway. But it was Jennifer's room while growing up and she loved it.  The bed in here is an old iron 3/4 bed but I put a full mattress on it so, when she had girls sleep over there was room enough. Now as a guest room it can still accommodate two people sleeping for a short time. 

This bed I usually keep vintage sheets on it as no one sleeps here, so it usually is used only by guests.

The French pelmet came from Paris and the pink toile is original to it. I bought it to sell but it ended up here when I redid the room.

So unpack and stay awhile...

I am having computer problems. I brought my laptop into the Geek  Squad and they erased all my pictures without backing them up. I am just sick as I do not have them backed up either. 
So I cannot post what I had planned.
I will keep you posted and hopefully they can recover my pictures.

Thanks for stopping by,
I will be posting more on bedrooms soon...


  1. Beautiful bedrooms. 5 girls! wow! I have only two boys and that's about all I can handle. I cannot imagine having girls. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  2. Love how you decoreted the of them! I can see that they are don whit love.
    Hugs and xxx Marga

  3. Five girls, how fun! What a blessing. So sad about your pictures. Thanks for the reminder to back up.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Ooh, how I love everything about this bedroom. The toile fabric is devine and the bedding looks dreamy.


  5. Lucky for us those geeks made the mistake 'cause we got to see this beautiful room as a result of their le boo-boo! Not so lucky for you tho'! I feel your frustration.
    That pelmet is breathtaking and surprisingly doesn't over power the room, but gives it such a old world look. Love it and glad you decided to keep it rather than sell.
    I don't know if my comment went thru from yesterday's post...but to briefly reiterate...Fab U Lous!

  6. I spy my suitcase!
    And my room looks just as pretty in pictures as it does in life!
    The small bedrooms have always been my favorite!
    See ya this afternoon
    Drive safe!

  7. I love the dresser... fabulous!... and I love the mis-mash of pillows on the bed... I'm soooo OCD everything has to be symmetric.. maybe you've inspired me to cut lose!

    Sry about your photos though... hope they can recover them... !

  8. I love this bedroom!!! It's so charming. I can't believe you made it through 5 girls!!! I'm learning quickly teen yrs are sometimes terrible!!! Hoping I survive!! lol

  9. Two separate "OH"S"

    Oh that sweet bed! ...and
    Oh no! your pictures!.....

    I second the "drive safely" from Donna :D
    Think of me out in my garden in 108 heat swearing up a blue streak because I have neglected it so..... bet you two have more fun....


  10. The English Romantic.
    Your bedrooms are truly inspiring. I'm moving house on the 4th of July, finally the last teen has left home. I'll be using some of that inspiration in my bedroom. Can't wait to get started.
    Thanks for two lovely posts.
    Smiles, Angela.

  11. Your rooms are so unique! Such great furniture you have.
    I hope they find your photos. That's NOT good.

  12. Wow, you really can't swing a cat in that bedroom, can you. Looks cute and cosy, and perhaps its the angle or my klutziness, but I'd be worried about knocking things over.

    As for teens in bedrooms -- I spent most of my teen years in my room, reading and listening to music! Drove my parents crazy that I wasn't more active.

  13. I'd love to come for a visit and spend an evening in this lovely bedroom. The bed is gorgeous!

    Weare finally getting a little bit warmer weather and not as much rain. Hope you are enjoying your heat since you've been home:-)


  14. I love this bedroom, I wonder if you have a picture of the thing that is holding the fabric above the bed (sorry I don't know how to call it) the room is stunning, I would love to be your guest and sleep there, would feel like I'm sleeping in a French Chateau.
    Have a great weekend!
    XXX Ido

  15. A dream bedroom, with a beautiful French feel. It is really exquisitely decorated.

  16. Rebecca, this one is my favorite of the three lovelies. It is cozy and the corona is just dreamy. Love the vintage prints and the roses everywhere too. Have a terrific weekend. hugs♥O

  17. So lovely!
    I especially love those two rose prints! Gorgeous!

  18. Oh Rebecca you sure have the touch when it comes to making a bedroom beautiful and comfy as well. Those companies should hire you as their spokes person. That would sell a lot of product I'm sure.
    I love a smaller bedroom myself. When I was a teenager I could have had the large bedroom with a walk out deck but I liked the little room upstairs only 8x10. call me crazy!

    Carole the pediment and the fabric!

  19. Oh sweetest Rebecca, you really have the most beautiful home, and this bedroom is fantastic, and sooo romantic,too- I totally love the old rosa tones, and the petit cosyness-I would love to unpack here for some dayes :)
    Hope they find your photoes, dear.
    Love and blessings,Dorthe

  20. This room is just beautiful and so inviting. I am planning to cozy up my spare bedrooms now that all of our children are married and live elsewhere. Your bedrooom posts are inspiring. I want to get started. I hope you get your photos back.

  21. Looks like a beautiful Bed & Breakfast! You are blessed to live in such a lovely home!--Cheryl

  22. I had a picture disaster a few years ago with an unhappy ending...hope you have better luck!

    That bedroom is just so looks like a room right out of Nestlenook Farm in NH!

  23. These are so fun...I LOVE seeing old houses and how YOU make them home is even, so pretty!

  24. What a princess room! I love them all, all are absolutely gorgeous but I just love the coziness of this one. I think that's the charm of small rooms, they just envelope you in coziness! t. xoxo

  25. Oh gosh, RE this bedroom is fabulous!!! The fabric above the bed is amazing, I just have to get there someday! xoxo D

  26. Hi Rebecca,

    Your daughters room is so beautiful and I love the French pelmet and pink fabric is gorgeous.
    Best of luck with retrieving your photos.

    Happy week


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